Munley Priory: A Gothic Story

England, 1742. When a deadly epidemic sweeps through a remote North Yorkshire village, its inhabitants fear the return of Mad Edmund: a spectral monk said to haunt the ruins of Munley Priory. Dr William Marlowe, Oxford-educated and a firm believer in Science over the Supernatural, is determined to prove them wrong. Assisted by the...

By the North Sea

That vision of the lost town emerging from the fog is one that will stay with me until my dying day, and it pleases me to accept it as truth, however implausible. It is a comforting thought, especially when one considers what this nation has lost in the way of architecture, that the works of man do indeed possess a soul, even as he.


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Hunger 2.0

Vivian has wandered the earth for longer than most civilizations have existed. There has been blood, battles, treachery: all that a ravenous woman could hope to keep eternity interesting. Unknown to her, however, there exists a cult of religious fanatics who gained mastery over the living dead by grace of their founder, Lazarus, he who...