10 Most Important Tips While Writing Thesis


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Chapter 1

Writing a thesis is not an easy process as you need to be focused enough while working on it. Apart from being focused, you have to be more organized if you want to succeed in the thesis. One and only one way to make it a perfect piece is by editing that. Yes, you heard it right! Editing is the main key to write a perfect thesis. And then you want good supervision, good language, more references, and style etc.

Here are 10 important tips to keep in mind while writing your thesis.

1.Pick your favorite topic: This is the most important point to consider because if you are not interested in a topic you are working on, you can never feel good about it. Thus, you also cannot work on it. Do the researches, take your time, and take notes related to your topic. The thesis is always a big work to do, and thus you need to be clear from your side about that topic. You can discuss it with your parents or your supervisors. But remember not to pick any topic that doesn’t interest you at all.

2.Research till the end: Plan everything in an organized way. Put your thoughts on a paper provide extensive and in-depth literature. Access the internet, take some book from the library and make your topic more realistic or you can take help from your school’s old database. It’s a great way to find out what your topic should be and what are those points that you want to use to make it a unique thesis paper.

3.Make the content part: Outlining your content is the first step of your thesis. Make that outline specific. That way it will be easily understood.

4.Work on a daily basis: Make a routine and do a little bit of work on a daily basis. So it won’t be a burden for the last moment. Track your thesis and do research or write something on paper. It will make the thesis process smoother for you.

5.Edit, edit & edit: Always keep in mind that ‘I am writing my thesis for me’. It’s yours more than anyone else. So check grammar and do the spell-check after completing your work every day. This way it won’t create a huge pressure at the end.

6.Hiring someone isn’t a way: Do not hire anyone to write your thesis. Ask yourself what do I feel about this project? Is it mine or others? Writing a thesis is stressful, but in the end, it’s your chance to know about that subject. At the end of the process when people will cherish your work, it will be yours only, and you will feel good about it too.

7.Work on an interesting piece first: The whole paper cannot be exciting. Hence you should work on that part which excites you the most.

8.Conclusion: You need to be very careful in this part. Sometimes examiners give more importance to the introduction and the conclusion part. Express the way you felt about this project. Explain your points and questions properly. Don’t write anything which can puzzle anyone.

9.Final check: Do not submit the whole thesis without checking. Final revision always plays like a savior. Do spell check, check for the plagiarism and make it more interesting!

10.Final tip: Try to put pictures on the thesis. That way it will be more interesting and relevant too.

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