A Breathless Generation


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A Breathless Generation

 I see a breathless generation

A power driven money crazed dictation 

An accidental creation

Of a cold hearted civilization 

With a live or die motivation 

And a photoshopped inspiration 

Our minds limitation 

Caused our worlds domination 

They took advantage of our situation 

Freedom was nothing but a hallucination 

We made that false realization 

Continuously force fed information 

Told it was our only hope to get an education 

What's the satisfaction 

In a teacher forced life suspension

Did you expect a standing ovation 

Because that was not my intention 

They promised us redemption 

But we got a fear ruled election

They tell us we're a sensation 

But that's no fix its a modification 

What's with the hesitation 

You wanted humanization 

Your answer is relocation 

Not any sort of intervention 

This is a horrid realization 

But It's not just my imagination 

This is just a breathless generation 

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