Feather Fallen, Blood Drained


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I wake up in complete darkness, I try to move but struggle to do so. I huff in frustration and try pull against my restrains. "Where am I?" I scream, my voice echoing against the walls in the dark room. "Hello somebody help me!" I scream when the door suddenly opens, the room fills with light making me close my eyes with the sudden amount of brightness. When I open my eyes again I see a figure stood in the doorway, a mans figure only I can't see his face. "Who are you and why am I here?" I shout at him and hear him lightly chuckle at me. "Well my dear, you are mine and I am yours and your here because no one else can have you" he starts to walk towards me slowly, each step he takes towards me making me shiver in nervousness but also excitement.  

Hi I'm Natalie and I'm a fallen angel.

This is my story of love, hate and serious amounts of fear.

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Chapter 1

“Wait no, I haven’t done anything to deserve this, I don’t deserve to be kicked out they are all telling you lies” I pause “why would I go against your rules like that?” I ask with a panicked tone in my voice.

“Well, I know they wouldn’t lie to me because they would be in the same situation as you are right now” God says, his voice oozing with power and authority.

“I swear I didn’t do anything, please forgive me” I plead but he simply shakes his head while grabbing a golden bar that is next to him, he looks at me one last time before he yanks the lever which makes the small white cloud from under my bare feet disappears from under me. I let out a blood curdling scream as my body starts to fall at an immense pace. I look above me and notice the snow white clouds I used to call home are slowly becoming smaller as I quickly fall to the ground, finally my body functions again and my wings kick in and bring me slowly down to the ground beneath my feet saving me from being badly injured because you can’t kill an angel. Especially a fallen angel. Once my feet land on the luscious green grass of earth my wings turn from their gorgeous snow white color to a dark grey that is almost black. I hold back tears as the shock finally hits me, I’m a fallen angel, I’m never going to be safe and if anyone found out who I am I’m a complete goner. I’m stood in a big field surrounded by gorgeous flowers and a river. I’m in a silk white robe-like-toga and no shoes on my feet. I wiggle my toes in the grass smiling at the feeling against my pale skin.

I start to walk along the river side looking into the clear blue water that is glistening in the sun light. I watch as the tiny grey fish swim around with not a single care in the world. I sit by the river side and watch them pop to the surface catching the small flies on the surface of the water, I run my fingertips in the water watching as the ripples form behind my fingers.

I always watched the people that live here go along about their days some of them having the best day of their lives and some are having the worst day ever. I used to hate the amount of evil here and I wish I had the power to stop it. I hated seeing all those innocent people being killed right on front of my eyes, being taken from their loving families and friends but I didn’t have the power to bring them back either so I had to sit and watch as it happened. I didn’t realize how dangerous it was up there but now that I’ve been dropped right into the middle of it. I’m very vulnerable now and I haven’t got any one to protect me from all the dangers in the world. I’m not strong enough to fight anyone off if they tried anything with me. I’m in serious danger.

The sun starts to slowly set after a few hours, I climb up the closet tree to me so I’m hidden well so no one can see me. I get comfy on a large branch and shiver as I cold breeze rushes past me, I’ve no way to keep warm and I can’t risk wrapping my wings around myself because if someone seen me I’m practically a dead women. I’ve see it happen before, fallen angels trying to hide and using their wings to keep them warm but they have been found, kidnapped and abused and tortured for the fun of it. Fallen angels can’t die again so all someone can do to hurt us is torture us and abuse it which sometimes would be worse than actually dyeing. I look up at the sky once again thinking how I was punished for doing nothing at all, i was punished because of some stupid rumor. My eyes flutter closed and I fall into a restless sleep, every few minutes I’m woken up when I hear a bush rustling or a branch snapping under something foot. I wake up in a sweat, panting hard and looking around me for anything take could be a potential threat. I can’t see anything but I feel like someone is watching me but I just shrug it off as my nerves, I listen to the birds singing their individual songs. I smile listening to the smaller bird’s high pitched songs and the larger birds have a lower pitch but it’s still lovely to listen to them all singing at the same time as the sun rises.

