Amazon Animal Poems


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Amazon Animal Poems

A poem about a CougarJ

The cougar is lightning fast,

His fur is like a teddy bear,

He pounces on his prey,

They are really camouflage in the grass,

They walk stealthy and slowly through the grass,

His eyes sparkle in the dark,

The cougar can dodge like lightning,

The cougar can jump as high as a building,

His eyes look like black pearls in the dark,

The cougar traps his prey so he can eat,

He can hide like an insect.

Josh L


Tree Frogs

Its sticky webbed feet grip him on the trees of the forest,

Its marble bullet eyes glance at its food,

He’s a deadly hopper from tree to tree,

A bit like Tarzan or an Oranagtangs on the vines,

When it’s in danger its stealthy skills can keep it safe from venomous snakes.

Scarlet macaw

This colourful wonder glides through the sky,

Its beautiful wings help it fly continent to continent,

Their claws are sharp as a knife,

Their colours are blinding,

It gently saws down to catch it’s prey.


Its fur is as soft as glistening snow,

Their stealthy skills help them pounce at there prey,

Their soft Blonde hair keeps them warm and comfortable,

But not very Camouflage.


It’s a lake of emerald,

It’s a deadly constrictor,

It’s a fast mover,

It can slither up trees for it’s prey,

He’s related to a tree frog.

Pink River Dolphin

They have unique scratches on there belly,

Their mouths are as big as a chimney,

Their teeth are blunt as straw,

They’re elegant swimmers,

They have a great sense of smell.




I am silent as an owl,

And I let out a soft, quick howl,

It is very risky,

For me to run too frisky.

I am a fast fox,

As I jump over rocks,

I am camouflaged in the leaves,

As I leap through the trees.

I am soft as dogs,

As I leap over logs,

I am fierce in fight,

As I reach for light.



Cougar poem

It sneaks though the grass getting ready to pounce,

It is very risky,

For me to run quite frisky,

Pink River Dolphin poem

Its eyes are as black as night and it sometimes gets in a fight,

It flips through the water like a wheel spinning by,

The outside of its mouth is as grey as a mouse.

Josh E

Pink River Dolphin

The dolphin glides down the river,

If the waters cold it will start to shiver,

It jumps out the water very high,

It can nearly touch the sky,

If it changes to rosey pink,

I am sure that it will need a drink,

The pink river dolphin is very big,

It is as big as a pig.

By Ellie

Ellie’s Green Tree Frog Poem

Its eyes are like bright red marbles,

It is as slimy as a snail,

It hops onto different trees and camouflages with the leaves,

Its very fragile and very soft its like jelly and has cold blood,

The green tree frog is slippery, rubbery and has long bendy legs,

It is as sticky as glue and as bright as the sun it has six different colours and is as green as the grass,

The green tree frog moves on the ground and in the trees it catches its prey in its mouth and goes,


By Ellie


It is as green as the long wavy grass,

Its eggs are as white as thick paper,

It is partly invisible in the trees,

It hangs on to the trees like a man with his gadgets,

It slivers through the big brown trees ,

Its tongue emerges out of the huge mouth like a jelly fishes stingers,

It comes unrecognised and strikes at its prey.

By Max


Its got loads of colours like a rainbow,

They are all bright,

It is as big as a Peacock,

But brighter,

It glides in the sky,

Way up high,

Mums sit on their fluffy eggs,

It has a small sharp beak,

Its wings aren’t weak,

They have dark, evil eyes,

It prances as quick as a tiger,

It is as smooth as a fingernail,

It is like a jet in the sky.


Scarlet Macaw poem

The feathers are as colourful as a rainbow,

Their beak is as sharp as a vampires tooth,

They fly as high as a jet plane gliding through the sky,

They feel as furry as a fluffy puppy.

Its wings are as smooth as silk,

When they see food they fly as fast as lightning to get it,

Their eyes are as black as night,



It flies up so high,

Like it’s the sky,

Its so bright,

But it goes out of sight,

It flies up so high,

In the sky,

I like it so much,

But its claws feel sharp to touch,

It lives up high,

Just how  it flies,

There favourite food is fruit,

And to communicate they hoot,

Its like a jet in the sky,

Because of how it flies,

It has a small sharp beak,

And its wings aren’t weak

Its like a rainbow it’s a wonderful sight

And its really bright.


Pink River Dolphin

The dolphin swims down the river,

If you make it cold it will shiver,

It jumps out the water very high,

It almost touches the sky,

I bet it feels like it can fly,

And I am sure that it will never were a tie,

If its cheeks turn pink,

I am sure it needs a drink.

By Rebecca


Green Tree Frog Poem

It leaps from tree to tree,

Its eyes are like binoculars to help him see,

It swims on it’s back,

Now its heard a coco nut crack,

It see’s a fly to catch,

Next it finds eight more to match,

It goes back home for a rest,

Today is the day he loves best,

His sister goes to find a treat,

When she comes back they all eat,

It goes back out to play,

Now it’s the end of the day.

By Rebecca.

Scarlet Macaw poem

She glides through the sky very high.

Its eye is black as night sometimes she gets in a fight.

She is a jet plane sawing through the sky.

Sometimes they're blue sometimes there not,

In the Amazon it is very hot.

She is as fast as a cheater.

