About Myself


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About myself

 Sometimes no need of description, but as a new writer it is needed.

Myself Nanik Rohra study completed graduated from commerce field 

I really and eaglry want to find a thing which is good for me, may be better for me, but always be failed,

Failed coz may be i never stay in one place as much more time

On a starting period i think i was a very much good sports person like a cricketer but many time fail to much more score feel like that is not my cup of tea

So I started to find something else

After a much hard work i feel like singing is my another passion may be it will help me to get fame money

But coz of much more complaints about my voice onces again i was came same place which i start to travel.

Feeling like not a single talent of within me, i was never be successful as i want.

After sometimes on one training programme, training manager said everyone should start to read, that is best habit.

I start to read many books, may be I'm not a good reader, but start to write a small small passages, which gave me a full of happiness

Start to read my passages to my loving one, all are like and gave me a good compliment 


I found myself 

I found my passion 

May be my passion is not helping me to earn money

But it will gave me a peace

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