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Okay, so I'm a bit of a weirdo. Sorry, but I'm just used to people calling me that. I just wanna save myself from hearing it from another's mouth. I get it though.I'm the youngest and only girl with seven older brothers and I'm a meif'wa. I have no friends, but I lock myself in my room and just sit with my cat. Laugh now, but my cat is my best friend. At least SHE gets me. But I do have something others don't...I can hear things...things that I shouldn't...

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A 'Warm' Welcome

Being the only child without a social life leads to a bit of boredom. Sure, I have seven older brothers, but they hardly seem to know I exist. But I'm finally joining three of my brothers at my new high school: Gryffin Hide High.


Knock knock knock! I woke with a start, falling out of bed and somehow managing to tangle myself in the sheets. 'C'mon lazy bones, get up! No more sleep ins for you!' called Leo. 'We're gonna be late for the bus!' I groaned and shouted back: 'Well, if I wasn't cocooned in blankets, things would speed along!' I heard Leo turn the handle and walk in. 'Just wow, Lyric. How did you manage to do THAT?' he laughed.

'It's not MY fault,' I mumbled. 'You scared me.' Leo gave me a look. 'Oh really? Well, I better leave you alone then.' He began to walk away. 'WAIT! C'mon, Leo, please help me.' I gave him my signature big eyes and saw him flinch. 'Mmm--fine I'll help you out. OI LUKE!'

Leo's twin came jogging into the room. 'What's up, bro?' he asked. His gaze slowly transferred to me. He began to snort then burst out laughing. 'What the--Lyric! How--did--you--HAHAHA!'

'Yeah, yeah, I know, shut up,' I said, trying to maintain my dignity. 'Just get me out of here!'


Half an hour later, I'm standing by the bus stop with the twins and James, the closest to my age.

Finally, all of us were out of primary school and into the hormonal jungle of high school. I looked at my timetable that came in the mail and squeaked. James looked over and ruffled my dark red hair between my fluffy, black cat ears. 'You'll be fine,' he reassured me. 'Think of it like a fresh start, okay?' I nodded slightly, then looked up. 'Are there still werewolves there?' I asked. James stiffened. 'Lyric, don't worry about it. Yes, there are werewolves, but they're kept in line. Trust me.' I sighed and looked down the road to see the bus trundle down. It stopped and opened its doors to admit us.

Leo and Luke went on first and a chorus of joyful cries. 'LUKE! LEO!' a boy called from the back. Luke grinned. 'Ready to start another era of mischief, Johnny?' he chortled, and the twins dashed to sit with him. James and I entered after and I sat down near the front. James didn't. 'Hey, I'm gonna go save a spot for my friend, kay?' I nodded again, terrified of being by myself. James mussed my hair again and smiled. 'You'll be fine.' Then he left.

The bus moved on to another street and I saw them: a small gathering of werewolves in Gryffin Hide's uniform. The threesome climbed on and walked past me. I felt my tail curl into my lap and I squeezed it nervously. The werewolf girl with black ears and tail glared at me as she past and the two wolf boys behind her mimicked her scowl. I gulped as she shoved another first-year out of the way and took her seat. The girl was human and seemed like nothing against the three tall wolves.

Teenage werewolves tended to keep human rather than actual wolves, but show off their ears and tails to intimidate those around them. Meif'wa only get to show their human forms with cat ears and tail.

The girl looked around for an empty seat and spotted the one next to me. She approached carefully, as if she were afraid that she had mistaken my cat ears for wolf ones. 'Um, hi,' she said. She had short, black hair and beautifully tanned skin. Her brown eyes radiated a trace of fear. ' this seat taken...?' I looked back. 'N--No. Not at all.' She gave a small smile and I returned it with a shy one of my own.

''re a meif'wa?' she questioned curiously. 'Yeah,' I replied. 'If you haven't noticed.' I playfully flicked my tail. 'I've never met a meif'wa before. Oh, sorry. I forgot to introduce myself; I'm Laila.' she gushed. Her sudden outburst took me by surprise, but I shook it off. 'I'm Lyric. Lyric Bowers.'

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Wolf By The Statue

As the bus arrives at the giant brick building, Laila and I wait for everyone else to get off first. Finally it's only us and the werewolves left. Four more had boarded since the girl and her two cronies and were sitting in the middle, just waiting...I tugged at Laila's sleeve and got off. Other buses were appearing and more students were gathering around the double front doors. I saw Luke and Leo in the middle of a large crowd of giggling students and James chatting aimlessly to his friends. I felt someone tug at my arm and I saw Laila dragging me away from the doors.

'What? Laila, what are you doing?' I questioned. 'The doors are that way.'

She shook her head frantically. 'No no no! Look by the statues!'

I followed her gaze to the griffin statues either side of the doors to see a werewolf around the bases, pushing over new first-years. I felt a pain in my shoulder and saw the werewolf girl and her group shoved past me roughly, heading towards the lone wolf by the statues. 'We don't wanna be involved with werewolf matters,' Laila whispered. 'Especially you meif'wa.'

'Yeah, I think I know that already,' I mumbled, watching the werewolves grin at the sight of the lone wolf. But when I looked closer, that wolf by the statue looked a little...runty...

When the gathering approached, his dark red ears and tail dropped and he lowered his posture, as if in submission. I thought nothing of it at the time. Maybe he's intimidated by the bigger group and is making way for them. 'C'mon.' I pulled Laila to the garden around the flag pole, the material atop the wooden cylinder proudly. I sat down in the grass and took off my bag. Laila joined me on the ground as I rummaged through it, searching for my timetable.

'Are we in the same homeroom?' she asked as I pulled out the crumpled piece of paper. As I unfolded it, I remembered James' directions:

'Okay Lyric, I'm gonna help you understand the room system of Gryffin Hide. What's your homeroom?'


'The first number is two. That means it's on the second floor. The other two are just the order of the classrooms on the floor. Simple?'

'Yup. Thanks, James!'

'No prob lil' sis.'

I snapped back to the present. 'I'm in 206,' I finally answered. 'You?'

Laila sighed. 'No, I'm in 345. Aww man! At least we get a chance to make new friends, right?'

'Right,' I replied somewhat half-heartedly. 'We should see if the wolves are gone; it's nearly class time.' We stood up and saw the lone wolf walk past us. I didn't notice he was bleeding until I looked back and saw a trail of blood leading to the sports field...

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The Comparison

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Fourteen Stands, One Decision

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Barking Up the Wrong Tree

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Sweet Food and a Sour Teacher

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Texting Him

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Saturday Begins

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