A Wolf On The Hour: Book 1


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 "Sev she's here! The pup!" Shouted Marian 

"What?! The pup! I must go! Lead me to her Marian!" Said Sever.

"Of course alpha!" Said Marian 

They ran to the nursery to see the new pup. "Moon!" Said Sever happily to his mate. "I heard the pup is here!" 

Moonli stared up at her mate, and then down at the newborn pup. "Isn't she beautiful?" Whispered Moonli.

"She? I mean of course but...I was expecting a- a, well a boy?" Said Sever awkwardly

Moonli became suddenly stern, "well if you don't like her I'll take her home with me and you can find your own cave!" 

"No no. She's great. I just feel like a boy would fit me better...but of course girls are great too!" Moonli had a way of intimidating people, a way that they could not avoid.

"What are we calling her?" Asked Sever eagerly.

"Xii." Said Moonli (Pronounced Si) 

"Welcome to the world Xii. Welcome. To the world."


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Chapter 1: The Beginning

The rain showed no signs of stopping soon "DARN YOU RAIN! I NEED TO GET HOME! I'M LATE FOR MY DINNER!" Xii shouted into the darkness the wood on her tree house was wearing away slowly she could feel it crumbling every time she took a step the wind blew the tree house from side to side as she stumbled down the stairs the rain got heavier and the mist got thicker "THIS DAY STARTED OFF SO WELL! YOU JUST HAD TO RUIN IT DID'NT YOU!" Just as she said that her father appeared. He looked happy to see her but she was not happy to see him as there was a massive tree about to fall on his back "DAD!" shouted Xii worriedly but it was too late. her father was gone... and not dead gone...everything was gone. The tree the storm everything...She woke up with a start. The wind blew against her face as her door swung open and a Wolf who was probably her father looked down at her.

"Hello Pumpkin," he said

She starched her eyes, to see her father. But couldn't in fact she couldn't move at all. She was in a coma...

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