You And Me


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The Beginning

 Holly and her mum live in London. They live in a small house together. You are probably wondering why I haven't mentioned her dad. When Holly's mum Sarah was pregnant with her, Holly's father Ryan was so angry and he wasn't ready for a child so he left Sarah to take care of Holly on her own. Nobody has ever seen him since and I don't think he is planning on coming back.

Anyway let's start to talk about Holly's life. She was born on the 12th July 2000. She has long wavy brunette hair with mysterious dark brown eyes. She also has a slight tan on her skin. She also wears glistening silver earrings matching her best friend Jade. Holly usually has a good time at school except for the schools most stuck up selfish girl Scarlett and her best friend Libby. Scarlett has bullied Holly ever since Year seven and Holly and Jade are finally in Year 11 and she can't wait to go to University.Nobody really knows why she bullies her,it's mainly because she's jealous but she won't admit it to anyone.

As for Holly and Jade, they have been inseparable forever and have known eachother for years. They are always there for eachother and Jade is especially there for her when Scarlett is mean to her. Jade has long,straight,silky ginger hair with the world's most gorgeous emerald eyes.Holly and Jade have been the greatest friends ever and nothing can go wrong in their friendship. 

Although, Scarlett has curly blond hair with ocean blue eyes and the most orange skin because she uses too much fake tan. Nobody really understands why boys fall for her. However Libby has short red hair with dark black eyes. She's not as rude to Holly as much, she just plays along with Scarlett to look "cool".

Holly's mum has very short blond hair with green eyes. Sarah is 40 which means she was 22 when she had Holly. Holly and her mum have a very loving relationship and Sarah does everything for her.Holly is a very lucky girl even if she doesn't have a dad but she's so grateful for what she has.

To be continued...

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Me and my besfriend

 Today was Holly's birthday and she was so excited. Jade and Sarah have been planning this special day as she was turning sixteen. 

Holly was in bed fast asleep until she heard Jade burst into the room blasting music which woke me up instantly. 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA HAPPY BIRRRTHHDAYY HAPPY BIR—'

'JADE!!I know your excited but it's 7:30 and you've got music up to 80 please turn it off.'

'I'm sorry I'm just so EXCITED!'

'I know you are you're more excited than me!'

'Hahaha, true now let's go downstairs your mums cooked breakfast'

'Wait!When did you even get here?'

'Oh yeah I've been here since like 5:30'

'Omg how are you so hyper all the time.'

'I dunno lol now come on get up!'

Jade pulled Holly out the bed and Holly slouched downstairs while Jade ran down the stairs. 'WHOOO IM SO EXCITED AND I JUST CANT HIDE IT!'

Holly thought to herself how crazy her best friend is but she loves her no matter what.'Good morning dear.Happy birthday! You look awfully tired. Come sit down and eat breakfast.'

'Thank you mum and yes I'm so tired thanks to Jade'

'Sorry haha'

Holly laughed while walking over to the table. There was a massive feast. There was bacon,eggs,toast,pancakes and sausages with a jug of orange juice. She started to fill up her plate and she poured herself some orange juice.After she'd finished she went upstairs with Jade to get ready. 'Right you need to wear something comfy Holly and something warm.'

'Ok I'll see what I've got'

After 15 minutes of choosing she finally decided to wear her white fluffy jumper with her black skinny jeans. After she'd done that Jade done her makeup and they were ready to go. They rushed downstairs and grabbed their coats.

'Oh have fun darlings you've got a long day ahead of you Holly so be prepared,' Sarah gave Holly a kiss and said, 'goodbye girls have fun see you two later.'


Holly and Jade stepped outside and Jade started driving to the secret place. After half an hour they finally arrived. Holly jumped out the car whilst her eyes were closed and Jade said 'One,two,three open!'

Holly opened her eyes while gasping and she screamed 'YOU TOOK ME TO AN ICESKATING RINK OMG!!'

'Yes! I'm so glad you like it.'

'Seriously,of course I like it,' she ran over to a Jade and gave her a big hug, 'thank you Jade I love you so much!' 

'No problem Hun love you too!'

Holly smiled and they ran in with excitement and grabbed ice skates. They stepped onto the ice and it took a while but they finally got the hang of it. They skated for an hour and a half and they decided it was time to go get lunch.Holly didn't want anything too fancy so they went to Dominos and ordered one large peppoeoni pizza with two glasses of lemonade. After an amazing lunch and iceskating experience they decided to go home.

When Holly and Jade got home Jade said 'OK go get ready and wear something pretty, like a dress.'

'Alright see you in a minute.'

'K but we both know though you won't take a minute.'

'Hahaha true.'

After half an hour Holly came down with her sparkly red dress with her matching earrings. Jade then came out with her black silky gown with the earrings in aswell. Jade said 'Wow! Holly you look beautiful.'

'Me! Look at you Jade! You look stunning!'

'Oh Holly, thank you but we should get going come on.'

'Wait where's my mum?'

'Oh you'll find out haha'

'Ok let's go.'

After an hour it was 8 o'clock and they arrived at a tall building.Holly and Jade got out the car and started to grab their stuff.

Inside the room Holly's friend Alex whispered 'Guys I think she's coming'

Holly's other friend Jessica which she prefers to be called Jess whispered back, 'Ok, everyone get into their positions.'

Alex said 'Ok, one two three,'

Holly and Jade walked in, 'SUPRISE!'

Holly said,'OMG GUYS, I can't believe you did this for me you guys are amazing. Now I won't go on forever, go have some fun!'

Everyone went off to dance and Holly turned to Jade and said, 'Thanks Jade this is the best birthday ever!'

'Your welcome girl,you deserve it.' Holly gave her a hug and Sarah joined the conversation and said 'Happy birthday again dear,' She gave Holly a warm hug, ' have a wonderful time I'm gonna go catch up with some old friends.'

'OK mum thank you again, see you later.'

'Bye honey!'

'OK come on Holly let's go find Alex and Jess.'

Holly and Jade walked over to the dance floor and found Alex and Jess, and Alex said 'Happy birthday girl,you're sixteen horayy!'

Jess said 'Yeah happy birthday, have you had a good day?'

'Thanks girls and yes it's been an amazing day thanks to Jade.' 

Jade smiled and said ' yeah it's been so much fun I can't wait to party!'

The girls laughed and started to dance the night away.

After 4 hours it was 12 o'clock and everyone had already left. Throughout the night Holly received her presents and she opened them and her friends got such great gifts. When Holly,Jade and mum got home they all said goodnight and Jade got into their pjs and went to bed. Holly thought to herself what a great day she had and amazing friends she has and soon drifts off into a deep sleep.

To be continued...

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Am I falling for


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Am I falling for

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Am I falling for you?

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The argument

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