Falling For Mr. Posessive


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Jade Rodriguez is a lonely woman out in New York looking for a new job after just moving. She ran away from her abusive and psycho ex-husband  Bruce Blade, and as you can see his last name is what he does for a living. He is a Mafia Leader. He kills for a living and poor Jade wanted nothing to do with him. He wasn't like that the first time they met. Blade was loving, but that soon went away right after the wedding. Since being in New York she has met a handsome yet engaged business man Mikhail (Mek-hell)  Santiago. But he is her employer. She is his personal assistant

Mikhail is a business man in the oil industry. He is ruthless, arrogant, and one hell of a player.

Jade will soon have an encounter with Mikhail. but not in the professional way she had planned. She is in for a big surprise when she has to work right under Mr. Santiago as his personal assistant. Will she be able to handle his arrogance? Will she stay around long enough to find that Mr. Santiago has a softer side, but only for her? Will Mikhail fall for only one woman finally?

Read to find out............

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Chapter 1

I woke up to the loud ass sound of a train heading my way on the train station I was currently sleeping on. Well you are probably wondering how I ended up here well that story is for another time, but I will say I ran away from a bastard of an ex-husband and I'm on my way to the BIG APPLE!! New York is where I'm going to start fresh. I get up dust myself off and take my things in my hands and walk to the edge of the platform. The train comes to a final stop and I step on with my ticket and find my seat.   

"Ticket Miss?" The man asks as I take my seat. "Of course...here you go." I say keeping my head down. To be honest I look like a total mess. The man gives back my ticket and while looking and finishing with all the others the train slowly starts moving again.

New York here I come.....cause I hope your ready for me...........


Sorry for making it so short, but my plan is to make the next chapter about her actual new start in new York it make take a time lapse so she may already have an apartment and her job interview so don't get confused to much thanks love u lots<3         


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Chapter 2


During Jade's time in New York she has gotten her new apartment and her first job interview in a year now. She has signed up to be an assistant to a very ruthless and disrespectful, but wealthy man. Jade is going to give everything she has for this career.

After five long miserable months of working non-stop day and night, I had received an email from the secretary of M. Santiago industries. I finally have gotten that interview with Mr. Santiago himself. The interview is in two days and I need new professional clothes for my job if and when I get it. There's no doubt that I'll get this job....no doubt.

I take a quick five minute shower washing my hair and body with my strawberry scented wash and get out. Then blow drying my hair letting it flow freely and taking my makeup kit putting on just eyeliner, mascara, and nude lipstick. I'm not one of those heavy cake-faced girls. Walking to my closet I pick out a blue sundress with brown sandals and leave with my purse keeping my phone and money inside. Getting into the car I head to the store down the street called Rainbow. It has the most beautiful outfits for woman in the whole world like this is my go-to place. When I have a special occasion...only for special occasions. After getting my professional work attire I head out and it is half past two and I'm starving my ass off. I walk to my car and then drive to Angelo's Pizzeria for the famous meat lovers. Like I would kill everyday for just one slice.

I put in my order and then take it and leave. Ending up home I go in get comfy. Turning on the television I put on my shorts and crop top and place my hair in a messy bun. I watch some more movies and I get sleepy so I head off for bed putting the rest of the pizza in the fridge.



I am not sure how short these chapters are because I'm using a computer to write these so...um....hope you like this one if so comment share and vote.

Love you lots......Nariyah<3

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