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What could possibly go wrong on an exotic island getaway? If you know Vixen, Camille, Phoenix and Nya, you don’t even have to ask. Four lifelong friends, along with the men who love them, are heading to Thailand where they plan to solve their problems once and for all. While the weather is perfect on the sunny beaches of Koh Samui,...


Jason Schroeder and Sabrina Benson met in an online support group and instantly hit it off. Jason’s demons prevent him from wanting anything but sexual satisfaction and Sabrina’s demons keep her from believing she can have any type of feelings, sexual or otherwise. But when they finally meet face to face, the sparks fly, all either of...

Tea Cups

Sasha is a special girl with a very special friend. And a dark secret. All she wants is to play 'Tea Cups'... ...Wanna play?

The vampire

If it gets a few likes i'll write the rest of the story. This is just the preview basically of the beginning story. So If you like it, make sure to mark 'like' on the story so I can write the rest.

Kama Sutra: Sex Is An Art

Be in the mood for love and let's talk about sex! The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text widely considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior in Sanskrit literature written by Vātsyāyana. A portion of the work consists of practical advice on sexual intercourse.

My Turn

Before you start reading there are a couple things you should know. 1. This is not a love story. 2. Lust can control you. 3. Contains lots of sex. Julianne fed up with her man taht always dominate her. She always falls at his feet, after so many nights of tears tired. Any changes to Colin when a men reach their life, the Julianne...

A Song of Freedom

Harmony and Melody Wolfe, cousins and convicts. These two were born in space almost 100 years after a nuclear war soaked the planet in radiation. Harmony has been used as a human science experiment her entire life, due to a deal her parents made in the hopes of keeping her twin brother, a deal the government of the Ark went back on....

Anger Management

He has Anger problems. He is very disrespectful. He doesn't listen. He gets into terrible fights. He is claim to be in a Gang or a Mobster. He went to Juvie twice and he wasn't even 16 yet. He was always the one who cause problems. He is mainly known for his rebellious ways. He owns a Harley-Davidson. He is very rude and...

A Fast Pony

A prologue to The Outlaw Series by Sandra Hall. A young Veronica is held captive by the awful cutthroat bandit Dirty Dick. She prays to wake up from her nightmare but discovers the only way out is to think fast and hit hard.

Light Walker

This book will help you with spiritual healing. It will guide you to a better way of thinking. Many of us go through life unknowing. We have a lot more possibilities as our body isn't our limit. I would like to open up your mind into a better way of thinking.

When She Came

Jacob Hinton was a smart kid, but also very popular. He got into the college he has always wanted to be in, NYU. Things got crazy and amazing for Jacob. In his second year, a lovely young girl named Lisanna Bromwell just got enrolled into NYU. Jacob meets her, gets to know her, and FALLS IN LOVE WITH HER. What's happens to Jacob in the...

Dead Before Sunrise

After a dreadful accident in December 2001, 17 year old Vivienne West was not her usual, silent, vivacious self. She didn't remember anything from her past. Waking up from three months of deep state unconsciousness, she's welcomed by a new world wherein supernaturals exist. She became ferocious and felt stronger. While finding out who...


Everyone has a crush. And, everyone dreams of having their crush return the sentiment. But when dreams turn to reality and you find yourself standing in front of your crush as he or she confesses to you, what would you do? Leanne Cole has been harboring feelings for her crush for years now. But when he finally returns her feelings,...