Empire Of Souls: Pride


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In the Beginning

  This story goes back hundreds of years ago, where battles were still raging, kingdoms were still destroying, and where the weak were pushed to the side, as the strong rose up.


This is a story of Hubris Duke. The only son to His Majesty, Ezekiel Duke and next in line for the throne. In short his name means Pride.

Pride gives the user a foggy perception of the real world, it dulls the mind and strikes the heart. If used in the right hands however, it can gift courage to those around the wielder, and make themselves and those around become stronger and more capable of victory.

However in this case. Perhaps Pride bestowed it's gift into the wrong person. And perhaps that was why Hubris met with such a tragic end in the first place. 

But hey! I'm getting ahead of myself. 


Usually story's. No fairy tales, are about a hero, who, with unknown magical power and help from friends save the world from an evil ruler. This belief isn't wrong. And it isn't far from right..But you will see, the hero in this story isn't as you would think.


Fairy tails cannot begin without a bad guy right?

And fairy tails cannot end; without the bad guy, falling.


But it's kind of hard to destroy evil, when you don't know who the bad guy is..


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Hey, I'm super new here and I don't know much about this site. I was wondering can you send pm's to people to make friends, or can you view how popular a book is before reading it? I'm a little confused, anyway, cool first chapter!

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Yeah i think you can but only on computer or iPad not on your phone. But I'm pretty new as well so sorry if this isn't correct lol

Chapter 1

  Eldrian Duke, a man so happy you couldn't be around him for more than a few minutes and not smile.

Eldrian Duke, the former ruler of the kingdom of knights; a wise and fair ruler.

And Eldrian Duke, the peace maker; was currently laying on a large royal bed, looking so out of place in the elaborately decorated room, it was as if he was nothing more than a simple ant and not a respected ruler.

But this was to be expected, after all, you can't just expect a near to death man to be awake and walking.

A young boy around the age of seven was seated on a small, plain red stool next to the bed swinging his legs, waiting for the old man to wake up.

This boys name was Hubris Duke. His father was Ezekiel Duke, ruler of the kingdom of knights at this present time, and the old man on his death bed, was Hubris one and only friend. His grandfather.


Fortunately Hubris did not have to wait very long, as only a few minutes later his grandfather opened his mysterious purple eyes to focus on Hubris once again.


Before the tired old man could open his mouth to speak however, Hubris was already at his grandfathers side, talking so fast all that Eldrian could hear were the words glad, awake and food.

It's true that Hubris could sometimes make Eldrian want to rage quit life for how fast he talks sometimes, but he couldn't help but smile at the young boys energy.


"Hubris" Eldrian's unusually quiet voice echoed throughout the room putting his grandsons continues rambling to a quick stop

"Yes grandpa?" Hubris questioned, his wide innocent eyes staring back into Eldrian's own.


Eldrian sighed bitterly, his unsteady hand making its way in front of Hubris face, the small locket he was holding swinging steadily.

"This locket is a family heirloom, that's been passed down in our family from person to person for generations" He paused for a second to steady his breathing.

"And I want you to have it..something to remember me by as I depart from this world"


"Huh? Depart..what do you mean? Are you going on a trip! Can I come..yay it's going to be so fun.."

Hubris trailed of thinking about all the amazing things they would do on there trip together.


"I'm afraid I'll be going on this adventure alone..and it may be a little longer then you think" Eldrian smiled sadly at the young boy

"But don't worry I'll always be with you, as long as you wear this" He looked at the locket "I will never leave you. I promise"

Eldrian slowly placed the small trinket over his grandsons head.


"Oh..ok then, but I'll see you later right?" Hubris asked, his throat beginning to close up as tears began to make there way down the black haired boys face. Hubris wasn't dumb, for from it. He knew his grandfather was lying, but he was still only a child. Hubris just didn't know why.


"I love you Hubris, never forget that, and as long as you wear this locket I will never leave your side"

Eldrian's voice was almost so quiet now that is it wasn't for the continuous echo in the room Hubris would have missed it.

