Mistakenly Mine


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Chapter 1

I was definitely on my morning routine going to work. As a clerk in a bookstore, I wouldn’t mind any people who are sophisticated to judge you by your own looks. Is it really a big issue to people who are having that kind of thinking? As a part of my morning routine, I just tried to tie my hair in a messy bun, putting some colors in my face, and then headed to my closet to look for some clothes to wear.

I have a work as a bookstore clerk, why did I ever choose this work? It is because I love reading books. But aside from that I don’t have any stories written in a piece of paper and publish it into a book. I was just enjoying reading books which I became it a habit. Maybe for some reason, I will write my own story and publish it on a paperback really soon. 

After finishing my looks, I picked up my name plate—Margaret Wilson but my colleagues preferred to call me Maggie. Wilson is not really my last name but my Mom insisted so I’m really used to it. I’m an orphan and I really don’t know who and where my real parents are. But being with the Wilsons is really a good way to start my new life as a part of them. One thing for me is that I really look different to them. I have tanned skin, South East Asian feature, and dark brown hair that made me look more Asian. But of course, I don't want to hide my heritage—to where I came from because I’m embracing it wholeheartedly.

“Breakfast is ready!” My Mom shouted at me as I went downstairs to eat some breakfast. I was headed to our dining area and I just grabbed some PBJ sandwich and then put it in my bag. I bid goodbye to my Mom as I ran outside our house.

We don’t have that much money. My Dad works in a hardware shop and Mom is just doing her role as a housewife. Everything’s almost perfect to me. Mom and Dad didn’t have a child so that they decided to adopt me. I really don’t forget when Mom told me that when the first time they see me as a baby, they don’t hesitate to adopt me. And that’s the reason why I’m here. I was actually born in Calgary, and then later we moved in Boise, Idaho. I finally grew up and shared my childhood in this State but sometimes, I’m missing Canada. 

The bookstore where I was working is few blocks away on our house. As I open the door, the door wind chimes rang and I stepped inside. I saw Joey picking up bunch of books that has been delivered and then turned his sight to my direction. 

“Hey, Maggie. You’re too early to be here. What’s your official time?” He asked picking up those books in the box then placed in on the shelves. I gently put my bag in the counter and then headed to Joey’s direction. 

“Not that early. I heard that the supplier will deliver three boxes of books. Are you checking it?” I asked then started to help him to put those books.

“Yes, I already checked it. But hey, before you do some of these…umm coffee?” He offered me, with his brows wiggled. I chuckled then patted him on his shoulder.

“You know… work first, coffee later.”

“But I still don’t have my breakfast yet. Will you just…” he paused then looked at those two boxes that have not been unwrapped. He heaved a sigh then looked at me. “Is it okay if you continue this? I will have my breakfast first.”

I smiled then nodded, in response to his favor. Before I do some, I headed to the counter then checked my phone if Gerard’s still up. No message from him anyway. 

Gerard is my boyfriend for like six months now. We’ve known each other during the work interview in Walmart. None of us passed the initial interview then we started to talk. That’s the start of our relationship as friends and some of it was a history. I sighed as I placed back my phone to my bag then started get some books to place it on the shelf.

As I was placing the books one by one, one book that caught my attention in which I paused doing those then I picked up the book. It was Tolkien’s The Silmarillon. I’m really a fan of fantasy stories and some sort of historical one. I’m a fan of Tolkien as well. I’m done reading his Lord of the Rings Trilogy and then The Hobbit. This one is really what I’m looking for. I’m looking for this book ever since. I’m glad I found this even though it’s now secondhand. Before I forgot this bookstore is selling secondhand books and it is still on its good condition. No one would ever know because it’s flawless and looks like new. Seems like the former owner of these books are not really reading those but they are making it decorations to their room, and even on their shops. 