I climb down from the tree into the soft green grass and decide that I need to find my way around and find out where I am. Also I need to find food and water. I start to walk through the forest, picking up the end of my dress so it doesn’t catch in any bushes or fallen branches. The forest is only small and I’m already at the opening of the forest when I notice a rundown building. I tilt my head curiously, all the windows have been broken and are almost black with filth. The door look like it’s been kicked in one to many times resulting in it being broken and beaten to the point where it doesn’t look like a door anymore. I cautiously pass the front of the house watching all the front windows and the run down door to see if anyone is in there as I walk along the path way on front of the house. I sigh in relief when I don’t see anyone watching me from the inside of the house. I hear the door slam, my breathe catches in my throat and I’m frozen in my spot on the path. I gather some courage and turn my head slowly towards the house to see if anyone if standing there watching me crossing their garden but my thoughts and suspicions failed my when I don’t see anyone stood on the run down porch. I finally release the breathe I was holding and start to walk again but this time a little quicker than last time. I walk out onto the street, my white robe a little torn at the end, a lot of people are looking at me like I’m some alien, I look like a human but angels have amazing looks and I’m not trying to sound cocky but we really do. I’m getting some hateful looks that are mostly from girls and a lot of lustful looks from guys. I ignore their stares and keep walking taking in my surrounding’s like music shops, book shops, clothes shops, pets shops and little cafes with couples sat outside chatting like you’d see in the movies.


Sorry for being so rude, I never even introduced myself to you, I was too busy worrying about myself and my safety but can you blame me.

Hi, I’m Natalie. I don’t actually know my surname so just call me Nat or Natalie. I’m seventeen years old but I don’t age…ever…so I’m stuck being seventeen for the rest of eternity. I’ve got long dirty blonde hair to the small of my back. I’ve light hazel brown eyes. I’m 5’4” in height, I hate being called short, and I’m fun-sized not short. I’ve an athletic body but I’m still curvy, in a good way, I’d prefer to be curvy then just bone with a little bit of fat.

I’m cute but shy, I’m a great listener and I’ve been told I give great advice but I don’t really think I do but how and ever. I’m really sweet but so are all angels, I’d do anything to keep people smiling I hate when people are down and upset because then I feel upset. I strange I know but I hate normal.

I love to go on walks, well I did in heaven but let’s see if I like walking here. I love to cook and bake because I’m amazing at it. I love to read and I was always reading if I wasn’t cooking or doing something really important.

I really want to find my soul mate, every angel has a soul mate but I don’t think I will find my soul mate if he is up in heaven and I’m here, but then again some angels have found their mates here so I might get lucky but I hoping he won’t reject me or hate me because I’m a fallen angel.

The only thing I fear is someone finding out about me because my best friend was a fallen angel and he was found and kidnapped. I couldn’t help him, every day I would hear his prayers asking for someone to help him and get him out of there, now that I’m here I’m going to help him. I can’t just leave my best friend like that, he done everything for me and I’ve got to help him.

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Chapter 2

It’s been about two weeks since I got kicked out of heaven for no apparent reason. Well I was told there was some reasons behind it but I can’t see why though because not once did I ever step out of line or disobey the rules set out for us heavenly people. The rules were like the ones in the bible.

  1. Do not have any other Gods before me.
  2. You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.
  3. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.
  4. Honor your mother and father.
  5. You shall not kill.
  6. You shall not commit adultery.
  7. You shall not steal.
  8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  9. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.
  10. You shall not covert your neighbor’s goods.


Nor have I ever thought of breaking those rules. I’ve never done anything either so I know that I shouldn’t be down here while they live in perfect safety up there. I know I done some things wrong and I made some stupid mistakes but everyone did, I wasn’t the only one so that can’t be the reason. There was a few girls who taught they were Gods given gift and when I broke it to them that they weren’t as important as they taught they were it didn’t end as well as I hoped it would. Instead of physically hurting me they decided to slowly torture me with rumors and saying very hurtful things to me. No one noticed what was happening, they just turned their head and ignored my pleas of some help, they believed those rumors and chose not to help me. Everyone believed that shy little me slept with the almighty God himself and his son which I can honestly say didn’t happen because I’m still a virgin and everyone knows they don’t have sex with anyone because that means committing adultery.

I bump into something that feels like a brick wall, I stumble but feel someone arm wrap around my waist me stopping me from falling to the hard ground under me. “Damn I’m so sorry, I didn’t even notice you” a heavenly voice says.

I stare at the Greek God figure on front of me. He has jet black hair that looks like he hands his hands threw it a lot which makes him look ten times sexier. His piercing green eyes are absolutely breathtaking and I could get lost in them forever is I was able to. His sun is perfectly tan and is towering over me at about 6’3”. I notice he has some tattoos on his arms and one on his chest which is noticeable through his snow white V-neck top. He is becoming more and more irrespirable to me every second I don’t take my eyes off him.

He waves his hand on front of my face, “Umm hello?” he looks at me with a confused expression on his face.

I blink quickly “sorry” I blush, “I didn’t mean to stare at you”.

