Married to Mythic-Twister


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Chapter 1 The awakening part a


The day my sleeping life draw a curtain over my masked life

 "Mom", I cried. "Dad", tears rolled down my face. In front of me my own mother and father rested in a pool of Crimson liquid typically known as 'blood'. 

I opened my eyes. Another nightmare or a fact. Painful, horrible, scary same as nightmare yet it's reality. I turned to see time shown by the wall clock. '6.00'. 

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and after that took a shower. I came out of the bathroom after wiping the water and wrapping the towel around my body and hair. 

I changed into skinny white jeans and black and white striped shirt. I dried my hair and brushed them into a pony tail. I picked up my books and locked the door. 

I walked in the silent hallways and stopped at a room. The Library. I pushed the door and entered the room. Mr. Spencer the head of library was busy in organizing the books. 

I sat on the chair in front of the table next to the window. I started studying for up coming end of term examinations just until Emma came. Emma is my close friend. Emma loves to party and enjoy which one time I also used to do until one night it all vanished. 

"Emma what brings you here", I asked her. "Levi you can't believe yesterday at party, Mr. Ace was there", she started. Mr. Ace Wilcox, our chemistry teacher, very handsome and intelligent and..."And we had a really long conversation", she finished. He is Emma's crush.

 "Levi have you thought any?", she asked. "What?" I asked. "That", she replied giving a hint. "You mean relationships?", I asked. She nodded as this is her favorite topic, basically she wants to know relationships related to me.

"Emma how many times to did I told you, relationships don't matter to me, they take everything from you, your senses, grades, food and other things", I said. "And parties and fun, they are waste of time as long as you don't have fun". "I get it", she replied and went away.

 I continued studying. The bell rang. Looks it's time for classes. I packed my books and head for classes. 

The classes of today went as usual, me listening explanation and writing down notes. After today's classes were over, I went to the library to complete my homework. 

Atere completing my homework, I placed my books in the my dorm table and locked it. 

While I was walking towards the gate of entrance, Emma came asked, "Going somewhere Levi?" 

"Yes I am going to visit my family's grave", I replied. "Okay then see you later", she said and vanished.  I walked towards the graveyard. 

The sky marveled at the beautiful colors of red and orange. There was pinch of dark colors above the red and orange colors. There was moon and sun both and this time is known as twilight. 

I reached the grave of my family and I neatly placed the flower bouquet and prayed for them. 

After praying, I was turned to go home just until my foot got stuck in something that I believe it is a vine and I fell down. My right hand went into the vine bushes beside a tree. I carefully pulled out my hand. 

There was a cut on my finger and the blood was bleeding quite fast. What should I do?, I don't have a cloth or something. I placed my finger in my mouth in order to stop the bleeding. 

After a couple of minutes I pulled out it and everything around me changed. Where am I?,I asked as I examined the surrounding.  I was in a wedding garden. Wait what am I doing in a wedding garden?, I asked myself. 

I looked at my clothes , to my surprise I was wearing a wedding gown. What am I getting married?, where are my clothes?

I looked around and saw a skeleton wearing expensive formal clothes, black pant and coat plus white shirt and black bow. What????????....

A skeleton wearing clothes. I looked down and saw him holding my hand tightly. Am I getting married to a skeleton?. ...........Ahhhhh ...............somebody save me this skeleton is marrying me.  

I don't wanna want to marry a skeleton. I tried breaking my hand from his grip but nothing happened instead another skeleton came and started walking beside me . What am I marrying to two skeletons?

The other skeleton was swearing bishop clothes. Noooooooooooooo!!!, no way I won't marry to a skeleton. I looked around there were many skeletons wearing different clothes and were sitting. I think they are the guest. 

No no no please don't marry me  in fact I don't wanna marry you. Somebody please save me. I starting kicking that suit skeleton but nothing happened. I starting stepping on his foot but as usual nothing happened. 

I give up , nothing happens to them. I sneezed and the skeleton stopped and separated. I took off the shinny white high heals quickly and ran. Run for my life. While running, I looked back and saw skeletons angry and running after me. 

I continued running and bumped into something. I turned to look what it was, it was not a skeleton, it was a human in flesh and bones. 

I wasn't able to see his face clearly. It embraced me. I tried escaping but it's the embrace was strong. The skeleton stopped. The human moved and said, "Sorry It will hurt", in my ear.

 He tilted my head and moved forward his mouth near my neck. 

"What are you-", I was cutted because something sharp like needle was stabbed. I felt a lot pain. Suddenly the necklace which was given by Emma on my birthday which I don't usually celebrate but she did it,  started glowing and floating. What is going on?

Unexpectedly, I felt dizzy and everything around me turned black.

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