The Devils Spawn


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Anthony Ryan Hunter is a follower of Satan, the ruler of hell. Anthony call him master, everybody obeys the master and if they don't they pay the price and are severely punished.

Anthony was on his death bed in a hospital when his master saved his soul from the holy land. His master told him that he would be a great follower, a great demon and would grow up just like his master.

When Anthony arrived in the under world he fit in straight away, his master loved him like a son and always gave him the best missions because he knew that Anthony wouldn't fail or disappoint him.

His latest mission is to be a guardian to a boy named Daniel.

Daniel is soft, shy and just needs to be loved and cared for.

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Chapter 1

I'm knelt on front of my master, listening carefully to each word that falls from his lips, nodding as my mind fills with the thoughts of the mission he will be sending me on next.

"Maybe he is sending me to punish those horrible people in 'The Pit' or to take another evil soul from the world above us and take them here to punish them the way they should be punished" I mentally chuckle.

"Are you listening to me Anthony?" my master says sternly bringing my attention back to what he is saying.

"Yes master, I'm always listening to you" I nod obeying my master just how I was taught to when I first got here.

"Good, your next mission isn't like any other, this is a new mission and you’re the only person I trust and I know you won’t fail me like the others would" he speaks and I look up from the floor confused.

"A new mission master?" I ask not understanding what he is talking about.

"Yes, you will be a guardian to a young male on the world above us, he is being bullied terribly and is having intense suicidal thoughts and I want you" he stresses the 'you' before continuing, “you need to take of him, be-friend him, and do everything in your power to teach those guys a lesson” he looks done at me.

“A guardian master?” I ask not quite understanding why he picked me, especially after he made me kill so many people. He also made me punish them as they should be punished for the crimes they have committed. Some of the people down here are followers of my master and complete missions just like me, others are here to be rightfully punished and stay in ‘The Pit’

“Yes a guardian, you will protect him and do everything to keep him from committing suicide” he glares at me, his eyes slowly turning black showing the anger of him and his inner demon.

I frantically nod “yes master, I will protect this boy at all cost” I stand up. I’m almost level with him and notice that his eyes are fading back to their usual grey color again.

He nods proud of me “good now go by your daily routine” he walks away. I hear his cane tapping the ground with each step he takes, the confidence and power he has oozes off him as he passes by everyone with not a care in the world.

I walk away wearing black jeans, my red tail with the pointed end swaying behind me, my eyes bright red with anger as I walk towards ‘The Pit’ knowing there is new prisoners to punish. I’m dragged from my thoughts when I see some girls giggling next to me, I look over and notice it’s the same girls who have slept with everyone but my master and myself. I look at them and they all throw me flirty smiles. I brush them off earning a huff from all of them but I know it’s not the end of them.

I walk down towards ‘The Pit’ and walk down the long twirling steps that are a fire red color. I could say half of the red on the floor is blood but why would I care, all these people are here for a reason. My ears fill with the cries and wails of everyone begging for forgiveness and begging for their lives back. I smirk as I keep walking loving the noise of others in pain, it makes my heart race when others beg for their life with their last dying breathe.

I swing a cell door open to see two men chained to the wall, their heads hanging low as they try catch their breath from their last punishment. Obviously my master had someone else punish them a little before I got here. I smirk as they still haven’t noticed me yet, I slam the cell door and their heads jolt up surprised that someone was standing there.

I step in and they watch my every move as I reach towards an iron bar that’s been sitting in red hot coals, I take it out showing them the iron has turned a blinding yellow from the heat, “so boys has someone already punished you today?” I ask them knowing the answer already.

They nod terrified of me, “good” I simply say before sticking the hot iron bar to one of the guys skin leaving a raw red mark on his pale skin making him scream out in pain, “thank you” he forces out trying to catch his breath.

I bet you’re asking why he said thank you after I just stuck a hot iron bar to his skin, right. Well we have rules, one is you always have to say thank you to anyone administering a punishment, no matter what the punishment is. You also never talk back, always take what you’re given and never disagree with anything said to you.

After spending two hours severely punishing those guys I finally leave their cell and lock the door behind me. I look at the cell door again and see the label that reads ‘rapists’. I shake my head in disgust, thinking that worse should have been done to them like thrown down to the beast at the back of the pit so they are savaged and completely forgotten about. I’m glad my master has his way with them because I know he has a lot more power and may seem heartless but he isn’t really. Once it comes to people who need to be severely punished then he will give them a severe punishment they need and he won’t hold back. I haven’t reached the level of power my master has yet but I will soon and he told me once I find a patner to rule hell with me, he told me hell will be all mine but he will still be there to help me whenever I need it.

I slowly start to walk back to my little house next to my masters, I walk in and flop down on my bed dreading the next morning. Tomorrow I have to go back to the above world and protect some boy, which mean I’ve to lose my tail, I’ve to try control my temper and my inner demon because I could completely lose it while I’m there.

Hopefully all goes well.