They live in trees and eat leaves.

They peel fruits and do loop to loops.

Their claws are so so sharp.

They lay on sticks and I could do handstands on bricks.

Macy B


It looks as colourful as a rainbow up high in the sky,

They have wings as smooth as silk,

They fly as fast as a jet plane soaring threw the sky,

When he tries to catch his prey he flys as fast as lightning,

It swirls high through the glimmering sky,

It`s beak is as small as a pen lid,

The end of the bird’s beak is as sharp as a hunter’s knife,

A splattered rainbow or a multi mixed paintbox.


Scarlet macaw

It is colourful and bright too,

One of its main colours is blue,

Its as intelligent as a computer,

It eats the hardest of nuts,

It glides through the air like a plane,

It swoops down swinging its claws down to catch its prey like a hunter,

Its like a rainbow moving in the sky,

Its as blue as the shimmering ocean,

By Jack.c

The Scarlet Macaw Poem

It glides through the sky oh so high,

It has colourful wings so it can fly,

It’s a rainbow in the sky,

I’d love to see one but not to be one,

It swoops down to eat its prey day and night,

Its colourful wings are oh so bright,

It’s a mobile rainbow in the sky.

By Pharrell


The Scarlet Macaw

It swoops carefully through the sky,

Way up high.

Its wings are like bead sheets,

Its a paint pot of bright colours.

Its eyes are small black dots,

Its an aeroplane swooping around,

Its beak is a pair of clippers,

It soars through the sky making a wonderful sound.

Its beak is as black as the night sky,

Its tail is as long as a coat rail,

Its eyes are shimmering stars,

It lands on branches as carefully as a floating leaf.

By Siena


It can jump as high as a trampoline,

Its eyes are crystal red,

The frog can hardly be seen it blends in with everything,

It has sticky hand like super sticky glue,

It eats bug and sometimes tiny frogs,

They live in trees and logs in the Amazon.

Some maybe poisonous some maybe not,

It`s body is as slippery as slime,

The colour of the tree frog is so bright and beautiful,

The Amazon must be a wonderful place to live,

The tree frog maybe small but their one of the most amazing animals in the Amazon.


Tree Frog

It has massive eyes like marbles,

It looks like a rainbow,

A tree frog is so smooth,

The tree frog eats leaves all the time,

A tree frog only has four legs,

It hangs on a beautiful yellow tree,

The tree frog has a long tongue,

A tree frog has sticky feet,

The tree frog has a mother that feeds it nice and full,

It sleeps well at night.K


Tree frog

Eyes as big as marbles,

Long extended limbs,

Sticky pads on its feet,

Long tongue,

Comes in different colours,

It is like a rainbow,

It is an amphibian.


Magical Macaws

It is a rainbow of colours,

It is a jet plane soaring through the sky,

Its feathers are as long as adult’s fingers,

Its back is smooth and colourful.

Its back is orange, red, green and blue,

Their feathers twists together like branches,

Their eyes are as small as pen nibs.

The ends of their claws are daggers,

Their wings spread out as big as a piece of paper,

Their beak is sharp and pointy like a needle.

By Ciara

The Scarlet Macaw

It soars through the sky like a sword fish gliding through the river,

It swirls and hurls through the sky showing of all of its beautiful colours,

It beams like the sun shining,

It is as colourful as a rainbow,

It is as bright as a shining star in the night,

Its beak is as smooth as a pebble glittering in the sparkling sun,

Its tail is as fluffy as a black cat,

It is as colourful and bright as a soothing sunset,

It is fascinating like a skull of a dear,

It is a beautiful and a magnificent parrot,

It is as elegant as a gazelle running,

By Leigha

The poem of the Amazon rainforest!!!

By Koan

The Cougar is as fluffy as a Lion's mane,

And the Pink river dolphin is as smooth as a sausage,

The Emerald boa slithers silently and the Tree frog jumps like a Kangaroo.

Scarlet Macaw

It has five different colours,

Its main colour is blue and it has an amazing wingspan of 3 feet,

It swoops down like a hawk to eat low hanging nuts,

It squeak’s as loud as a monkey,

IT is a rainbow in the tree tops.

It is camouflage because of its green back of its neck ,

It is too big to fit into a cage,

It is too intelligent to be caught.

By Rowan

Pink River DolphinJ

The pink river dolphin lives in the clear ends of the Amazon river,

They are lightning in water,

It swims as elegantly as a bird under water,

Its mouth is as long as an elephant`s trunk.


The Emerald tree boaJ

The emerald tree boa slivers through the grass stealthy,

It can rap round the tree so tight and it is like it is strangling a person,

It grabs its prey with its tale and strangles it to its death then it gobbles it down in one,

The white spikes on its scales are as white as paper,

When they sliver it goes swish swash,

It is as green as the ripe green leaves ,

It is the biggest headed snake in the world,

The head is as black as a very very dark cave



The cougar can run lightning fast,

They can see as far as some bears,

They are vicious very vicious.

By Jonas J

Scarlet Macaw

It glides in the sky,

Its like a rainbow in the sky,

Its a plane soaring through the sky,

Its wings are like a plane in the sky,

Its eyes are as small as pebbles,

Its swoops down to catch nuts,

Its colours are as beautiful as a rainbow.

By Jacob

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