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Chapter 1 The good dog

Hi my name is Alex I am a bad dog but my girlfriend likes me. so I need you to help me. I want to be a good dog but it's very hard.I need to take a shower but first I need a house yes I am homeless ok so I have 700 bucks. I can buy a house.  I can want to live in a house.looks good I will buy the house.  ok yes.shh. ok  I am taking a shower. oh no it's people what do I do um wait a minute that's my girlfriend. wow she is so bad. hi. not funny you don't no what it is living with me. I am a good dog but you treat me like a bad dog so do not like you.i am going to take a walk oh no people with nets what do I do oh no they got me what do I do um…so are we going to the adoption center “man'' yes”dog" no no no "girl''I like Alex ''dog'' yes I love you so much best day of my life ''girl'' here is a bed ''mom'' not yet .when you clean up. ''girl'' sorry dog ''dog'' it is fine as long that I have you with me love you.



Bad Dog:

  1. Homeless
  2. Does not shower
  3. Does not have a house
  4. Has little money = $700 dollars 
  5. He has a mean girlfriend 
  6. gets kidnapt

How will he become good:

  1. He will get adopted by a family
  2. He will shower everyday
  3. He will behave well 
  4. he will have a good time
  5. he will have a bed


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So what ???

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