Growth & Development


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In the name of development the civilization has reached a thresh-hold. The various nations measures growth on the basis of availability and extraction of energy. The thrust is for more and more energy, which with time has left a trail of disasters to civilization and growth of life.

Growth of civilization has been linked with the ability to generate and utilise energy sources. The first was the ability to make fire by burning wood; then came the advent of use of coal, steam, wind power, the petroleum products and then the nuclear power. The energy generated from these sources are the stepping stones on the ladder of growth of human civilization.

However these sources have also caused some damage to our environment and in many ways has also stunted growth even though development in the field of energy procurement may have taken place.

Recently two major new sources have been discovered for energy source which has changed the very thought of growth and development - Solar and Gramaro (GRAvitational, MAgnetic and ROtational). 

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