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Babe 82

Sixteen-year-old Aubrey Leigh Reed is a strange creature. She is an INTJ (rarest of the 16 personality types), Aquarius, and self-proclaimed intellectual badass, which-according to her mother-is a lethal combination for any type of human interaction. She’s a walking contradiction that puts everyone around her on their toes; one...

GATEBLADE: Lady Greenheart

Veridy and Ahrik are sent upon a mission by the high magister, Veridy's father. During the trek, they are told by a mysterious creature that the gods and goddesses had chosen them and they were needed in worlds beyond their own. They are whisked away in a race against time, and the evils at work aren't as patient in their own plans.

The Archshade

When political alliances begin to strain and break between feuding lands, a nameless slave girl is offered as a gift to a foreign prince whose deformities force him to cover every part of his body - even his face. Though fearful of her fate, she soon realizes Prince Daynar is unlike any man she has ever known. Yet, something darker...

Old Alchemy

Dormwell and Veritee, rangy twins on their quest in the world. Left their family, left their town. They saw the wise-woman, Lisbet. She was the last seer. She read the stars and saw a treasure far away in the land. She gave the twins their clues and she set them seeking. This is the story of their walk into the world.

A Glass Of White Wine

Clerence Grace Martinez is a lesbian, but you wouldnt notice she is one because of her choice of style or fashion. She was sent to london for college, wasnt a deal for her at first until she met two different persons that will both make her feel complete and miscomplete. In the end she have to choose.

Because of You

"Why are you doing this? Why can't everything just be simple?" "Surely Toni, you must have figured everything out by now. Why all of this is happening, why everyone you love has begun to drive away from you, there's a reason for all of it." "What? What's the reason?" "The reason why is..." Xxxxxxx From a young age, Toni knew there...

Could he be the one

This is about 19 year old Megan Richards the most famous and wealthy woman in the world for her singing, acting, modeling and dancing she has been in many movies and is constantly getting better and better at what she does and people are always wanting to be in every single movie, fashion show, show and dance. but she she has always...


Hats for Hammerheads is a poem about resilience and determination – about defying bullying and persecution. It focuses on the tale of young Henry Finn “perfectly normal except for one thing – He had the head of a hammerhead shark”. Henry, supported by his loving parents, works his way through school and college very successfully,...

As We Know It

When he wakes up in a strange room with nearly no memories, Simon is not afraid. He is terrified. With only two memories, his name and the face of a girl he swears he knows, Simon finds himself on a journey to gather his memories and uncover the truth. But does he even know what truth is?

Twice Nuptines

An alien scientist, and Navigator named Sacha, seeks out a habitable planet to find fertile soils to bring back to his planet. With a crew of 70 aboard his ship, they discover planet Gala and upon this discovery find intelligent life. Knowing of the intelligent life there, their laws would prevent them from stripping planet Gala of...

Music for New People

Life gets weirder beginning with the summer you are 15. You start to see a sad beauty at odd moments. You begin to hope you might really fall in love. Your cousin shows up as someone else entirely. Your older brother becomes confusing because sometimes he's actually not a jerk. Your parents may be having trouble with their marriage....

The Retreat

Katie has been missing. In an effort to find her, her dear friend Rosie has published Katie's journal. She hopes that this will give people an understanding of who Katie is, and maybe help find her. She is reaching out to everyone, her family, her friends, even possibly her abductor. This is Katie's journal, and it includes her...

One Death at a Time

Brice Frankel wants to put a stop to school corruption and street violence. He goes after Principal Jason who has abused his power and embezzled monies. And he does his best to destroy Nachine Bautista who is the leader of Inheritance Corporation.


Everything is strong once. Atarcia is on the brink of revolution. Forces threaten the lasting dominance of the capital. Liberators and Nationalists alike are rising. Confrontation is inevitable. A radical faith, once confined to the southern isles, is now springing forth across the mainland coming in conflict with the...


Arthur travels to England with Fabienne looking for his ancestors in Cornwall, but can find no trace. They return to France, only to discover that danger awaits them from two different sources. It is facing these dangers together, that Arthur discovers his true heritage and his emotional wall is breached. Action packed adventure in...

Analogies to remember

Too often I speak in analogies. I find comparisons beautiful - they make it possible to articulate some of life's most wonderfully complex ideas. This is a notebook of all of my favourite analogies. I write them here to remember them for later.

Charlie's Hero

Nine months since they both started showing signs and five months since they both had what they thought was alcohol poisoning, and It has been three months since her twin died. Three months since her other half died while she survived. Three months since Charlie's left her room... As she looked in the mirror at her strawberry blonde...


Adam is a seventeen year old boy nothing unusual about that. Except the world he lives in lost its men, first by accident, and then deliberately. He is the most valuable commodity on the planet, at least his sperm is. So when he escapes from the home he lives in the company that owns him wants him back...,badly, and they will use any...

