Behind The Walls


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Chapter one: old life

 What happens behind the walls. A place that no one ever thinks about. Well, my friend, behind the walls lies a world that people only find in their dreams. A place where dreams become reality, where lie becomes the truth. Hidden away behind closed eyes, a place that humans can only imagine. Like a dark alleyway, there is an infinite eternity in the darkness, but you can decide to turn on the light. Find your way to the place behind the walls. You can live out your days sleeping, eating and doing the typical things a person does... or you can really live and-

 “Lilly wake up you’re going to be late for school!”

“Sorry mum I’m getting up now!” Lilly’s a young girl about the age of 14 she would live out her days by doing ordinary human thing such as going to school and doing homework, she was just an average high school student just being normal when one day she experienced something out of the ordinary which would change her life forever.

See you mum I’m going to school now. Bye honey have a nice day! As young Lilly was walking to the bus she spotted something out of place “all the houses are different and there are more trees, it’s almost like….. no it can’t be” this place reminded her of her old street that she lived on when she was little. “Is this my old house?” She took her shoes and socks of and ran onto the grass it felt ever so soft in between her toes Lilly lay down on the grass and looked up at the sky,

 it only seemed like a minute but in Lilly’s reality it had been 45 minutes. “Oh my gosh how has it been 45 minutes?!” Our young Lilly ran and ran without stopping until she reached her school, there she was met by her friends. “Lilly why are you so late.” As young Lilly struggled to explain herself she walked to class and sat down in her chair.

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Chapter two: a new beginning

 “Mum I’m home” “hello honey how was your day” “interesting is a good word” as Lilly ate dinner she began thinking to herself I wonder why that street was there it has never been there before. “mum I’m going to go to sleep now goodnight.” “Good night Lilly” as little Lilly fell asleep she didn’t know anything about what was going to happen. 

Where am I and why are there so many walls. Hello Lilly I am the past present and future, I have chosen you to enter this realm this new dimension, in this place you can be anything and you can do anything you want. Now choose whether to stay in your normal world or live in this realm. “I don’t even know who you are so how am I meant to put my trust in you? Don’t stress yourself child all your question will be answered, I just need you to choose. “Then I choose to live in your world I will only come here every night when my eyes are closed. Good child now the next time you come here I’ll show you everything that you have ever wanted to know, in this place there are no limits… now be gone! 

Young Lilly suddenly woke up in her bed, she looked at the time it was 5 past 5 in the morning Lilly went about her day as normal until at 3 past 3 in the afternoon when Lilly was listening to music in her room when she saw the wall that she was staring as suddenly moved, she walked over to the wall and put her hand on it and to her surprise her hand sunk through the wall like quick sand. For some reason young Lilly didn’t find this strange as if this was normal, she shuffled slowly away from the wall then sat down on her bed.

I see you are back Lilly how are you “where am I” Lilly stuttered as she wiped her eyes, where are you? Well Lilly you are in the place behind the walls, a place no one thinks about. Now I promised you I would show you everything I better keep my promise… are you ready Lilly “as ready as I’ll ever be” this is a very special place a place behind closed eyes 

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Chapter three: Life itself

 Suddenly Lilly was standing on a cloud in a vast blue sea of sky, on the horizon line she saw a city in the distance it was a big city it almost looked like it was on a cloud. As she got closer to it she saw all the buildings, it indeed was a city in the clouds. Welcome Lilly to the city in the sky, here you will meet the sky people they are friendly most of the time. This is just one part of this place, the place is infinite. Lilly stepped of the could she was on into the city, she looked down and noticed that she had no shoes on, the could felt baby soft on her feet. Come this way Lilly. Lilly ran into the city, past building past shops until she got to the city centre. “Lilly you must go now but Return soon.

 Lilly woke up suddenly in her bed. I have been living a lie, I remember now. When I was three my mother and father left me ,they sent me to an orphanage am I still there now? Lilly frantically ran out of her room she ran down the red velvet lined stairs, on her way she bumped into a lady which she only new as Nancy. “Why are you running so fast Lilly?” “Where am I can you tell me please.” “Have you gone insane Lilly? You are in the homeland orphanage” “you have had a fever and you have been asleep for close to two days” “now go back to bed Lilly” “yes Nancy” Lilly slowly walked back to her room as the reality of life set in,

she bit her lip and held back the tears but some how they seemed to escape from her eyes, she sat down on her bed with her hands on her face realising she was alone. She couldn’t face the reality any longer she lay down on her pillow and before long she was back in her peaceful play which she named where because she didn’t know “where” this place was even though that strange man had told her the place was called the place behind the walls. 

Welcome Lilly I see you have realised how depressing your real life is, well what if I told you that you could forget your troubled past and come and live in this place behind the walls, “if I could only forget my past….” Lilly Jessica Horton you can forget your past and live behind the walls, 

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Chapter four: behind

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Chapter 5: Raven

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Chapter 6: in the end

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