Bad Meets Badder


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 All my life has been depressing nothing good has ever happened my parents got divorced when I was born my mom doesn't talk a lot about my dad but she doesn't need to tell me about him I really didn't want to know anything about a man who left his pregnant wife for a skinny whore. 

Today my mom is making me go somewhere with her something about meeting some old friends so here I am dressing myself up when I could be out with my friends or doing something I shouldn't be doing. 

I look through my closet and pull out high waisted jean shorts with a black crop top and my black five inch heels I go to my jewelry station and put an anklet and a bracelet along with a necklace my mom had made when I was little it has an M for my name I put perfume and don't do my make up because honestly I'm too lazy to do it. 

"Marielis get down here we're leaving!!!!" Yells my mom from downstatirs." Y no dures un año sentada!!!" 

"Si mami" I yell back when I get downstairs I see my mom in a black tight cocktail dress I look at it closely and ask "ma is that one of my designs" 

She turns towards me and says "yeah I got it made it looks really good" I nod and walk outside I make my way to my black lambo and slid inside my mom enters the car and sighs. 

She gives me directions to the rich part of town I look at her and ask "what are we doing here" I park the car and get out she just sighs and says " you'll see " 

As we're nearing the door a woman maybe in her 60s opens the door she looks at my mom then me then back to my mom cracking a smile well this is odd the woman comes forward and hugs the organs out of my mom crying when she gets to me she smiles and says " mira que hermosa eres" then hugs me damn she has a strong grip.

After our little hug she ushers us in walking through the big mansion all the way to the huge backyard I'm immediately met with some familiar grey eyes the man looks at my mother and stands up making his way towards her when he reaches her he ask "what are you doing here?" 

Before my mother can answer I say "excuse me" when he looks at me I notice an emotion that I don't like from anyone who isn't close to me and that is love "look young girl-" I cut him off " it's Ms. Sosa for you" he sighs and says "look ms.sosa this is between me and Mirelis not you who are you anyways" 

Before I can answer my mom says"that's our daughter Marielis" he looks shock for a moment but composes himself " it doesn't matter she shouldn't be here why is she here" I scoff "oh believe me I don't want to be here I have better shit to do then sit here meeting a person who doesn't deserve to meet me." My mom shakes he head and says "go sit down Marielis we'll leave after I talk to your father" I groan and make my way towards an empty seat.

They leave and I take my phone out and start texting my friends and going through my social media. 

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 Today I was forced to go to a family meeting with my friend Chris we go there everything was fine but then she entered the she devil I watch the interaction between her a woman and mr grey to say that I was surprised is an understatement she's Mr Greys daughter meaning that she's Chris sister.

When she sits down she immediately starts using her phone while Mrs grey sr is playing with her long hair she looks up and laughs " yo Barbie did you forget where Malibu is" everyone starts laughing when we notice that she's talking about Stella. 

"No but did you forget where jail is" what "nah I'm going there later" Stella's mouth hangs open and Marielis asks " what are you even doing here is that your mother" we look at Pricilla Stella nods and Marielis snickers " wow she looks even faker than you I didn't know that was possible" 

At this Mr and Mrs grey laugh yeah they never liked her I think they are liking their granddaughter more and they've only known her for a couple minutes she looks at Chris and says " you must be my brother"" how did you know" she shrugs " you have the same eyes as my mother"" you mean our mother" she shakes her head " why would you even call her mom or mother you have never been there for her she has been suffering all this time because of you and your father you could've gone with her but instead wanted to stay with your father"" it was loyalty" she laughs "boy you were only one what would you know about loyalty none of you know a shit about loyalty." She stands up and says " it's better if we never meet again it wasn't not nice to meet you" she walks away. 

Chris looks at me and says "let's go" I stand up and we walk outside just to see Marielis leaning on a very expensive  lambo Chris looks at her and yells " hey step away from the car" she looks up but stays rooted we make our way towards her and Chris asks" didn't you hear me" " yeah I heard you why should I step away from my car" we both look at each other then at her. 

Chris snickers and says " so you do use the money my dad sends you" " why would I use that money" " how else would you have this car" she sighs "it's called working" " you work" she nods she opens the car door and comes back with a piece of paper then walks inside we follow her she's standing in front of Mr grey and her mother she gives him a puce of paper and he asks" what is this" she looks at him and says " it's a bank account"" for what " " all the money you have been giving us ever since my mom left she had it saved and now I put it in a bank account"" why this money is yours for your education and needs"" you shouldn't worry about that I'm already making money and going to college" " you work" she nods " ma me tengo que ir te vas con migo o te quedas aki la señora se ve como una buena persona" she nods " si mija yo me quedo" she nods sand kisses her mother on the cheek she then looks at me and Chris and asks " shouldn't you two be at school" then walks away oh shut I have a class now. 

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 When I get to campus I make my way towards the business faculty yeah I'm studying bossiness as well as fashion double major people should I tell you what I work at nah youll find out soon enough I make my way to my seat at the back I hate the front. 

As people enter I notice two familiar faces Chris and he's friend I groan fuck I just take out my laptop and open a google docs blank document the profesor enters and starts his lecture while we take notes of what he says when the class finishes and I'm collecting my stuff Chris and his friend stand in front of me. 

Without looking up I ask "what" they don't say anything for a while and then Chris asks " how did you know about us" I shrug "mom would always cry on October 30th she would always buy a cake and you know what the funny part is" i look up and say " i never got a birthday cake since the days were so close and she would spend it on your birthday cake and you know what happened when I was 5 years old and I touched said cake she hit me and hid me in a closet for a day she loves both of you yet you never came to visit and the only time she can see you all grown up she has to talk to that poor excuse of a father" I grab my bag and sling it over one shoulder "I have better things to do then waste it here with both of you" I start walking away but stop and say " oh and bad boy Jason you're not as bad as I thought maybe you shouldn't let your reputation go like that" with that I exit the building into my car and drive to my house.

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