Cloaked Champion

Lilla grew up in a world where only the rich could own Pokemon. The beauty of gym leaders and the bond between trainers and Pokemon was long gone. Now, badges went to the highest bidder and many Pokemon were used for show only. But when Lilla is given a chance to show her skills, despite her financial status, she cannot resist. With...

Twin Trouble

Adeline White is a girl with a deadly hunger. Braxley White is the girl with the plan. Working together, these sisters have killed eleven people, with no sign of getting caught. With Braxley's careful steps and step-by-step guide, the two may be some of the best serial killers never heard of. But even the best plans go...

Twisted Bargains

Lydia has a chance to win her heart's desire, for a small bargain. In six months, she must resist Nibhi's advances as he tries to seduce her for his own desire. However, as the deal goes on, Lydia realizes that nothing is as straightforward as she believed. Magic, lies, and secrets make each day a challenge. At the end of the six...

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