The Past Is Gone


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The past is gone

     The day was Wednesday, Oct 4th. 2017

   Derek was at his best friends grave. His friend had died 3 years ago on this day. 

   Derek looked at the grave stone as the engravings stood out to him.”Mark Allen, 1978-2014”

He looked at colored pedals of a beautiful plant as it started to wilt by the stone.

 He looked to his side and saw two kids playing with each other. In the same park he played in as a kid. 

   He smiled as his memories of he and his friend playing to gether, but then the two kids vanished into thin air, and everything got dark. A cold chill blew through the grave yard.

The kind of chill that said you were comepletely alone, but spirits are all around you.

 Derek decided to go home. When he got home he saw two more people. Probably in the late teens. Standing there chatting to one another, than Derek remembered that he and his friend would stay up late talking about everything, but then the two people dissapered. And everything got cold and deathly silent again. 

Derek went to bed. He woke up in a  cloud it seamed. And watched as he saw his friend going Around meating people amazing people. Then he turned around and saw a great throne.

And on that throne was a great being known as God. Derek asked the great being, how do I come back to this amazing place. “Accept my free gift of salvation and admit to your wrong doings and repent from them, and follow my teachings as well as you can, and you will be saved from the pits of hell”. 

What is hell like asked Derek. And then he woke back up in his bed. He back to sleep and woke up in a hot cave like place. He looked down and saw millions of souls working in flames. The unberible pain caused all of the souls to scream out for help. But never received any, because it was to late. 

Derek woke back up in his bed. He had a few people there. He asked them what happend. He was in a hospital. The doctor said you passed out in a grave yard you were brought here and you had a fever of 110 degrees it’s a miracle you survived. 

Derek became a pastor/ missionary 

And went around telling people about God and how amazing he is.

If you have any question follow me. Thank you


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