My Untold Love Story


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My untold love story

 Never think about love nor think about how it does

Love is a feeling like only you will know how it is, that feeling unmeasurable, unseen and unbelievable.

As i was walk on streat, thinking about something else.

I saw a girl with a great fair skin, short, lovely eyes, weared black top with a denim light blue jeans. I noticed her within a minute may be she can't saw me.

Oh hello nanik what happened whom you saw? Friend asked

Nothing nothing come on let's go i said

I just can't expain what i saw who is she, if i closed my eyes i saw her face, hard to sleep, hard to do any work.

This story is not started like which you think.


Come here friend said

Yup here say whAt happened

Look how is she (he opened a pic of girl) friend said

What who is she how you got her picture i said

Don't ask and say how is she friend said

Yeah she is amazing say how you know her i said

Her name is mia, and she is my classmate in past, today she is mine fiancé friend said

What?? are you maid you're not engaged what rubbish you talked i said

Sorry bro i hide from you, last month I engaged with her friend said

Cool congratulations i said meet you after sometime 


I lock my room, not want to cry but tears comes down, why this happened with me, 1st time i was fall in love but which i never get

Nanik open door mom said

Yeah wait (washing face) i said

After opened door

What are you doing? Mia and nitesh is waiting in hall come fast mom said

Mia (how she was came here) thinking on my mind

Try to saw her but can't see her

Oh hi nitesh your here i said

Meet my fiancé mia nitesh said 

Hand shake

First time i touch her hands, watch her little grey eyes, purple suit with a artificial jewellery attractive look

Not in a condition to say any word, I'm stand like a statue 

Nanik nanik your here nitesh said

Oh sorry please sit mia i said

We're here to invite our married which held on after a 15 days nitesh said

I feel what?? I didn't think my first love story finish in 2 days

Wow congratulations both of you i said

Thank you we're moving now still many invitation cards are remaining  nitesh said and i was forcing her to come with me to invite my best friend coz i think you may be still on angry mood

No no not like that it's fine, very much happy that you both are here to invite us i said

Ok bye mia and nitesh said

Bye i said


Throwing  card on outside house without open what is her full name, came again room with a lock.

In my mind many things are run which is uncontrolled, never know what is my next step


The day is arrived 

But i was not there to saw the bride.

Before the marriage i took a decision to left my home and try to settle in abroad with my sister

Now the 5 yeass passed still her first look and last one come in my eyes, she was happy with him or not i never know, not to try contact with nitesh.

Phone rang

Hello nanik mom said

Yeah mom i said

There is bad news mom said

Nitesh is no more mom said

What?? How that diasater came i said

In a car accident he was die mom said

Ok I'll try to come on my place i said


In my mind thought come this was good news for me or bad, coz now the time arrives to get her.

Reached on funeral place

Where is mia i said to mom

She is passed by 2 years ago mom said

What??? My ears not worked properly or mom said anything wrong i said

Yeah she was kill herself mom said

But why i said

Coz she was not happy with nitesh, he was torcher her, daily he was abused her, that things she not tolerated, she takes a decision to kill herself mom said

I leave the funeral half and never saw the nitesh lastly face

I realise why i was took a decision to move aboard, may be if i was here she will be alive, never know what was the real story of mia and nitesh but their love is true that's why they are still together on sky.

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Victor Oh

"hard to sleep. hard to do any work". Love this.


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