The Girl with the Wart on her Nose


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Chapter 1

I was born with a wart on my nose. No, I am not a witch.  But that didn’t stop the other kids in kindergarten class from calling me one. By the time I was seven, the wart had been removed, but I had a scar. Scars can be ugly. With time they are supposed to fade but that doesn’t mean they do.  If I cover it with make-up, it’s temporarily erased, but take a dip in a swimming pool and its likely to be quite obvious again.

I don’t care. I’ve gotten used to it. I’d like to be perfect but who is? I see imperfections in just about everyone. I’m good at spotting these things, I suppose I look for them.   I see the point on the top of my best friend's ear, the missing toenail on my neighbor's foot, the way the postman walks with a decided limp leading me to believe one leg must be shorter.  I'm not even going to get into all the the flaws that are hidden. I know they are there, but I'm mostly worried about my own flaws ,which is when I wish I really was a witch and could do magic. If I could cast a spell, maybe I could get a boyfriend.  Junior prom is coming up next month and I need a date.

Becky, my best friend, told me there was a way if I was brave.  "You can post yourself online," she said.

"Isn't that just for adults? Don't you have to be over 21 or at least 18?" I asked.

"No they have this one for teenagers. Well maybe you have to lie a little, but everyone does.  Say you're 18 at least and you'll be okay."

'Does anyone tell the truth on these things?  Is it safe?"

"Well you text a lot at first and meet in a public place.  My cousin used it and she met a really nice guy. You can send pictures.."

"I know about this stuff," I told her. "My mom has a friend who uses one of the apps but it seems pretty strange, embarrassing almost, to say that was the way you met."

But then I thought about it and decided, why not try it? It's that old saying, Nothing ventured nothing gained.  So I  download the apps and started filling out a profile with pictures and all this stuff about me and what I liked.  Would any guy like my profile and ask me for a date?

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Victor Oh

I downloaded "apps". Your protagonist must have downloaded more than Tinder. lol. There are so many others... I can't even remember any of them at the moment. Loved your first post. :)


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