Scarlet's Moon

NANOWRIMO2015 At the Age of 8, Scarlet Ryder was orphaned by a wolf attack as she journeyed to her grandmothers. 13 years later, she learns it's not a random attack. Now the war between the werewolves and vampires is flaring up again and Scarlet finds herself in the middle of it. On top of that, Scarlet's adoptive father is hunting a...

Colder than Ice

Born on the winter solstice and cursed with a power beyond her control, Aster Stormsilver is forced into a betrothal with Kai Dragonlight, the prince of the realm. As their relationship progresses, she discovers secrets about him, and secrets about their births, that should have remained hidden until the end of time.

Outside Of My Door

Two minutes past seven. Must not be late. It's the only way. Sighed MH. - p.s there's tea. Alice is shocked when her adopted sixteen year old brother kicks her out one night of her very house. Alice doesn't like Zac's jokes. She turns around. That's when the house disappears. - thinks are getting curiouser and curiouser.

Saving Autumn

Faolan Meirin, a young and troubled giant slayer is put to the test when he's hired to kill the Giant of Forwyn, but there's more to the giant than he realised and more to the village than he ever could have imagined.

While She Sleeps

Sydney is in love with the idea of death, much particularly of killing herself. She thinks of it as "the great escape". Sure, it is the coward's escape, but what other choice does she have when she's not sure what is real and what is not real anymore.

The Children of the Forest

Faced with the ecological collapse of her world, a young warrior princess must embark on a perilous journey to save her kingdom from ruin. A contemplative, Science-Fantasy novel, exploring the tenuous balance of man and nature and its inevitable conflicts. The novel is currently seeking crowd-funding on...


The sequel to Everest, although it works as a stand alone book too. Four years after Aiden Richards was killed and ARC collapsed, the world is on the brink of falling apart again. Every city must contain no more than 100,000 people. This was the order that sent Aaron and London on the run from their own organisation. Now they must...

The Sillage

Sillage- (n.) the 'wake' left by a boat on water, the aftermath of a disruptive force,the scent that lingers after someone has been there before you and gone. Blake and Macy have been best friends since the fourth grade. They do everything together. Including falling in love with Samantha Holloway, having life as they knew it flipped...

The Other Realm

Everyone thought that Delphine was dead after an accident killed her family, but after miraculously surviving, Delphine's life is turned around. Now she's visits a weird, other realm in her dreams where she visits her family and the mysterious "Elvin", who claims to have saved her. But now Elvin's shown up in the real world, and...

Nia and the Adradhar

Sixteen-year-old Nia believes that she is merely an orphan girl - until she performs elemental magic that has been lost to society for centuries. After a mysterious figure breaks into an ancient tomb on the search for the Adradhar, four magical and powerful crystals given to mankind by the spirits of earth, water, air, and fire...

the Dragon Reemerges

For the second time in ten years, the media is obsessing about Vladimir Tepes. New details are emerging about a mysterious and gruesome painting, and its subject. Originally the nicknamed bloody boy painting, surfaced after being anonymously donated to the Louvre. It instantly sparked controversy in academic circles, driving every...

Between the Lines

Working in private mode now until complete. Sorry, for those of you who were following...this is what we call delayed gratification...will leave Intro public to whet the appetite...and maybe a chapter or two as I write...enjoy! ************************************************* Writing backwards until I get rid of this writer's...


In a factious city on the coast of a mysterious island, an engineer finds herself an unemployed fugitive in possession of plans for an astonishing and powerful invention. Pursued by corporate mercenaries, she is drawn into the increasingly sinister plans of a megalomaniacal social revolutionary.


Every year on her birthday she wakes up in a new body. She knows there is only one person to blame for her predicament: herself. Will she ever get to return to her own real body, or will she forever be stuck only wishing she could be herself again.

Untied Kings

Four best friends - a rejected writer, a chef wanna-be, a dropout engineer student, and an amateur ((and immature)) photographer - formed an all-girl pop rock band and entitled themselves as Untied Kings. However, things wouldn't be that easy for them. It has never been really easy after all. There would always be some things and...

The Beautiful Ragdolls

Over the summer where most residents of Orlando are having fun at the beach, or Disney, there is one girl who has other plans. It started off as a jealous rage over her three brothers leaving her behind, but Jimin wanted so much more than just their deaths. She wanted to make them her personal dolls. The three brothers arrive torn...

Same Day

June 7th. 7AM - Midnight. For Laura (or Becky, or Jana, or half a dozen other names, depending on her mood), that's been the day for as long as she can remember. She should be old and feeble, or dead, but instead she's stuck in her twenties, with no consequences and only the rules the world has given her, until they're shattered to...


After finally discovering who she is, Aengal must deal with the crumbling and corrupt politics of Kisu in a world filled with masked motives and uncertainty everywhere; before she can continue on her mission to deal with the looming threat of Raketselka. Along the way, she meets with new friends and an unsuspecting betrayal as she...