My First Day Of School...Again


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"Lexi? Honey? Come on it's time to go to school! You're going to be late!" My mother calls. "Alexia Jackson stop playing games and get out here!" I rub my eyes.

"Okay Mom." I say as loud as I can make my voice. I hear a sigh and the words 'What am I going to do with that child?' I glance over at the clock. My mother was exaggerating, I had at least a hour to get ready, but never would I tell her that she would tell me that I am a slow dresser or eater and the next day wake me up earlier. I trudge out of bed and start up a shower. After I finish my shower, I get ready for the school day. I grab my backpack and grab some breakfast. I sit down at the table and eat. My little sister jumps up with her hair frizzy with a giant, pink bow in it. 

"You look pretty! Whatca eating? Do you like my hair?" She asks. I push her hair behind her ear and nod. 

"You excited for your first day?" I ask in a soft voice. 

"Oh my goodness yes!" She says jumping up and down with her frizzy hair bouncing with her. She had the cutest way of saying things. " I can't wait to be a big girl like you and Jennifer and Lindsay!" I giggle at her.

"Yeah pre-school is going to be harder than just staying at home with mommy though!" I tell her. 

"Who cares! I get to be a big girl!" She yells. I smile. At least someone is excited for school, I wasn't the least bit excited to stop summer and begin a new school year at a new school. Micheal my younger brother comes downstairs, Micheal was 7 entering second grade. 

"Hey Mikey!" I say, running my fingers through his hair. He yawns.

"Hey" he says rubbing both of his eyes. I glance at the clock. 

"Mom! Is Lindsay driving us to school?" I yell up. I wait for an answer.

"Lindsay is driving Jennifer and you. I'm driving Kaitlyn, David and Micheal!" She yells down. Kaitlyns lip pops out.

"Why do I have to ride with the boys?" She whines. 

"Katie, mommy is going to be with you!" I tell her. Lindsay and Jennifer run downstairs.

"Alright let's go people!" Lindsay says grabbing the keys and a banana. 

"Don't you think you need more than a banana?" I ask.

"Yeah we are gonna stop for coffee!" She replies. Kaitlyn lip pops out again.

"But I want coffee!" She whines. Jennifer grabs two juice boxes from the fridge and starts to drink one. 

"Yum! I love juice boxes way better than coffee!" She lies.

"Gimme one!" Kaitlyn says, grabbing the other juice box from Jennifer.  

"Alright now we really gotta go!" Lindsay says. We all go out the door and into Lindsay's car. It was a nice, white car with leather seats. I jump into shotgun next to Lindsay. We stop at a McDonalds for a coffee for Lindsay. Jennifer and I didn't get anything since we were the smart ones and already ate. Jennifer reaches from the backseat to the radio and turns on her favorite song. After maybe 5 minutes we arrive at school. All of us get out and look at the school. This year Lindsay was a Senior, I was a Sophomore and Jennifer was a Freshman.

"Okay, I guess I'll see you guys at lunch?" I say.

"Um, Lexi?" Jennifer asks.


"I have 4th period lunch..." she says. I frown.

"You aren't in the same lunch with me?" I ask. She nods.

"I'm really sorry Lexi...but I have 4th period lunch as well." Lindsay says. 

"Oh," I whisper. They both frown. 

"Maybe you can switch?" Jennifer asks.

"No, it's fine guys! I'll find someone to sit with!" I reassure them. They both nod. We were all new to this school and a bit nervous. "I guess I'll see you guys at 3" I say. We all enter into school and go to our first period classes. My first period class was Literature. I enter in and see the teacher. He has black,  gelled back hair. He had a pastel, pink tie and a pocket watch. He was medium height and very skinny. 

"Welcome to literature class! You must be Alexia!" He said in a very friendly voice. I nod.

"I go by Lexi." I tell him. 

"Very well!" He smiles." You can sit next to Taylor." He points to a girl with brown hair and a black T-shirt with jean shorts. Taylor, who obviously wasn't paying attention looks up and says


"Taylor this is Lexi" he replies.

"Oh, phew! Hi." She says. I walk over to her desk and she she is drawing. 

"Whatca drawing?" I ask.

