How To Scare A Ghost Book 2


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2nd part

 The eggs sizzled in the pan as they were brought over to me by Saffron. 

"Thanks." I said and continued eating my toast

"Another round over ere'!" Shouted Kat like she didn't know Saffron was two seconds away.

"You can't be so loud Kat. You know we have neighbours!" Said Saffron worriedly

Kat looked up from her plate angrily "Oh? Oh. So now I'm the problem huh? Buddy!" 

"No Kat that's not what I meant!" Shouted Saffron.

"Yeah sure. You're off my bad list for now, buddy." Said Kat and walked back upstairs.

I looked up at Saffron. She sighed.

"Oh Char. You've always been my favourite." And sat down too finish off Kats breakfast for her.

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