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1st Story

I moved steadily into the golden, honey scented room. A glowing fire burned and seemed to send a warm powerful light. I sat in a maroon velvet chair. I silently tapped my knees with my fingers and looked around at the room. I toke a deep breath and tried to calm my nerves. 

     Then a tall, stiff looking man entering through the double doors from where I came, slowly walks in. I stand up suddenly and open my mouth to speak. He motions for me to sit. I stall then finally sit. He sits down in a chair across from me and quietly sips a mug. Then crosses his legs. 

"So, they call you Rose?" He asks gently.

"Yes sir." I say. 

"Your name is very lovely." He compliments. I blush. 

"Thank you very much sir. If I could may I explain, you see I have no reas---" I begin. He cuts me off. 

"If possible Ms. Rose may I introduce myself before you begin?" He asks, he lifts up his glasses. I nod. "I am Mr. David Louis, I was assigned to get down to the event that happened the night of the 23. Ms. Rose do you have any idea of what happened?" He asks.

"I have a slight idea." I tell him.

"Well a priceless gem, to be more specific the largest  Diamond in the world was stolen." He says. 

"And I was chosen as a suspect...." I respond. 

"I'm afraid so." He replies. "If you could tell me your age and last name then tell me exactly what happened that night." 

"Of course. I am 14 years old, my last name is Blake." I say. 

"Now your story?" He says.

"Okay sir but I'll have to tell you every detail, you see if I leave out anything then I'm afraid you will not believe me." 

"Then tell me the whole story dear."

"Alright, it all begins last week, November 14th. You see my father is a very hard working farmer. And I am the one who sells his fruits and vegetables to the market and sometimes the town. And sometimes people will pay extra...and I keep that money for myself instead of giving it back to them." I tell him, he nods. "I had been doing this for 18 months and so I had made a great amount of money. Well at my school everyone makes fun of me for being poor and wearing dirty clothes. 

All the girls at my school have alway wanted these high, black boots. They were very expensive so none of the girls could afford them." I say.

"But you could..." he says. I nod.

"Yes, so one day I bought those boots. I made every girl shriek in jealousy. And every guy look over at me. I loved the attention. My boots made a sound that echoed through the halls of the school. I had never felt so popular in my whole life. Then, as I was walking down the halls after school one day a gang of heavy ,strong guys approached me. They were wearing black T-shirts and ripped jeans. One had a black beanie and another had a red scar running from his ear to the tip of his upper lip. When they approached me they scoffed at the boots. I stepped back. 

'What's wrong Shiny Boots you scared of a couple of guys?' One big heavy one asked. 

'Uh, I don't know what your talking about..' I shuddered. The one with the red scar stepped on my foot and pushed. I whinced and choked back tears. 'I've heard you been having a few dollars in your pocket now a days.' He told me. I tried to remove my foot from the big guys foot. 'I suppose, but I spent it all on my boots.' I told him. He grinned a big nasty grin that showed yellow and black teeth. He got right up into my face, I could smell his discusting breath. 

'Gimme the boots.' He threatened. I squinted. 

'No' I whispered. 

'Say that again.' He told me. 

'No' I said louder, gaining confidence. He raised his fist to hurt me, but luckily a young lady caught the fist.

'Gregory! What are you doing?' The lady asked, he eyes filled with horror. The big guy's face saddened. 

'Mom this isn't what it looks like!' He tried to explain. 

'Gregory, remove your foot from hers...' the lady said. He looked shocked and immediately removed his foot. The lady turned to me. 

'I'm so sorry, he is never like this..' she said in a gentle tone. 

'Let's go Gregory. Now.' She said in a harsh tone. The big guy turned to me before he went and whipered, 'tomorrow 4pm be there.' And he walked away with his mom. Well you can guess exactly what he was planning to do. That night I couldn't sleep, I couldn't do anything. My only thoughts were what would happen 4 pm tomorrow. So the thought over whelmed me, I packed my things, kissed my father and left. I planned to return in a month later. I left a note explaining why I left and hoped my father would be alright. I'm only 14 so I couldn't ride a car. And my father owned no carriage. So I toke a saddle from my fathers barn and a horse. The horse rode out of the town with me placed on my back. I refused to go back until a month later. What would happen if I couldn't find my way home, would I never return home? Went through my mind repeatedly. I finally found a small city. I found a place that was vaccent and decided to stay there for the night. When I woke up someone grabbed me by the arm and snarled. 

'What are you doing in here?' He asked in a harsh tone.

'Nothing!! I just thought--' I stammered. 

'Ah I see, A breaker and enter' he sneered. He wiped his nose with his arm and snarled again. 

'No please!' I shuddered.

'Get out Now!' He screamed, I scattered out. I wandered outside with no place to go. I had forgotten all my stuff I packed in his house. All I had now was a skirt and blouse that were dirty and those shiny boots. 

'Ugh these stupid boots!' I yelled. I started to cry and then I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I looked up. 

'Do you need a place to stay?' A little lady asked. With tears in my eyes I gently nodded. She smiled and held out her hand. I toke it and stood up. Then she led me to a little house. 

One week later the morning of the 24 I was put in hand cuffs and finger printed. And here I am with you." I tell him. At first he uncrosses his legs then crosses them again. He looks up then back at me. 

"Did you hear anything the night of the 23?" He asks. I shake my head. 

"Did that little lady say anything before she went to bed?" He asks. 

"Only good night." I say. 

"Alright, you may go. And I'm so sorry about what happened. Also love the boots." He tells me. I give a small smile. 

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2nd Story

 "Alright go ahead kid" The guy tells me. I rise up from my chair and slowly walk toward the door. I open the door and past by a short, blonde girl. I meet eyes with her and see she is crying softly. I give her a small smile and she smiles softly. 

"Good luck" she whispers. I scoff. 

"I got this" I whisper back. When I approach the man sitting in a chair, writing down notes. He looks up. 

"Fredrick?" He says. I nod. "Go ahead and sit." I purse my lips and sit down. I cross my arm and lay back. 

"Can you tell me your age and last name then exactly what happened the night of the 23?" He says, "my name is David Louis and I am assigned to figure out what happened that night." I nod. I sigh.

"Kay, so my age is 56 and my middle name is Nonya and my last name is Buisness." I lie to him. The guy rolls his eyes. 

"Take this seriously or else." I smile. 

"Hi! I'm Fredrick Road! I'm 16 years old and can't wait to tell you why I didn't steal the  Diamond." I tell him.

"Thank you for the enthusiasm." He says. I wrinkle my nose.

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