He chuckles “I didn’t mind it actually” he wink causing my cheeks to explode in color.

“So what’s with the Greek robe thing?” he points to my very dirty and torn robe.

My eyes go wide as I try to think of an excuse for this. “Umm well I was staying over at my friends, it was her birthday and it was the theme of her party you know G reek God and Goddess type thing” I mentally high five myself for such a good excuse.

He nods slowly “Ah, I see well I’m Aiden and maybe I’ll get to see you around sometime, My Goddess.” He playfully bows kissing the back of my hand before leaving me standing in the middle of a street completely gob smacked. I see a girl passing in jean shorts, a white band top, a flannel tied around her waist and sandal’s. I smirk clicking my fingers now wearing the same outfit as her only my flannel has changed from red and black to black and grey. “Perfect” I say taking off down the street again.

I walk around getting lustful comments from guys before I bump into someone else for the second time today. This time it’s a girl and she doesn’t look happy, I look and notice her cream colored blouse now has a big brown patch on it and her empty coffee is twirling in the wind on the ground. “Oh sorry let me get you a new one” I look at her.

Her eyes narrow into little slits and she grabs ahold of my neck pinning my to the brick wall behind me, “you stupid bitch, I just got that can’t you see out of those eyes and this is a brand new blouse!” she screams in my face.

I flinch and turn my head away from her “I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean it, I’ll get you a new coffee now and I’ll pay for the blouse” I say trying to move.

She doesn’t seem to like the thought of moving out of her grasp just yet so instead of pushing me back up against the wall straight away she digs her long false nails into my neck and I can feel her drawing blood. “Don’t bother slut!” she lets me go causing me to fall to the ground but before she leaves she gives me one swift kick to my stomach knocking the wind right out of me. I whack my head off the wall and stumble back up to my feet after she leaves, I fall towards the next store holding my bleeding neck. “Help!” I gasp for air starting to feel dizzy. My eyes flutter closed but before they do I see a guy running towards me with a concerned look on his face, it’s the guy I walked into, it’s Aiden.




My eyes flutter open to be blinded by brightness, when my eyes adjust to the light to look around to see I’m lying on a dark leather sofa and I’m in a room with boxes piled high up the walls. I look at the stack of boxes and my eyes scan the floor and I spot a shoe which runs up into a pair of black slacks which join to a shirt which is worn by the one and only Greek God Aiden himself. “Where am I?” I ask softly feeling pain shooting through my neck and my head.

He gives me a soft smile “Well you came in here bleeding and asking for help so I took you back here and cleaned you up and let you relax back here while I went back to work” he tells me “Oh you’re in my store”.

I look at him “What happened to me?” I ask very confused not really remembering anything that happened.

He tells me everything that happened and then tells me to relax because he has to get back to work. I nod and watch him stand up and leave the room as I lay back on the sofa with a slightly damp cloth on my forehead cooling me down. I start to get bored staring at all the boxes and the white ceiling above me. I get off the sofa leaving the cloth behind me, I open the door and walk out in his shop, I take in my surrounding’s seeing the tall dark brown wooden book shelves stacked with brand new books. I see Aiden up on a ladder lifting down boxes from the top of a shelf, I walk away running my hands along the unbroken spines of the brand new books. I’m completely in my own world surrounded by all these books. I take one book from the shelf and hold it in my hands careful not to run the soft back cover. I look down at the bright yellow cover on it with the black figure and strikes, ‘Thirteen by Tom Hoyle’ the cover reads. I flip the cover over to read the back of the book, ‘They’re dying one by one’ is all it says and suddenly I’m drawn to the book. On the side of the pages that are showing also has writing on it, on the top of the book it has numbers from 1-6 all crossed out. On the bottom of the book the pages have the number 7-12 written on it but they are all crossed out too. On the side of the book it says ‘His days are numbered’. Straight away I want to read it so I slid down the book shelve and start reading the book completely ignoring the world around me as I get lost in the authors words. After the first page I’m captured in the book and I feel like I’m actually in the book like I’m stood in the back watching on as the events unfold in front of my eyes, I feel like I personally know the characters and I feel like I’ve known them for years. I’ve fallen in love with the characters and I know how they feel.

*Cough. Cough* I blink quickly being dragged from the world in the book back to reality. I pull my eyes away from the words on the pages and look up to see Aiden stood over me smirking at me.

“Enjoying the book?” he asks while stacking the book shelves around me.

I nod with a cheeky smile on my face “Yep” I say popping the ‘p’ “it’s amazing!” I giggle.