"Oh nothing." She says. I could tell she had ADHD. 

"Are you into Anime?" I ask, looking at her drawing what seems to be a very good drawing of an anime girl. She covers her drawing and looks over at me.

"Can you do me a favor?" She asks.

"Um, sure?" I say.

"Mind your own bezz-wax!" She says, rolling her eyes. I widen my eyes and wipe a bit of spit off that she spit at me when talking. I feel a tap on my shoulder. I look back.

"Hey, don't mind her! Welcome to Ridge Wood High!" A blonde girl says. I realize she has pink colored eyes. 

"Um, thank you! I love your eye that natural?" I ask.

"No, she bought pink contacts. So lame." Taylor says. The girl giggles.

"I'm Selena, nice to meet you." She says. I smile, but can't take my eyes off her pink eyes. I turn back to the teacher. He starts to talk about rules in his class room. 

"So here you can fill out what you know and turn it in tomorrow." He says, passing out a worksheet. 

"Ugh, but this is so long!" Taylor moans. 

"All you have to do is fill it out once!" The teacher says.

"There's like a hundred questions!" Taylor whines. 

"If you guys stop whining I'll let you start on the sheet for the rest of class!" He offers.

"Thanks" Taylor says. I get maybe 25 questions answered before the bell rings. My next class was history. The teacher in history was a bit more strict. She had short ,white hair and tiny glasses.

"You can have a seat next to  Andrea." She tells me. I go and sit next to Andrea. 

"Hi." I whisper to her, she was very pretty and had long dark black hair.

"Hey" she whispers back. Her whisper was a bit to loud because the teacher whipped around and said

 "No talking in my classroom!" 

"Sorry." I whisper. 

"My classroom is not a chance to talk or socialize, if you are late or disruptive in my classroom than you will receive automatic detention. I don't care what you've heard in your first period classes, if your teachers said you get about 3 chances or a warning, in my classroom you will revive detention. In detention you will sit quietly and not talk or socialize. If you do talk in detention then you will receive suspension for 2 days and if this happens again expulsion." The teacher says, she continues to talk about detention and explain to us suspension and expulsion even though we all knew what those meant. The bell rang after 40 minutes of her talking about it. I walk to my 3rd period class on the way I see Jennifer.

"Hey sis." I say. She looks over and smiles.

"Hey!" She replies. 

"Have you had Mrs. Myers?" I ask.

"Actually I'm going to her class right now! Is she nice?" She asks. I giggle.

"Let's just say don't talk in her class or how she would say no talking or socializing in my classroom!" I say, mocking her voice. 

"Oh boy, I'll catch up with you later, Kay?" She says.

"Kay" I say. I hurry off to my 3rd period class. My 3rd period class was Experimental Science 102. I enter in and the teacher looked absolutely crazy. She had frazzled hair and giant glasses. She was wearing an apron with a yellow skirt with balloon decals. 

"Good Day!" She says in a faint, squeaky voice. She coughed. "I'm Darcy Doolittle! You may call me Doolittle or Miss Darcy! Or you may call me Double D!" She then started to pass out a pink sheet of paper. "This sheet of paper is for your parents to give you permission for my class, if they don't give you permission to take part in this class you may sit ina silent study hall."

"Uh, Double D?" The boy seated next to me says.

"Yes, Jacob?" Miss Doolittle replied. 

"So, if our parents don't sign this paper then we would get to-- we would have to sit in a room alone with no teacher? Just whoever else doesn't get permission to be in your class?" He asks.

"Precisely." Miss Doolittle replies. Jacob grins and rips the paper under his desk. I put the sheet nicely in my folder.

"Really? You want to take this class?" He asks me.

"Well, yeah." I whisper softly.

"Weirdo." He replies. I blush.

"Alright in the mean time you can open to page 35 and read until class is over!" Miss Doolittle says. We all groan and a lot of people don't do it, but I follow her orders and read until the bell rings.

"Good day class, we start our adventure tomorrow!" Mrs. Doolittle says. When I'm leaving she stops me. "I'll see you tomorrow Miss Jackson." 