I almost finish the first box and suddenly someone enters the shop. As I heard the wind chimes, I slowly turn then we have one customer already. I greeted him then continued doing my job. While I was on my last book, suddenly someone grabbed The Silmarillion book from my hand. I looked up and I saw a guy who’s on his late twenties I guess with some beard on his face and wearing his cap. His perfectly chiseled jaw clenches a bit as I was locked up to my place. I gulped. His ocean blue eyes are mesmerizing as if it invites you to stare at it every single day.

I heard him clearing his throat. With that, it felt like my world turned upside down as I was still staring at him intently. I will never give this book to anyone because I’m looking for this book for a very long time. I saw him staring at my name plate.

“Miss Wilson,” his baritone voice gave me chills to my spine. As if my limbs are shaking hearing his voice. I let go of the book and then composed myself in front of this customer. He was just silently observing me while standing there away from me. I was actually on the counter now checking if the book is now registered on our database and if so, it is now good to sell. But checking The Silmarillion book is not existing on our database I felt relief because this was going to be mine.

“How much is that, anyway?” the guy asked with his hands on his pocket. 

I cleared my throat as I placed the book on the shelf and then turned to him. “It’s not yet on our database. And can I ask you something? Can’t you even see the sign on our door? It was still closed because we are still filing these newly arrived books so that we will put these all in our database and after that it is—” He cut off my statement by pressing his lips on mine. That was the time I take action for it. I just slapped him in his face.

“What did you do?” I asked, glaring at him. His grin widened as leaning closer to me. But before I do something… my heart skipped a beat as if there was something on him that made me feel so—cut it off, Maggie!

“What are you doing?” I harshly pushed him then Joey enters the shop.

“Hey, hey, hey. What’s happening?” He curiously asked.

My face didn’t look that good now because of this guy. “Can you assist him, Joey? I was busy doing my job here and please,” I looked at the guy. “If you know how to read and write you should at least understand the signage on our door. Idiot.” I rolled my eyes as I went inside the stock room.

“Damn it.” I sat and then tapping my lips with much irritation. Suddenly Joey followed me with surprised reaction plastered on his face. He just sat beside me.

“Why did you do that, Maggie?” 

“What what did I do, Joey? That was trespassing and he was about to buy The Silmarillion book without knowing that if it is on our database or not. Can you imagine that, huh?” I ranted brushing my hair.

“But Maggie, he was our boss’ son.” He said scratching his head. My eyes widened as I responded. “Where is he?” I carefully asked.

“He’s still there, he might be mad at you.”

“Goddamn it.” I whispered. “What will I do? I love my job.”

“I know, Maggie. But at least apologize to him.”

“I didn’t even know that our boss has a son or whatever!” 

Joey gently patted my back as I sighed deeply. What did I do to make my life miserable? But I think I have to apologize to him to whoever he was. First off, I don’t even know our boss I just heard him on the line but never meet him personally. Secondly, I didn’t even know that he has a son in fact when I heard his voice on the phone; you wouldn’t even imagine that he has a son. And lastly, I maybe in a hell right now.

I stood up and headed outside; I saw him staring at me seriously like he was talking to me using his mind. He flaps his coat and then walks towards me. I gulped as I saw his glaring eyes that in fact he will kill me anytime. I just bit my lip when he came closer to me I can feel his warm breath beneath my neck. Seems my heart beats fast as if there’s no tomorrow. Damn it, is this really the end of my life?

He cleared his throat. “Miss Wilson,”

“Y-yes, Mr.? I asked, guessing his name. 

“It’s Michael. Take note of this,” He started to say something that might even kill me.

I remain silent waiting for his words to say.

“You will pay for what you did to me.”

I just froze on my place as I saw him walking away from me. That last thing I heard when he left is the wind chimes ring like a bell.

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M. G.

Thanks for the feedback. English is not actually my first language. I will edit this soon. Thanks for liking it anyway :)

Kelleen Dawson

I enjoyed reading your first chapter and want to read more, what happened next. The only problem I had was reading through the broken English. It made it hard to read at times. Your conversations were easy to follow and pulled me into the story. I can't wait for chapter two.

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Thanks for the feedback. English is not actually my first language. I will edit this soon. Thanks for liking it anyway :)

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