Pregnancy, Pain & Prison


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Looking at the calendar, today's date had a circle around it. Friday 11th June - mothers birthday. It still pains to know that she's gone, that she passed away in pain after a lifetime of hurt. She got married so young, lost her husband and had to bring up her only daughter surrounded by her evil in laws. 

I examined the calendar, my hands moved along the dates. 11th, 12, 13, 14. 15th. My heart began to ache. There was no circle around it, no labels no nothing yet I knew exactly what it was. 

He was going to be let out. Him. The guy that owned the cafe round the corner, the man who I fell in love with deeply after looking into his caramel eyes, the guy who gave me hope of a future when I was pregnant with Sugar. The psycho who tried to kill me and my daughter because he couldn't handle a 'family'. Michael 'Mocho' Danes. 

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