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    Welcome to Oceanside. My name is Ammon Daphia. I am here to get you settled into our town. First off, we have rules. Very specific ones. You're lights cannot be too bright. We don't like to draw too much attention to our town. We want it hidden. I could tell you why, but I'm not allowed to right now. But I'm very tempted to make an exception for you, but I'm good at following the rules. aren't who I think you are. You don't fit the description. At all...? 

    You. You are a very special resident in our town. Not who I expected. This is magnificent. I get to show YOU around. I should show you your house now. It's way different than the same houses that everyone else live in. Yours is over the hill. I get to tell my family and friends that I went over the hill. 

    When we get in the car, I will tell you about the few but fatal problems with your house. You have to be very careful. The same rules from before sill apply, so don't forget them. The first uphill danger is the water women. They get up at dawn and don't sleep until midnight. Swimming is a definite no. They will come up to your door on rare occasions, so don't open the door for them or anyone else you don't know. Don't make eye contact with them either. They usually find a way in and attack after eye contact. And with your looks, you might be more of a victim. 

    I would also try to sty away from the backyard. Very dangerous place. OK? Don't let people in, don't go swimming, and don't go in the backyard. Simple safety rules right? Follow them and you will survive. 

    I'll come check up on you every once in awhile. Remember what I said about the water women. Nighttime is less dangerous than daytime.When I visit, I will only come at night. Congratulations on your move to our town. Goodbye and good night.



    Welcome to your new life in Oceanside.



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The Crying Child

    The air and sky were dank and dreary. It's hard to see into the forest with the plentiful fog surrounding it. But nothing could stop me from getting to my destination. I slowly made my way toward the eerie forest filled mostly with bare oak trees. It was a very spooky sight. The ground is soft and very damp. I don't know if it had rained recently or not, but with these surroundings, there was no telling at all.

     The creepy area sent chills down my spine. But I didn't care/ My goal wasn't to be scared; it was to survive and reach the end. So we could all survive. The children were dying quickly and it could pass the disease over to anyone. I could still heard the wailing from here. All the children in town were screaming and crying and wouldn't stop. But they looked normal. They didn't look sick at all.

    The face of every child had looked the same as they had always been. Except for one. That one child, who I swear set off the disease. I saw the child's eyes, brightly glowing white, and their unkempt hair and the dirt practically everywhere. It disgusted me more than anything ever had. 

    And right after that short encounter, the disease began. Our town is now plagued with sick children. I've seen plenty of parents cry about their child's well-being. The adults don't sleep much these days. They are usually up at all hours attending to their children. Taking care of all they can. Looking after the kids must be a really hard task.

    So that's why I set out on this quest. I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, but I feel as if my feet will take me there and I will know what I've been looking for when I see it. My feeling might help the town. And I fear what I will see when I get back. It could be one thousand times worse by then. I'm scared of what will happen to the town. And I am scared of what will happen to me. I don't want to die, even if I'm on some stupid heroic quest. But I will take every chance to save my town.

So now I set out. I won't be back for a very long time.

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