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Fredericks HS Records
Jessamyn R. Clement-
Age: 18
Sports/Visual Arts: Hockey
GPA: 4.2
#AP/Honors Courses: 4
#Suspensions: 0
Reason for Suspension: N/A
#Expulsions: 0
Reason for Expulsion: N/A
Tegan L. Wilde-
Age: 17
Sports/Visual Arts: Drama
GPA: 2.3
#AP/Honors Courses: N/A
#Suspensions: 3
Reason for Suspension: Excessive fighting, drug use
#Expulsions: 0
Reason for Expulsion: N/A
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Chapter 1: Stereotypes Galore

Jesse Clement
Walking through the glass door of the front entrance of the school was refreshing. Another day to hang with friends, and kick another team's ass in the game after school. Not to mention, maybe spot some cute girls from the rival team's school.
Approaching my locker, I was met by my best friend and teammate, bright-eyed Julie Grandeur.
"Good morning, sleepyhead!" Julie greeted cheerfully, ruffling my short dark brown hair.
"Stop it, Jules! I need to look sharp, as always." I whined, smacking Julie's hand away. She pouted, placing her hands on her hips.
"Who ya trying to impress now, womanizer?" She taunted. I blushed and turned away.
"I'm not a womanizer! And I'm not trying to impress anyone, I just don't like looking like I slept in a hand dryer." I said, checking in my locker mirror and running my hands through my hair, effectively smoothing it.
"You're such a prude. Well, I better get going. Jackson's meeting me for first hour." Julie said, then proceeded to do an about-face and skip down the hallway. I sighed. If anyone was the prude, it was sure as hell her. But I loved Julie anyway. In the best friend way, that is. Julie was straight, anyhow.
I grabbed my science binder and walked off to first hour, which was chemistry. This was the only class I wasn't in an honors course, mainly because, there were no honors science courses at my school.
The class was already half full by the time I came in. Paper wads flew like rockets, and I had to sidestep a few to get to my seat by the window.
"Morning, Jesse!" Miss Connor, the blue-eyed twenty-something who was our teacher, greeted me.
"Morning, Miss Connor!" I politely replied.
"Is it me, or does she look hotter than usual today?" One of my other teammates, Olivia Garcia, turned and jokingly asked me, waggling her dark eyebrows. I face-palmed.
"Olivia, you know that's not good to say." I scolded playfully, punching her shoulder gently. Olivia snorted.
"Coach said you have to be at practice fifteen minutes early to go over some strategy for the game tonight. He wanted me to tell you since I come for early-morning practice." She said, pulling her lip ring into her mouth. I nodded graciously.
"Thanks, Olive. Will do."
She nodded and gave a thumbs-up, then turned around when Miss Connor cleared her throat.
"Alright, guys. I know we just finished a pretty hefty project, but I have another one planned." She said, eyes widening at the collective amount of groans and complaints when the announcement reached our teenage ears. I wasn't complaining; that project had been easy.
"Don't worry, guys. It's small, and you get to work with a partner-"
She was interrupted by some cheers and whoops at that statement, and waited for it to settle down. "You get to work with a partner, that I will be choosing for you."
The entire room deflated in a heartbeat, and the groans were back. All except one person, besides myself, was groaning.
In the back corner, chair leaned back and black beanie pulled over her eyes, was Tegan Wilde. She appeared to be either not paying attention or asleep. Her gob was wide open, anyhow, and some breathing could be heard from where I was sitting.
Miss Connor seemed to notice this, and strutted authoritatively to the back of the class. She quickly ripped the beanie off Tegan's head, causing her eyes to fly open in surprise and chair to bang forward into the desk.
She looked up, frightened, at Miss Connor.
"Am I interrupting your beauty nap, Miss Wilde?" Miss Connor sneered, her face taut. Tegan just stared, eyes wide open.
"That's what I thought."
Miss Connor walked back to her podium at the front of the class, and resumed.
"As I was saying, I will be choosing your partners for this assignment. You may move to the desk next to your partner after I've called your name."
She went through a list of names and partners, and I listened attentively for my own name. Soon it was called.
"Miss Jesse Clement..." Miss Connor started, looking for a partner for me. I kept hoping it was Olivia; she was kind and easy to work with.
"Maybe you can get some sense into her. Your partner will be Miss Tegan Wilde."
My heart sank. I looked over to Tegan, and saw she was looking at me with the same surprised expression. But then she smiled...almost seductively, and raised an eyebrow.
Oh, fucking hell. This would be fun.
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Chapter 2: "Only Second To Me, Of Course"

Tegan Wilde
Oh, wonderful! Paired with Miss Prissy, Preppy, Hockey-Playing, Tie-Wearing...
Ah, what was I saying! In all truth, I could fake very well that I did not care for Jesse at all. But, truth be told, I did have a bit of a soft spot for Jesse Clement. Only a small one, though. Her innocence proved attractive to me. Not to mention the dark hair and those big dark blue eyes.
She looked like a deer that had sat on a thorn bush. She got up from her seat and reluctantly walked from her desk to the one next to mine.
She leaned lazily on the desk, holding her chin in her palm. She glanced lazily at me with those blue eyes, and my heart almost stopped. I felt my breathing hitch, and immediately kicked myself under the desk. No, Tegan! You're the tough one!
"Choke on a hairball or something? You're breathing kinda funny." Jesse asked, seeming bored. She gave me a once-over. Christ, it was like those big blue eyes could see right through me. Even with the aftertaste of an unfunny joke in the air, she seemed to command the surrounding area.
"Oh, sorry! No, I don't have a hairball or anything like that... It's just a little warm in here." I lied through my teeth, pulling the neckline of my shirt away from me for effect.
Jesse nodded quickly and turned back to face Miss Connor. That dipshit. Not Jesse, Miss Connor. She hated me, and that feeling was mutual. Honestly, I had bigger things to worry about than chem. class. Like how the hell I was going to graduate.
She probably stuck me with Miss Priss to make me feel bad about myself. To say "look at this one, she's almost the same age as you and she's done so much more". Ugh. I despised that woman.
All I heard during that class was the thumping of my racing heart. Sooner than I was expecting, the bell rang. While Jesse was gathering her stuff, I decided I would be a little brave.
"Um, Jesse..." I started, my breath catching in my throat when her blue eyes met mine.
"Yes, Tegan?" She prompted when my silence continued for a few heartbeats.
"Do you, um, maybe wanna meet somewhere after school to get started on this thing?" I asked, holding up the guideline sheet for the project Miss Dipshit had dumped on us. Jesse smiled, not only with her mouth but with her eyes. I almost died right there a very happy woman.
"Sure! How's about the library?"
"Sounds good. I'll see you then?" I took in a big gulp of air to calm the nerves in my face, which were betraying me by turning me red.
"See ya then, Tegan."
Jesse gathered her things and left.
After she was out the door, I slumped back in my chair, looking up and thanking my stars.
Where had that sudden burst of courage come from? I knew it wasn't asking her out on a date, but anyone that had even had a crush knew how it felt to even be around that person. I'm not saying I had a crush on her, she was just the second-most attractive girl in school.
Second to myself, of course.
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Chapter 3: Two Dumb Jocks

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