Ghosts of Autumn


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Chapter 1

"Primarily we deal with cases involving ghosts, spectres, phantoms, demons and such, but occasionally we deal with other supernatural phenomenon, " Ambrose Ahn tilted his head down, looking at a short, corpulent man who was seated at the table before him. The roly-poly man had thin almond shaped eyes, a round face, and sparse black hair.  He went by the name of Sebastian Yun, and he was joining the ---- Paranormal Detective Agency as an investigator. 
Ambrose Ahn was nearing the end of his 30's. He had what you could call a chiseled face. His nose was long and straight, with a slight bump in the center, his eyes slanted upward elegantly and were a deep autumn brown. His jaw line was strong and dignified. He stood at the impressive height of 192 cm tall, towering over Sebastian  as he read over the papers Ambrose had laid in front of him on the table. 
"I can't always guarantee your safety, " Ambrose continued, playing with a pen on the table, spinning it around until it stopped, pointing at Sebastian.  "but if you listen to exactly what I tell you it will everything will be just fine. Any questions?" 
Sebastian took another look over the papers, thinking, before he shook his head. 
"Excellent. " Ambrose pushed the pen closer to Sebastian with a long, slender finger decorated with intricate iron rings and tipped by a perfectly manicured nail. 
Watching Sebastian sign the papers out of the corner of his eye, Ambrose turned to a tall, slender young man standing with his back against the bookshelf, looking out the window that overlooked the busy city below. His long black hair hung over his eyes, obscuring most of his face from view.
"Lorrin, I want you to show Sebastian here around the office." Ambrose had a way of saying things that made even the nicest of things sound ominous. 
Lorrin turned his gaze to Ambrose and bowed. He focused his cerulean blue gaze on Sebastian. 
He gestured to the door, "Follow me."
The detective agency was on the smaller side with only a few essential rooms.
The first of which was Ambrose's office, which also doubled as a meeting room for the agency's clients.
Ambrose's office was covered practically from wall to wall with bookshelves, the only gap being a large window that overlooked the vast city several stories below, and the walls around where the door was. 
The bookshelves housed hundreds of black books, some thin, some much thicker, detailing the agency's cases, weather they were a group effort, or Ambrose's alone. Neat white labels had the date and the name of the case on the spine, all lined up in tidy rows. 
Lorrin and Sebastian exited the office, entering a small hall. The walked for several feet before Lorrin pushed open another door on the right. He motioned Sebastian inside. 
"This is the Tech Room. All of our equipment is in here; our computers, research books, supplies. " He gestured in turn to a large desk covered in computers with images on the screens that Sebastian didn't understand, a large shelf with tons of books on it, some old and falling apart, some new, and another shelf had small glass bottles filled with unidentifiable contents, mixed with glass jars of all colours, salt, lots of salt, and an old box marked 'Silver' in scrawling black handwriting.
Lorrin proceeded to the large computer desk, and the boy of about 17 seated in front of it, who Sebastian hadn't noticed before. The boy had light brown wavy hair that hung around his eyes, and an innocent face. Even with his mouth was closed you could see a glimpse of his teeth, making him look like he was curious about everything.
"This is Stellen. He may be young, but he's one of the most tech savvy kids you'll find." He bent down behind Stellen, placing a hand gently on the back of the chair and tilting it back. He pulled the large headphones that covered his head off and pressed his mouth against Stellen's ear, whispering in a deep, inviting voice, 
"Stellen, we have a guest." Stellen jumped, throwing the headphones onto the desk. Lorrin let the chair go, sending Stellen rocking forward, 
"Lorrin!" He looked flustered as he tried to collect himself. Turning, he introduced himself, "I'm Stellen. Pleased to meet you."
Stellen gave Sebastian a tour of the Tech Room, showing him how all of the computers worked, the software he had made for their investigations,  showing off his homemade EMF detectors which he had made form scratch.
"...much more efficient and right than the expensive ones you buy from the store. I've made one for every member of the team. Ambrose asked me to make you one, too, now that your a member of our crew." Stellen smiled warmly at him, indicating the bits of metal and wiring lying on the table in front of them. 
"Have you guys already toured all of the office?" Stellen practically vibrated, partially because Ambrose kept the office freezing, and partially because he was a very energetic person. 
Lorrin shook his head, "No, we've only been in Ambrose's office and now here." 
