Lydia Stark


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Chapter 1

     "Tony you need entertainment or people are gonna leave this shitty party. Why cant I go and dance?"

His anger was clearly etched across his face. "I dont want my little sister getting drunk and dancing. Nobody wants to see that."

I give him a dirty look and walked away. I get a shot of whiskey and i pick up my favorite book, Red Queen. I should be living my life to the fullest, but im 25, i have plenty of time left.

"Hey squirt. Why arent you having fun? Or is reading a book your idea of having fun?" says a familiar voice. I turn around to see the person who w as talking was, my best friend, Bucky Barnes.

I told him, "Well Tony wont let me dance. Damn he pisses me off."

I glanced behind Bucky and saw a good looking guy with a pretty stone in his cape. He looked at me and smiled and started to walk over to me and Bucky.

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