A Lost Of Innocence


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Part 1/3


This story is realistic fiction. A short story of somewhat fanfiction and romance. The plot of this story is made up, and nothing of it is from personal experience. I strongly advise anyone under 13 not read it. Enjoy.                                                      


Okay, it's official I'm 13.

Yes, 13.

I blow out the candles on my chocolate cake, my mother laughs as out of the 13, I blow out only 1. My brother Mike (who's 18) grins and nods at me to try again. My father is gone tonight. Again. He's been gone for a week straight now.

"On buisness" my mother would always say. 

I know he really isn't on business. It's more complicated. My father is in 3 million dollars debt. How? Women. My father is crazy with women. Reckless. He spent 5 million dollars alone on just one trip to Hawaii with a girl he met on the streets of Philly. He ended up falling for her. They were married for about 2 years. That was until the psycho ex-wife of his stole his credit card and the leftover cash of his. 

You can probably guess the rest.

Now he is with mom. My mom. Yes, you heard me right. MY MOM. 

I was officially born on October 14th 2003, to my mother (Lindsay Nicholson) and my real father (Jacob Carson).  My real father died when I was just 6 months old on a car ride to work. Now, here I am today eating chocolate cake without a father.

Yes, happy birthday to me.

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Part 2/3

 Me and my mother pick up the dirty dishes and lay them in the sink. Mike is out with friends again.

"I appreciate this"

"Appreciate what, Sophia?"


My mothers face turns to a frown. She is upset. I know she feels bad. Who wouldn't? Think if  your child is without a father on her thirteenth birthday. 

"It's okay, mom"

"No... It isn't"

Tears spray over her face. She misses dad #1. I give her a huge bear hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

"I promise he'll be home soon"

I hope she's right. I'm starting to worry about him. Even if he isn't the best step-dad, I still love him. 

"When was he suppose to get ho-"

A knock is coming from the front door. A few moments later my father walks through the door. He is holding a small present with a bow on top. My face lights up and glee spreads through my vains. I sprint to the door and see his wrinkly forehead and pursed lips. He's tired. Of course. I don't know where he's been, but the smell of whisky on his breath gives him away.

"Happyyyyyyy birthdayyy" 


Well. He's slurring his words. I know mother is pissed. Her face is turning red and violet as she bites her tongue. Keeping in the fowl language wanting to come out. 


He spins around shocked by the tone of her voice.

"Work, you stupid whore."

Oh no.

Mother is storming, pissed, and furious. If he isn't careful, my mother will go straight for the knife in the sink needing a rinse from the chocolate frosting. 

"I didn't mean that, I'm sorry hun"

Mother is still red. She is not pleased. She might explode.


She runs out of the house. Sprints actually. Slamming the door behind her. I look at dad. He looks at me. 


"Open your gift"

I smile. Tear open the gift, and look inside. There sits a beautiful necklace. A beautiful stunning all gold and diamond necklace. Wow. It must be worth at least $10,000.

"I can't..."

He grabs the necklace and fits it around my neck. Perfect. 

"Sophia.. I know I'm not a great father, but I love you"

"I love you too"

I must show my appreciation for this gift. Something more than a kiss or hug. My virginity.


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Part 3/3

 I let him softly peck my neck with small kisses. He intensely pulls my hair and grinds up close. 

"Are you sure?"


He pulls me by the hand up the stairs and into the bedroom shutting the door. He pushes me on the bed taking off his shirt and unbuckling his pants. I see a small lump in his underwear. 

"On your hands and knees"

He grabs my head forcing me to suck. I intently swallow it whole. His penis is soft and long. Cum squirts out into my mouth. I swallow it showing no sign of stopping. It tastes so good. Almost like a banana. Almost.

"Mmmm, that's right hun, keep it up"

And I do. My throat is filling with jizz and I want more. I look up and see a smile on his face. I'm pleasing him. 

We do this for awhile. Until I slow down and show signs of being tired. 

"On your back"

I lay on my back as I'm told. He comes over me grinning. 

"This might feel weird"

Before I know it, he's inside of me.

Gentle thrusts. I want to moan. But I keep quiet as he enters in and enters out. The feeling is weird, but doesn't hurt. 

"Ahhhh YESSS"

I feel me stretching out. It feels different. I feel different. Almost a piece of innocence gone.


He does as I say. Picking up the pace. I feel amazing now. Squirting. Ejaculating. I don't want it to end.

"Sit up like a dog"

I lay on my stomach as I'm told. He enters my anus. This is what is weird. He stretches me so far I'm gaping. I feel my anus stretch so far I want to scream, but I don't.

I must please him. So, I beg for more. 

Why yes, happy birthday to me.

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-Thank You For Reading-

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