Stellen nodded, and sidled up to Lorrin, "I'm coming with you. It's freezing in here." 
"Like it's any warmer out there!" came a feminine voice from the doorway. 
A woman who couldn't be more than 20 or so stood in the doorway, dressed in a tight red sweater, skin tight black jeans, and high maroon boots with a matching scarf draped gracefully around her neck.
"Ambrose must love popsicles," she smirked at them with lusciously dark red lips. Stellen gave her a puzzled look while Sebastian gave her an awestruck one,
"Because he tries to freeze us!" She flared her nostrils in a laugh at them. Sebastian was still awestruck.
"I'm Gaterina." She gave him a flirtatious smile and flicked her long brown hair behind her ear with a skilful movement of her hand. 
Gaterina had a perfect body. Tall, slender, curving in just the right places. Her hair was a soft brown, reaching to her mid back, perfectly complimenting her face shape. Her eyes had eyeshadow to match her boots and scarf, below that they were a warm brown. 
She pursed he lips in a quizzical smile at Sebastian, "What's  your name, darling?"
"S-Sebastian." He stammered, bowing his head to her. 
"Well, I heard Ambrose has a client in his office right now. I'd hurry up with your little tour, Lorrin." She had a longing in her voice as she said his name, looking at him before turning to the door once more. She looked back, 
"Ciao." She turned with another swish of her hair, and prissed out of sight. 
Lorrin, Sebastian, and Stellen's tour led them to a large sitting area. Two walls were windows, a large brown couch placed so it faced out the window, a cozy armchair placed coser to the window, another one facing the couch. A wooden coffee table completed the seating area, placed in the center of the arrangement. 
Gaterina was seated on the couch, her legs delicately crossed and a cup of coffee in hand. She took a sip and waved at them with her perfectly red nails. 
The kitchen was just off of the seating area. A small refrigerator, a stove top, a sink, and a couple of cabinets, and a black coffee maker filled with freshly brewed coffee were
the only contents of the kitchen. 
The last room in the office was a quaint bathroom, small and a little crowded with grey accents. 
"That's the last room. Make yourself comfortable." Lorrin disappeared into the kitchen, emerging a short time later with two cups of coffee in his hand, one more cream than coffee, which he handed to Stellen, who received it graciously, and the other he kept for himself. Stellen brought the cup to is nose and breathed in, closing his eyes and smiling.
"Thank you." He crossed the room and snuggled up in the armchair closest to the window, drawing his feet up with him. 
The door leading into the office clicked open followed by a short girl with dark hair, pale skin, and dark circles under her eyes. She was bundled up in a dark mauve sweater, a white scarf and black gloves. Sh shed her gloves as she stepped in the door, shoving them into her pocket. 
"Who's that?" she asked accusingly, focusing her dark brown, almost black eyes on Sebastian, who was seating himself somewhat awkwardly on the far end of the couch, away from Gaterina. He looked startled by her accusing tone. 
"He's Sebastian. The new guy. We'll be working with him form now on, Mari." Gaterina chuckled at him, and resumed sipping her coffee.
"I don't like him. We can't trust him." Mari stared Sebastian down, not flinching or backing down. 
Stellen was out of the chair, his cream long forgotten as he wrapped his arms around Mari's slim frame, putting himself between them. 
"Mari! It's been so long!" He squeezed her tighter.
"It's been a week and a half." She huffed, her vice not showing any emotion at all. Stellen finally let her go, resuming his spot on the armchair. 
"It's Autumn outside, but it feels like Winter in here," Mari complained, staring down at her hands, her anger at Sebastian seemingly gone. She settled herself into the last unoccupied armchair. 
Lorrin was standing beside the window, arms crossed, his empty cup in one had, staring out at the Autumn graced world outside. Autumn had always been Lorrin's favorite season. He loved the colours, the chill that cut through the air, even the ghosts. He loved everything about Autumn. 
"Thank you! You have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you!" A high-pitched voice cut through the serene quiet, filling their ears. 
Ambrose appeared around the corner, gently ushering a small woman towards the door. The woman was clearly young once you looked at her, but if you just glanced at her she looked old beyond her years. Her eyes were red rimmed and wild, surrounded by dark circles, her hair a nest of brown.
Ambrose got the woman to the door. He gave her a reassuring smile, sending her out into the hall beyond. He turned to the group, still seated and looking at him curiously, 
"We have a case."
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