Revenge #1


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A tall, dark figured person stood at th brim of a shadow, watching intently at an entrance belonging to a castle. Worthless vines cowered at the site of this person, trying to wind up poles. Finally a plump person walks in.

Stepping out of the shadows, the person reveals it's identity. Locks of blue hair fall around the face of a devil. Eyes reflecting pain meet the eyes of the plump women's. Pulling out a mystical wand the blue girl whispered........

"So we meet again Fairy Godmother.....or shall I call you by your REAL name, Ella!"

"Evee, why? Why do you do this? Is it beacause of her? You know we could help you, get through this together," pleaded Ella (Fairy Godmother)! 

"NO!!!"thundered Evee,"no one can help me now, no one understands!"

"So that's why I have to do this. ALAKAZAM!" mouthed Evee, waving her wand. 

Ella instantly froze. Despite having a wand millimetres away from her hand, she was stiff as a statue. She had to watch vulnerably as Evee picked her famous wand and recited the ancient words.

"Bibbity Bobbity BOO!" she yelled. As quick as she arrived, she left...leaving no trace of her arrival.

As time went by, the spell casted on Ella started to fade. Fraction by fraction, she managed to move. Finally she was back to her old self. As she set her way back home, evil plans of what Evee would do with a highly sophisticated wand, seemed to creep all over her mind. Happiness had drained out of her and instead fear seeped in..............

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#1 The New kid


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