"Okay, goodbye." I say softly. I hear Jacob laughing to his friends saying

"The only person she'll see tomorrow is miss Jackson!" I walk past them. One more period till lunch I think to myself. I enter into my math class and see the teacher at his desk. I go and sit down where there is an empty seat.

"Welcome to Math, I'm Mr. Gardener. Um, so first thing is first! Please take this pop quiz and we will correct it when everyone is finished." When I get the pop quiz I hurry and put my name on it.

Alexia Jackson 10th grade 8/28/17 

Then I complete the quiz.

"Alright everyone done?Number 1 is 64, number 2 was 359." He begins. I mark both answers wrong on my paper. "Number 3 is 58" I mark number 3 right."Wait no, number 3 is 67." 

"Ugh." I softly say. He finishes telling us the answers and I got 4/28. 

"Okay those who revived 4 or less wrong will get to sit and talk for the rest of class. Those who revived 10 or less get to complete this worksheet and then talk and those who received more than 10 will have to work on this packet for the rest of class and if you don't finish it then it will be homework." He tells us. I frown. "Okay pass in your papers and I will check to tell you which group your in. When I get to him he gives me the packet and it turns out I'm the only one in my class who revived below 10. I work on the packet and look up once and a while to see everyone else talking and having fun. The bell rings and I have completed 3 pages in the packet meaning I have 6 more pages to go.

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Rest of the day

I arrived in the lunch room late and stood in line for lunch.

When I got my lunch I went to find somewhere to sit. 

"Lexi! Over here!" I hear from across the lunch room. I turn around and see Selena motioning to join her. I walk over and take a seat next to her. 

"Hi." I say to her. 

"I have been expecting your arrival." She says in a deep spooky voice.

"What?" I ask. Taylor chimes in.

"If you sit here then you have to role play with us during lunch." 

"Why?" I ask.

"Because it's fun!" Selena says.  "Long have we been waiting for you." She says again in the deep voice.

"You have been relocated to a new headquarters in Brazil!" Taylor says in her own deep spooky voice.

"Um, guys I'm not that sure if I want to do this." I tell them.

"Oh sure you do! You'll love it!" Selena tells me. A girl with bright neon yellow hair comes and sits down next to Taylor. 

"Who is the new girl?" She asks.

"Oh Steph this is Agent Alexia of Orlando!" Selena explains.

"Awesome! I'm Steph. So cool you actually want to role play with us! Nobody ever wants to do that!" Steph explains. I give a fake smile.

"Yeah, totally." I say softly. I rest my head on my hand and eat slowly why Selena and Taylor give me missions. As they talk to me about what I have to do in my mission I hear Jacob, Andrea and some other people whisper dorks. This is not how I wanted my first day to go. 

After lunch I had English, then PE and Art. Then I got my backpack and books and went out side. I saw Lindsay come outside. 

"Hey." Lindsay says. 

"Hey." I repeat.

"Did you hear what happened with Katie?" Lindsay asks.

"No, what happened?" I ask.

"Well Kaitlyn didn't understand that Mom wasn't coming with her to pre-school, so she hung on to mom's leg for 30 minutes and started to cry and they called mom to come back because she wouldn't stop crying." She explains. I giggle.

"Poor Katie." I say. Jennifer runs outside and Lindsay's phone starts ringing. 

"Everyone in the car." She says and takes the call. "Hello?" She starts," Oh, Hey! Yeah totally! It's only the first day so not much homework! Sure! I'd love to!" We all get into the car while Lindsay continues on the phone.Lindsay hangs up after 5 minutes.

"Who was that?" Jennifer asks. 

"Pete, he asked me out tonight!" She explains.

"Aww, cute!" I smile. She blushes. When we arrive home Micheal was riding a little toy car outside, why Mom was gardening. Mom waves when she sees us. 

"Hey Mom!" Jennifer says. 

"How was the first day girls?"  

"It was so great! I made a ton new friends and love all of my classes!" Lindsay says. 

"Me too! I had a great day!" Jennifer says.

"How about you, Lexi?" Mom asks.

"Oh, um, I don't know. It was fine I guess." I answer. Mom frowns.