He shakes his head laughing “you’re almost done it anyway” he crouches down next to me. “Why don’t you keep reading and finish it and come find me but bring it with you” he stands up and walks away leaving me sitting on the floor.

I go back to my book quickly and finish it. I stand up getting the feeling slowly back into my legs, I walk around the shop to find him but I can’t seem to see him anywhere. “Aiden?” I call out and I hear a loud bang that makes me jump from my skin. “Ouch!” I hear him shout under the cash register, he pops up rubbing his head giving me a crooked smile. “Are you okay?” I ask looking at him but he simply nods acting all tough like he hadn’t hurt himself, “So you wanted me?” I ask leaning over the counter. He nods and places a sparkling silver badge with my name on it and a black shirt just like his “I’m giving you a job” he smiles taking the book from my hand and adding it to an empty shelf behind the desk with my name under it “That’s your personal book shelf I’ve to one too so don’t feel like you robbing or anything you can read here at your own leisure and leave the books on the shelf for yourself if you ever want to buy them” he tells me.

I squeal and run around the desk to him, I hug him tight “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I jump in his arms giggling.

He laughs “you’re very welcome, you start work at 9am tomorrow morning don’t be late” I nod and take my stuff kissing his cheek before I leave the book shop with a huge grin on my face. I groan realizing I’ve got nowhere to live and I can’t live on the streets because I’ll put myself in more danger. I slowly walk back into the shop with my head bowed ashamed I’m about to ask him can I stay with him for a while. “Umm Aiden?” I walk in looking for him again “Aiden can I ask for a huge favor?” I get nervous after I find him.

He nods “sure, shoot” he smiles at me.

“Can I stay with you for a while my parents kicked me out of my house and now I’ve got nothing” I bow my head ashamed that I have to lie to him about everything.

I hear him gasp shocked at what I just told him “Oh of course you can stay with me, I’m done here in a half an hour if you want to stay then I can take you back to my place” he tells me and I nod and start to help him unpack the last of the boxes that are left on the floor and stacking the books up onto the shelves.




It’s about 3am in the morning and I’m wide awake. I’m lying in the bed in complete darkness and silence when I hear a loud bang outside, I almost jump out of my skin with the fright but instead of lying there I jump into my wardrobe shaking in fear. I press my ear up against the door making sure not to push it open when I do. I stop breathing for a minute to listen for anything that sounds odd or for the sounds of something that shouldn’t be happening. I hear my heart racing in my chest and I hear the bedroom door creaking open slowly followed by footsteps. I panic and grab a show from the bottom of the wardrobe with seems to be my only weapon at the minute. “Natalie?” someone calls out causing my breath to catch in my throat. “Natalie c’mon out from where ever you are hiding I won’t hurt you” the male voice says, I recognize the voice as Aiden’s and push the wardrobe door open and stepping out of the wardrobe holding a shoe in my hand.

He chuckles lightly looking at me “A shoe really what if it wasn’t me that came in how would a shoe protect you?”

I play with the shoe laces and look down embarrassed, “I was scared and this was the only thing I could find at that moment and if it wasn’t you that came in then I’d be lying dead on the floor by now” I tell him. “Don’t judge me”.

He looks at me “I wouldn’t hurt you and don’t worry no one will hurt you or get into my house I have a great guard dog, I will protect you and so will he” he smiles.

I smile and drop the shoe as I walk over to hug him tight feeling safe in his arms. He protectively wraps his arms around my body holding my close to his chest “go back to sleep Natalie, I’ll protect you” he kisses my head after he kindly tucks me back into my very soft bed and watch him leave.

I cuddle back into my bed closing my eyes and falling back into a peaceful deep sleep. I’m awoken by someone quickly pulling my warm duvet from my body, I groan and pull it back up over me “five more minutes” I turn over away from the person who pulled the duvet off me but before I ca get comfy again its pulled off me again. I open my eyes and see Aiden holding a tray in his hands smiling brightly at me. “Morning sleeping beauty, sit up I’ve made breakfast” he teases me. I sit up slowly and fix the duvet and he places the tray over my legs, I look down to see he has made me a full breakfast. “You didn’t have to do this for me” I blush slightly “I don’t want you to feel like you a servant in your own home” I tell him but he just sits on the edge of the bed already dressed for work, well technically it’s his bed because he bought it and it’s his guestroom in his house that he shares with his friend. When I finish the delicious breakfast he takes it away and lets me get ready for work, when I’m done he introduces me to his friend Peter and his dog Sparky, once all that was done we made our way to work which consists of a day unpacking boxes and stacking shelves and me occasionally reading books when I can.

My life is going well so far, maybe it could stay this way.

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