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Chapter 2

Hey I’m Anthony Ryan Hunter and I'm eighteen years old. I've been a demon for almost three years now and to be perfectly honest I love it, I wouldn’t change it for the world. My master treats me as if I was his own flesh and blood, he trusts me with everything especially all of the missions he had organized.

Three years ago I was on my death bed in hospital after a horrible mugging attack that happened me when I was coming home from a friends one night. They beat me till I was basically on my last dying breath but some guy came out of nowhere and took me to hospital. Once in hospital I was put on oxygen and an IV drip. Nothing seemed to help me and my condition only worsened, after that I was put on life support. They broke half of my ribs, my left arm and punctured a lung, I was in a horrible state. The night before my parents decided they couldn’t pay the bills for the life support anymore, the same guy that saved me showed up in my room smiling at me warmly and he simply said he was taking me away from this horrible place to live by his side and one day rule over his people. I didn’t really understand at the moment but now I do, that guy that saved me in the park that night and was in the hospital room with me was my master, he was my guardian. I couldn’t wish for another guardian, my master done everything to keep me safe, he told me all of the stories of the different things he done to keep my life out of harm’s way.

My master trained me to be the best assassin there is in hell, my master came on my first mission with me to make sure everything went smoothly, he made sure nothing went wrong and that I didn’t mess up and fail him. He was very proud after I completed my first mission with no difficulty at all. My first kill was the best kill, the chills I got as they gasped trying to hold on to their last dying breath, they begged me not to take their lives away from them but it was all done.

I have to say I love being able to scare and haunt people the way I do, I love seeing them turn pale with the fright when I sneak up behind them, tapping their shoulder with one finger making their body freeze up and their heart rate quickens which makes me smirk.


Right now it’s about six a.m. and I’ve just woken up. I yawn and stretch my arms out hearing my bones crack a little, I sit up in my bed groaning thinking that it’s way too early to be awake. I climb out of my very comfy bed like a zombie and walk my black charcoaled wardrobe. I pull the doors open causing some black chunks to fall off the doors and hit the floor turning into a thousand little black specks of dust on the floor. I reach in and pull out my black jeans, black V-neck and my black leather jacket, I draw my tail back in so no-one notices who or what I am.

I walk out of my little house and walk next door to my master’s house which is a lot bigger than mine in every way possible. I gently knock on the door hoping I’m not disturbing him from anything important like his sleep. I hear some shuffling and groaning, the door slowly opens to show my master rubbing his side and then he looks at me with a crooked grin, only stood in his basketball shorts and no shirt.

“Yes Anthony?” he asks leaning up against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest, his face still holding that cheeky crooked grin.

I look at him “sir I just wanted to knock to tell you I’m leaving now on my mission”.

“Good, keep me in the loop and send all of those boys back here for the punishment they deserve” he says with a hint of annoyance in his voice, he turns around and closes the door leaving me to stare at the charred door on the porch.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes as the flames around me get hotter and brighter, they finally consume me within them and slowly take me to the world above. I open my eyes and I’m stood in the park facing Daniels house. I see the door open and slam behind him as he walks out with his head hung low and his hands in his front pockets. His school bag slumps over his shoulder and sways on his back as he walks along the long street up to his school. I watch him as he walks, I can sense his fear as he knows what lays ahead of him for the whole day in school. I walk after him slowly not wanting to freak him out already incase I’ve got to talk to him.

He walks into school and I walk into the office collecting my time table and everything else I need. I walk out and hear some commotion, I run down the hall to see the guys I was warned about pinning him to a locker and he isn’t fighting back. My demon growls protectively and I dart towards him pushing the tall guy away.

“What are you doing?” the guy that I pushed away asks annoyed.

“What does it look like I’m doing, I’m not going to stand around and watch you bully him” I shout at him.

He takes a swing at me but I grab his fist and twist his arm behind his back making him hiss in pain, “touch him again your dead meat” I whisper in his ear pushing him back to his friends before I turn and face a very surprised Daniel.

I smile “Hi I’m Anthony Ryan Hunter, but you can call me Tony” I put my hand out for him to shake, “I’m new here and I’m defiantly not like them” I lightly chuckle making him smile.

He shakes my hand weakly “I’m Daniel Strong” he laughs “such an ironic last name” he looks at me biting his lower lip. “Umm thanks for saving me, I mean everyone else would have stood by and watched” he sighs handing his head low again.

I lift his chin “hey keep your head high, you don’t need to worry about them anymore, they won’t hurt you with me here” I chuckle and playfully flex my arms.

“You want to be my friend?” he asks with an are-you-serious tone in his voice as he looks at my arms as I flex my muscles which makes a pink tinge appear on his cheeks.

“Of course!” I throw my arm around his shoulders leading him to our first class of the day, I feel him move closer to me which makes my demon smile which is a first and very confusing if I may be honest.

We arrive at class and the rest of the day goes by in a blur. I make sure to keep my eyes on those guys who have been watching Daniel as though he was their prey.

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