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Chapter 1

 this story is not about fairy tales, hero’s or some guy running around in spandex trying to save someone that eventually ends up being the bad guy or he become some sort of criminal by chapter 6. But this is my story but maybe thrown in with some twist let’s see how creative we get. Before I tell this story if u are not into people dying, cars flying and a whole load or sarcasm then stop reading now before it is to late or stop being a little bitch and read this god damn story and be a man but I’m not sexist if you’re a woman then u carry on reading unless you’re a female that gets offended easily then stop reading now before u go crying to your mother. This story starts on a warm summers evening with the breeze slowly fluttering to my face, and lets just stop here, this is beginning to start sounding like a porno, this really begins with a guy hanging from a building screaming for his life because i got bored and he is a serial killer that gets a slap on the wrist and thrown back on the streets. 

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