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Untitled Chapter

 I stood under the foggy window, the filtered light of the sun dancing across my face, catching particles of dust in it's gleam and making it seem like the room was filled with faeries.

I turned, my hand wandering over the table of forgotten flowers, roses, orchids, tulips, forgotten herbs of every kind, forgotten memories; long since shriveled in the absence of water.

The air in the green house was humid, but lacking the true warmth of someone caring for it.
Pale grey gravel crunched beneath my feet, echoes of what once was.
My pace slowed as I reached half the distance of the room. 
I hesitated, only slightly, before my footsteps came to a quiet stop.
I turned, facing the back of the greenhouse, the sunlight still drifting through the dirty window, bathing the gravel in an orange glow. The crooked branches of trees long out of bloom caressing the frame of the greenhouse, a background of grey cloudy skies.
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, breathing in the familiar scent of the air; the memories, for one last time.
I opened my eyes and turned, letting out my breath, and stepped through the door, closing it forever on the past.
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