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Bed of lies

 I lay there next to Mr.Bad boy, the room spelt of sex hard sex. I wish I could take it back but I couldn’t. I wish I could reverse back time but I couldn’t. I’ll be kicked out of home due to are religion. My phone vibrates the caller ID it was mum “hey ma,” I say nervously ‘where are you honey?’ She asks “ummm at vivís house.” I reply ‘no lying where are you?’ I start to cry “I don’t know why I did it I just did I’m sooo sorry mum.” I cry my heart out ‘what’s you sorry for Narnia?’ She questions “I. Had. Sex.” I cry. The lone goes dead. That is the start to hell. My phone vibrates with another incoming call, ID dad I pick up with tears at sea “hey daddy I wish I didn’t do you I’m planning on asking forgiveness please just don’t kick me out please.” I plead I here Dad chuckle ‘do you know how you came to be?’ He asks “n-no” I whisper ‘the same thing as what happened to you sweetie,’ he reply’s in his soft hearted voice “so I’m not getting kicked out?” I ask with fear at hand ‘no honey your my baby girl I would never do that but there will be  consequences  for your behaviour.’ I sigh of relief spiled over me “thank you daddy I’ll take the consequences I will” I smile ‘so you don’t mind losing your phone for 4 months?’ He laughs I smile “I will I’ll be social with the family from now on and ask for your promotion first okay.” I blurt out quickly I hear my dad chuckling ‘thank you honey one question did he use protection?’ Oh no reality hit me like a ton of bricks “yes yes he did” relif again.

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