Completely Black. (Poem)


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Completely Black

 The clouds are black just like my heart, and the view is not so clear.

All the negative thoughts joining together, I feel as if the end is near.

As I walk down the street I drag my feet, as the wind blows in my face.

All the warning signs in the back of my mind, I've got to get out this place.

I want to be where the grass is green, and the sea is turquoise blue.

I want to be in the summer scene, eating sweet Fondue.

I feel like my life isn't so great, and literally isn't for me.

My dream and passion is for success, but I do not even own the key.

How can I unlock the lock with no key, It wouldn't make any sense.

Life is like jumping hurdles, but I can't even jump the fence.

When I think of my future, I can see through a vivid crack.

I can only see the noose and rope, and then after completely black.

- J

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