"Alright." I say. Jennifer and Lindsay look over and smile. We enter in to our house and I go up to my room

I hear Lindsay leave 10 minutes later. Kaitlyn comes into my room crying.

"Katie!! What's the matter?" I asks her jumping off my bed and kneeling to her level. 

"Lin--da--y she told me I can't come with her! Then she said to go away!" She sobs. I smile.

"Katie it's okay!" I say softly, she sniffles. I pull her into a hug. My mom comes inside my room.

"Uh oh, what happened baby?" She asks. Katie runs over and Mom picks her up. "How was the first day?" 

"I already told you." I say while I pretend to fiddle with my phone. She gives a small smile.

"Did you get a lot of homework?" She asks.

"Oh yeah!" I mumble.

"Well get started!" She tells me. 

"I just got home..." I say.

"Better now then never." She says, leaving my room. I sigh. I pull out my homework and get started. I get a text shortly after.

(SeleneCabi34) Wuts up y'all 

(TayMiller574) Nothing much

(Me) Who is this?

(SeleneCabi34) It's Selene and Taylor from school, Steph should be here soon. 

(Me) How'd you get my number?

(TayMiller574) School Directory

(Me) Oh....well I gtg do homework

(TayMiller574) But you just got here?

(SeleneCabi34) Can you stay for a bit Agent Alexia

I delete both of they're phone numbers on my phone. I look back down at my homework. I do maybe a few problems when Jennifer burst in my room. 

"Who the heck is Tay and Selene?" Jennifer asks.

"These girls at school." I say softly not really paying attention. 

"They texted me to join they're.....roleplay?" She asks. I look up.

"What? How did they get your number?!?" I ask, I shut my books and get up. "They're stalkers." I tell her.

"Well good job Lexi first day of school and you already got two stalkers." She says sarcastically. 

"Three" I whiper. She widens her eyes. "It doesn't matter, delete them from your phone and I'll tell them tomorrow that I'd rather not be in their...roleplay and you either." I tell Jennifer. "Sorry they got you into this Jen." She gives a fake smile.

"No problem." She says softly. 

Mom calls us down for dinner, after dinner dad gets home and I finish my homework.

"Um um um Lexi can you play with me?" Kaitlyn asks. 

"What she really needs is a bath..." my mom whispers to me.

"I can do it, I finished my homework." I tell her. "Katie! We are gonna play deep sea divers!" She smiles and hugs me. I look over and my mom is smiling also. 

After about a hour Lindsay comes home, she doesn't greet us. She locks her room and we can hear her crys. 

"Lin, you okay?" Jennifer asks. 

"No! Go away!" She sobs.

"What happened?" my mom asks.

"Pete broke up with me!" She calls out.

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The second first day

 "Lexi? Honey? Come on it's time to go to school! You're going to be late!" My mother calls. "Alexia Jackson stop playing games and get out here!" I rub my eyes. 

"Okay mom!" I call out. I hear a sigh and the words 'What am I going to do with that child?' I look over at the clock and it's the same time she woke me up yesterday. I crawl out of bed and get ready for school I leave my room and see Lindsay in the hallway. 

"You doing okay Lin?" I ask. 

"A little nervous but I think we'll fit in great here!" She tells me. 

"Oh, I meant about Pete." I say softly. 

"Oh he is doing just find! Thanks for asking." She says smiling. Not what I expected for an answer. I go downstairs and get some breakfast. Kaitlyn pops up. 

"You look pretty! Whatca eating? Do you like my hair?" She asks. Her hair looked the exact same as yesterday. I giggle.

"You gonna ask me that everyday?" I ask her. She giggles.

"What do you mean! So doooo you like my hair!!" She says jumping up and down. 

"Of course I do!" I tell her. A big grin spreads across her face.

"Can you guess why I'm excited?" She asks. Giggling.

"No clue!" I tell her playfully.

"It's my first day of school!" She says swinging her body back and forth. I start laughing.

"Sweetie, today is your second day of school!" I say, "soon you'll learn how to count." I tell her.

"Oh, Mama said it was the first day...." she says confused. I smile. 

"Well whatever day it is I'm sure it'll be better then yesterday!" 

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Rest of the da

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