"I-I" Hubris voice stopped short as his grandfather locked eyes with his.

"Promise me you won't take it of"



Hubris let go of a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"I promise"



 Hubris looked back up to his grandfather and gasped.



Eldrian's hair was so thin it was almost non-existent, his body looked like it had lost every ounce of fat and muscle it had once carried, and the arm that held the locket only a few minutes ago lay to his side like swig that could snap the moment you could try to touch it. But they weren't what gave Hubris nightmares. 

His grandfathers eyes lay wide open, his pupils so small they they might as well have not been there, his normally bright purple eyes in colour. A trait that only Hubris had inherited from Eldrian himself had faded into a murky grey.


And yet..

He looked so peaceful, the irony was fantastic. His grandfather was always the one who maintained peace. No matter where he was, and now, even in death he just lay there. Still so damn peaceful. The irony was so hilarious that Hubris started to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. In fact he was so busy laughing, no. He was so busy going crazy that he missed a faint glow coming from his grandfathers locket still tied safely around his neck.

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Chapter 2

 War. Violence. Blood. Sacrifice. Dead eyes. Dead people. A dead world..

And a man, in the middle of it all.

Hubris shot upright in his bed, his eyes wide and panting heavily. It was in the middle of winter, but he was covered in a thin layer of sweat.

"It's been ten years" Hubris growled.

"TEN DAMN YEARS that I've been plagued with these hellish nightmares!"

He cursed, and taking a deep breath Hubris looked for the clock on the opposite wall. Four thirty; on the dot. Just like every other morning.

Making his way to the other side of the room he walked up to a plain dull mirror. A mirror that hid all the cracks on the wall safely behind it. No doubt there would be a new mirror to do that job today. This mirror been replaced so many times that the maids gave up years ago decided to take out the grand jewel encrusted mirror that had been placed proudly on the same wall over 9 years ago, and instead replace it with a much cheaper one. He lost count of how many he had over the years. But he didn't give a crap anyway.

Raising his eyes to face into the mirror, he froze at what he saw.

No matter how many days.

No matter how many weeks.

No matter how many years.

He sees the same face over and over. 

He sees the same..eyes, over and over. The same purple eyes, the same dead eyes. The same eyes as that man.

It took five seconds.

One second to look away.

One second to pick up a nearby brush.

One second to tighten his fist.

One second to look again into the mirror.

And a final second to throw the hairbrush straight for his eyes.

After that was nothing more that a blurry mess to Hubris 

Vases, jewellery and anything at hand was thrown around the room, breaking and shattering wherever they fell. It was just like every morning. Like a system.

Wake up from the same nightmare.

Look at the clock showing the same time.

Look in the mirror.

Then go crazy.

Today was a new record, taking only five seconds to go mad. If Hubris was in the right frame of mind he would have congratulated himself.

He wasn't.

At one point a shard of glass got stuck in Hubris arm. It looked expensive, not that he cared. He was to busy watching the small drop of ruby it created, fall from his arm and land on his awaiting finger.

"I must look ridiculous" he murmured. But he didn't care, What others thought of him didn't matter in the least.

They were of no importance.

They were not necessarily. 

The pain was welcomed anyway, that small drop of red was all it took to calm the purple eyed boy. To banish the madness inside him, if only to get through one day. The pain reminded him that he was still alive and walking, not like his good for nothing grandfather who couldn't stay alive long enough to see his grandsons next birthday.

He didn't know how long he stood there, watching the small trail of blood make it's way down his pale finger, and ignoring the ache in his heart that only seemed to grow the longer he kept on his locket, still   around his neck.

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Keep going and don't give up! I have come from wattpad, that's also another good place to publicly publish if you're interested.

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Oh yeah thanks, just got whattpad now I'll publish the same story on that one and maybe make another one? Thanks again, and you can expect a new chapter at least once a week!

The Empire does Sing

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