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what is xmas?

Was Xmas always like this? 

Is it ok to for you? I mean, all of it from the joy to the chaos?

I have a wish that everyone can enjoy the day.

The trouble is it doesn't happen.

One thing I know, Xmas  didn't start in the Dark Ages;

Not with Adam& Eve; nor when the Vikings were sailing into unknown territory;

Not even when the Romans were slaughtering anyone who wasn't them.

It started much later on,

When, if we are inclined to believe it, a Prophet was born in a manger.

If every birth seems to be a miracle, do we call this one an Ultimate Miracle?


I wonder what it is , the depressing and sad side of Xmas?

Is it  about the Ultimate Miracle which we know will always be beyond us?

Is it about not being able to share a quite and happy cup of tea

with every human being, early on Xmas mornings?


What is Xmas?

What if everything  depended on a Queen Bee,

Or the knowing of the bees not to fly in aircraft space?

What if it is all  about ancient mysteries ,

or that some tiny thing just might survive climate change? 

  Maybe it is about  life's discords, or a shared consciousness?

 Does anyone know how  paradigm shifts happen?

(That might help us with any Xmas Stumbling blocks!)

What if  I am  you, or you were once an airflight controller,

What if we were all once  a Queen bee , or maybe the evolving thought of one?

Or  part of the sunlight that once germinated the plum tree?

 The same one we sit under when I visit you on weekends.

(Or was it the  crab tree I saw a long time ago in the  ancient city?)

Did I know my consciousness before I evolved into it?

Will I ever know enough to regard you the way you deeply long for?

Did you feel my soulful regard for you before we were born?

Was I ever the wrapping  paper on your great grandmothers Xmas present?

Can I imbue enough kindness into the cooking so that those that eat the Xmas lunch can feel better?

Will my ancestors be imprisoned , and tortured before they have children?

Will you, my unknown future friend , suffer violence this Xmas day?

Can a river change midstream, because it wants to prevent drowning in the next December floods?

If Jesus is mortal , and also a Miracle beyond us, can he also be part of Mungo Man?

Can Jesus and Mungo Man and  I all be part your plum tree - 

the same one we sit under on weekends.


Is life a possibility or a slim chance or a miracle? 

Is it just a muchness. A funny muchness of suchness!

What is Xmas? 

It is hard to know if the day, if we added up the good and not good on our calculators ,

would come up with good on top.

Life could be a muchness . Not too hard really!


You could have an quite cup tea early on Xmas morning.

Sitting under the plum tree . The December floods diverted. 

Mungo man and all the rest of us from time immemorial will be there too.

Where we always are.  In every leaf , in all the worries ,  in the bees and sunlight.

And at Xmas in the plum pudding too!

In all of it . In all of time.

We are there drinking a quite cup of tea with you.

Maybe Jesus can be there too. I can never be sure about him!

It sounds really good, don't you think?



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