WhAt Happened WhEn I DIE?


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What happend when I DIE


Is a small three alphabetic words, which has a big meaning.


D = Did

I =   I

E = end


In this world no one wants to die, but this nature decided some amount of everyone's life.


This is a story of person who has alot of fear about die

He always think what happened if i die?

His scariness is big enemy 

Whenever he stand alone or a sleeping hours he only think about this.



       The story begin


His lovely wife waited for him coz today he is too late

Hey honey why your late today sujata asked 

Yeah i missed my daily catching train that's why where is dimpy? Namish asked

She is at kumar home sujata said

Ok I'll take bath please make dinner fast namish said

Ok sure sujata said


Namish is worked at multinational company accountant job. 

Sujata is his lovely wife

3 year old dimpy daughter of namish.


They are so much happy before the incidents happened to namish

As his daily work routine, finish the work back to home but on that day he decided to stay alone

Alot of work pressure, insulting from boss, he leave the office before the finishing hours.

Walk on street alone but with the memories about bad day

Hey namish askshay shouted 

Hey askshay how's you doing here? Namish asked

Going to a birthday party of friend, why your not jointing with me askshay offered 

Not in a mood so much bad day on office namish complained 

No worry there is liquid available akshay laughing come on

Ok following you namish said


Entering a place of party, meet wih a birthday boy, namish decided to drink, after a finished a many packs, his mind goes in a out of way, he never know what he does, akshay is busy with his friends.

Namish decided to leave the place, and go to home, but he is not capable to walk beacause of hangover.

When he start crossing road,one truck comes on full speed, he saw the truck but he was too late, truck pussing him and throwing  him away

Public comes to see him, many people's think he is no more, but one intelligent person check him, and he shouted call the ambulance he is still alive.

After a 15 minutes ambulance arrives, get him to hospital and doctors start treatment.

Sujata reached hospital, she is crying, her tears is goes out of control.

Doctor comes out congratulations he is alive and now he is our of danger, but he is not in a condition to talk, don't try to meet him without our permission.

Sujata feel happy, she thank to god.


          Thrill moment


He was in bed with connecting a many pipes and machines, he is alive, but not in a condition to talk.

His mind runs continually, he saw the truck came on his way, and push him away, he is dead on that place.

Her wife heard the news about her husband is no more, her face bath with a tears, speed of tears increases.

Dimpy is so small to understand meaning of death.

Namish family start to complete the funeral ceremony, his father passed away 15 years ago, his mother lives wih her younger son.

All are finish the formalities of funeral, moves to home.

After a couple of weeks 

Sujata not know how she will be   Stay alone till her death, he missed namish alot, his daughter always asked about where is dad, when he will back? 

But Sujata never know the reply, she alwaya said to lie with dimpy, he is out of station, he will be back soon.

Sujata know the truth he never be back again, she has a no life without namish.

One day sujata decided to back to namish place with her daughter.

Firstly she gave poison to dimpy, after dimpy death she kill herself.


Namish awake with a shouted no no no no no Sujata don't do this Sujata sujata

All doctors, nurses, sujata came to room.

What happened namish doctor asked

He called sujata, hold her hands, and hugged her.

I saw a bad dream about my wife and daughter namish confessed.

After a completing treatment, doctors gave him discharge.

He back home and stay with Sujata and loving daughter.

I promise my darling I never drink again in my life namish confessed, and i want a promise from yourside also

Which promise? Sujata sees him with a trigged eyes

If i die, you'll be alive, like a brave woman namish said

What rubbish your talking, one tears rolling down from sujata eyes

Namish hugged her


Never know what happened if i die, but i know sujata will never stay alone without me.


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