The Thief Shoots Again


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Chapter 1

 Once upon a time there was a girl that got a email from her agents because there  was a crime about a thief is in a office but the girl also the girl was called Rosie and she didn't know which office but she had to use her five senses to find out which and who the thief is.

Rosie got ready and she put the things that she would need and then she went downstairs to put her shoes on and she was ready to go. Rosie had to walk because she didn't have a car but suddenly she heard a noise of people chatting so she went the way she could hear the voices and she came across a building that she heard banging and it looked like it was from the same building so she knew it was the London building so she went inside but there was no stairs so she had to get the rope out of the suitcase and she had to climb it up to the top floor because that where the sound was coming from and she tip toed, crawled and sliver because the floor was broken and when she went to the room she heard the noise from she counted to eight and she kicked the door and she had to chase the thief 

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