The Mermaid


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Where it all began

 I was 6 nearly 7 when I saw it in the sea. I thought I was beautiful, this creature that I saw when I was a little girl. The creature had blonde shiny hair with strands of blue. Blue sparkly eyes and blue fins. I swear it looked at me I ran over to the only person who I could trust and who was available my mum. She said it's silly and I should stop reading silly stories. I knew what I saw. I knew it would still be out there whatever it was. It couldn't be a human it had fins, it couldn't be a fish it had fins and the rest was human like. 

That was years ago I'm 14 now. I still believe that to this very day whatever it was is still out there and that there are more. I don't know for sure but ever since I saw it I don't go anywhere near water unless I 100% know what is in it. 

A few days later.

"Come on Lizzy. You said you wanted to go somewhere." Mum calls. 

I am still in bed fast asleep. My mum screaming at me doesn't wake me up. So mum comes up the stairs and pulls my covers off me and tells me that we are about to leave. 

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"A surprise. You'll love it." Mum says happily. 

After the car ride we get out of the car and we are on the beach! I am not going in I don't want to, she can't make me. 

I eventually do what every other teenage girl does at the beach and just go in the water anyway; I go in the water slower than a snail. 

I eventually run in as far as I can. I see that creature again. This time there's two of them. I go to explore the creatures. I swam as far as I could to see them. 

I wake up underwater?! How am I breathing? 

"Am I dead?" I shout. 

The creature comes up behind me she looks exactly like she did when I was 6, maybe 7.  

"You are not dead you fainted while swimming so I used my mermaid powers to allow you to breathe underwater." She says her voice calm. 

"Oh, urm, thank you for not letting me die." I say politely. 

"My name is Athiga,I'm a mermaid as you can probably tell." She replies. 

"I'm Lizzy." I say back. "Wait! How long have I been here for I need to go!" Now I'm panicking! 

"You haven't even been here for two seconds relax." Athiga says trying to calm me down. 

"I can't I need to see my mum!" I say nearly in tears. 

"Ok, but what about your dad?" Athiga asks. 

He's always at work.

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