Threatening Souls [PUBLISHED PREVIEW]


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Author's Note

This book has recently been republished underneath The Polyethnic Publishing on October 31, 2016. The prologue and first five chapters of this book are from the newest version of this novel and have been made public on Tablo to read for free.

Reviews from Amazon:

 "I just finished reading this novel tonight, and I enjoyed it so much. Nicole does a fantastic job at creating an unique world--the mysterious town of Roseway, and shaping believable characters whom you grow attached to. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense and horror, and doesn't mind some cursing. Definitely going to read the sequel. Five stars." --Victoria Snow, author of Edyn: The Infected and The World of Phoenix: V.  

"In her debut novel, Ms. Lambert shows exemplary mastery by crafting a tale complete with memorable characters, rich descriptions, and a riveting plot. One aspect that surprised me the most was that, despite its length, I finished the novel within a matter of days! For most novels over 300 pages (even those by my favorite authors!), it usually takes me close to a month. But, as a result of Ms. Lambert's deft ability to generate suspense, the book was simply impossible to put down! It was one of those rare books that had the ability to make me feel emotionally invested in the characters — their paranoia, struggles, and successes felt like my own. In closing, I genuinely hope that people take the time to read this novel and support this aspiring writer who already writes like a pro." --Olivia Kuziel.

"Captivating and engaging, this book has away to pull you into its grasp so you cant put it down. The wording flows like silk making it an effortless, perfect for late night reading. The description is beyond compare, as I was hooked from the very first sentence." --Amelia Etchells, author of 1,2,3: Battles to Win.

"A recommended read. Perfectly written from the very beginning and a must-have for many readers. Lambert takes us on the journey in a mysterious place called, "Roseway" that instantly pulls you in. In this thriller YA novel, it is unpredictable and will give you the chills." --Melissa M. Futrell, author of The Venomous Saga and Ryan and Julie.

"The cover is gorgeous itself. A very contemporary take on an original story. It is great for the fall season and it is hard to put down. In my opinion, the description is great and there is amazing character building. Nicole does a good job at creating her own world. I recommend this during the Halloween season, a great binge read!" --Jaden Morello.

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There’s just something hauntingly beautiful about a candle, its flame dancing freely against the background of night. It is one of those sights that remains shrouded in mystery without a care in the world, and all we can do is stare, mesmerized by its beauty. And in the presence of the candle’s continuous flame, we slowly find ourselves becoming more and more hypnotized as we succumb to the darkness that envelops our minds.

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Henri Anderson had never truly been one to express mercy, especially with those he deemed as inferior to himself. After all, he was currently the most powerful and infamous immortal warlock on the planet, which also allowed him to rule over the immortal magic users. While his subjects, for the most part, respected him, especially those who resided within the Dark Rulers and the Dark Guard, the rest of the world who knew his true name feared him. Mortal magic users and those who had been deemed as special humans alike, with the exception of the Spies, had a history of forming alliances with one another with the sole purpose of defeating the immortal threat, or in other words, the threat he imposed on society.

Henri especially hated the mortal magic users. He hated how easy it was for them to form alliances with the Innocents and the Foreseers, whereas if the immortal magic users wished to take advantage of the abilities those special humans possessed, a mixture of kidnapping, torture, and manipulation was inevitable. His hatred of the mortals was what stemmed his desire to curse the small town of Roseway, and in order to do so, he relied solely on manipulation and was the first immortal being to make an alliance with an Innocent without the use of kidnapping and torture. In essence, he told said human that if she helped him by using the abilities that had been gifted to her since birth, she would earn immortality. Yet, the kind of immortality Henri promised the human was a sense of false immortality, and through her permission, he had cursed Roseway in the year of 1860 by letting the acid rain fall. Only two people to his knowledge managed to escape the curse as they fled the town to find help, but he didn’t care much for them and instead focused on those he did successfully kill.

After abandoning their bodies that had been reduced to molten ash, vengeful spirits soon began to swarm the town, evidently confused as to what had happened. That was when Henri decided to reveal himself to them and planted the false idea in their heads that if they possessed any and all living souls who came to Roseway after the acid rain fell, they would gain an immortal life.

Thus, Henri proceeded to take over the town with a new title he had conned for himself. From this point forward, he was formally known as the Master.

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Chapter One

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Chapter Two

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Chapter Three

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Chapter Four

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Chapter Five

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