The Wolves Of The Night Book1


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Night pack

 Alpha: stout black wolf with wite marking on right eye

Beta:silver wolf with black marking on left paw

Leaf tail:small brown wolf sister of long paw

Long paw:big stout male with gray fur brother of leaf tail 

Matted fur: big gray male mate of long fur and father of leaf tail and long paw

Long fur:beautiful small brown wolf mate of matted fur and mother of long paw and leaf tail

Giant fur: fluffy gray wolf

Omega:tiny white wolf with brown marking on left side


Long tail:small brown queen with long tail is nursing pups brown paw and leaf paw


Long paw 

Brown paw:brown wolf pup

Leaf paw: gray wolf pup

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 As leaf paw plays with a leaf long paw sniffs a strange smell and he starts to follow it 


"Long paw!"barks matted fur

"Long paw please"barks long fur

"We will find him in the morning"growls alpha "he's our pup I'm not leaving him"snarls matted fur.

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Chapter 1

 As longpaw sniffs after the smell he ignores his parents calls"it's so close" he thinks to himself as he hears a growl and then someone pics him up"puts me down"he barks"shut up pup" he hears beta's normally soft voice"but there was a smell beta"he barks up set"pup your lucky you didn't get your head bit off that smell is not a nice one ok" she snarls"it's what us wolves call the giant wolf" as he whimpers"th-the giant wolf!" Thanks for saving me beta" her voice turns soft agian"no problem long paw" when they arrive beta is thanks and he is scolded so he walkes off and sleeps.


As beta is thanked I rush over to my sad brother"hey it's ok long paw I would have done the same and beta isn't mad she explained and no one is mad I did the same thing" he looks up"really?" As I smile"yep" so he seems to brighten up and we play around a bit intel alpha says it's bed time and we all go to our assigned dens I'm a hunter like my father matted fur so I jump into that den and sleep.


As I wait intel everyone is asleep and I sneak out with my brother brown paw"sis you sure we won't get caught"he growls"I'm sure"I bark quietly back"sure we won't" he growls "wuss"I snarls"fine I will come"he snarls back.


As I sniff around around for my pups and follow there trail and bark to alpha"there gone leaf paw and brown paw are gone they followed the trail to far I can tell I can smell blood just don't tell long tail she will be devistated" alpha looks up set so I nuzzle him"they were always mischiefius don't beat your self up alpha" he growls"it's fine giant fur it's just they were good hunters".

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