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 What is love? Love can be defined in many ways. For me, love is all about kindness, happiness and it is a fantasy world that everyone would love to live in. You can’t see the existence of love with your naked eyes but you can deeply feel it in your pure heart. That is how a love been delivered. Love is all about feelings. Everyone wish to be loved but nobody knows that love can hurt you sometimes. Loving a person means that you need to sacrifice and give full commitment with each other. But, love is not all about the relationship between a girl and a guy, it is about everything. Love is about God, families, friends, animals, nature, world and the entire universe. As long as you still have the feelings of love towards it then it should be defined as love. 

Have you ever wondered life without love? Truly, I can’t imagine how the world will be. However, love is a strong feelings that everyone should be able to control it. There are time when love might lead towards depression. As we can see, most of the people who choose to commit suicide was all because of love. They were deeply in love once but it was badly broken till they can’t think what they should do with their life anymore. We should not make the feelings of love as something that we care less about. Human being deserved to be love as it is part of their feelings. Love is actually a feelings that is blessed by the almighty God. So, we should always take a good care of it.

Do you think that love can change someone’s life? For me, yes love can do that. When you are in love, you see the world differently. You love to stay in reality rather than just a dream because finally you feel that reality is better and it is the reason for you to live. Love gives strength to people and it gives you courage. You don’t feel alone anymore because you have someone who care about you more than yourself. Isn’t it the best thing to happen in your life? I believe it is. However, love does not remain forever as it is not the only feelings that we have in our heart. So, my advice is to Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. 

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