The Wanton


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|- Thoughts For Actions -|


The universe doesn't give you what you ask for with your thoughts; it gives you what you demand by your actions.


"You know you want me." His lips brushed the tip of my ear as he stated the words.

The words I knew were true, God did I know they were true.

They just couldn't be reality.

They wouldn't be reality . . . not after everything.

"No, I'm not a fag." I said defiantly, a bold face lie and he knew it. His chuckled vibrated through me as he pushed our hips together giving me a firm feel of his erection on my hip.

I missed the feel of that monster he was hiding underneath his pants. I couldn't help but wonder if he was commando. Was he willing enough to demand me to bend over the conference desk and take me from behind. To take me like the starved man I saw in his eyes. The sexual frustration of 6 months, ready to be released upon me in one quick fuck.

The mixed emotions seemed to spill out of me like a tornado puking up all the materials it picked up along it's way of destruction.

The lies I fed myself for 6 months, still didn't prepare me for this moment. The way I tried to manipulate my own feelings. I couldn't help the shuddering breath I release as he lent into my face, rubbing his scruff against my cheek and nipping the small ring in my ear.

"Come on baby phat, you shouldn't lie to your self like that." The old nickname sent a shock through my system. I clenched the ends of his suit jacket tightly, as he rolled my pierced ear around his tongue.

A breathy moan almost escaped me as he teased me. The way he did not so long ago. The night on the terrace still imprinted in my mind.

Stop this! My Jiminy cricket hissed but I couldn't stop. Not when his lips attacked my neck, sucking just above my collar bone. I let my hand travel from the ends of his suit up his shoulder to clutch the hair at the back of his neck.

Tugging gently I pushed myself hard against him standing up on my tipie toes. Trying to get our erections to meet. He gave a pleasurable groan and a whimper escape me.

The more sensible side of me noted how my actions aren't supporting my words. It noticed how much of the crap I was eating for the last 6 months. The more sensible side of me noticed, I wasn't truly happy until now. Getting ravished by my beast.

Turning my head I gave him more access to rein kisses over my neck. I was brought down from, horny Heaven, when a knock sounded at the door. We pulled away slowly almost as if in a trance and stared at each other. His large hands drew small circles at the small of my back, before slowly edging his fingers down to my ass.

He leaned down slightly and brushed his lips against mines. Whimpering I quickly stuck my tongue out not wanting to loose contact, but there was another harsh knock and a femininity voice on the other side calling out his name.

Feeling my eyes widen slightly I pulled away quickly running fingers through my hair and fixing the front of my suit. Groaning as I noticed the hard wrinkles and slightly burning, tingling of my neck.

I turned around to see his lips flushed pink and his dilated pupils took over his once green eyes. His eyes slowly skimmed me from head to toe. I shifted my erection making sure it wasn't notice able to the public's eye. His lips pulled into a smirk and he licked his bottom lip making me turn away from him once again.

Closing my eyes I drew in a shuddering breath.

Get it together Robin!

"It was nice doing business with you Mr. Eastwood, I won't be in your company again." I said loudly so the person on the other side of the door could hear.

"I'm not so sure Mr. Erickson, I'm sure I could use your . . . ideas some other time, si." His deep voice took over my senses and I had to close my eyes to try and give myself some composer. I jumped as his warm hands cupped the back of my neck and he kissed the tip of my ear.

"Until next time, amore." His heat soon left me and I walked towards the door. With my hand on the knob I looked over my shoulder to see his broad shoulders hunched over and his fingers grip the seats of his conference chairs tightly, making them turn white in colour.

Opening the office door I put on a cherry smile to meet Rachel. She scoffed pushing past me and speed walked to where Shane stood.

No you are not on a first name basis. My conscience scowled me as I made my way to the private elevator. I nodded my head at Tina his PA and she gave me a curt nod before unlocking the elevators doors allowing me access to walk inside the metal box. Pushing the ground floor I waited till the box opened up and I walked outside making sure to call Steven my driver to pull up front.

Steven smiled when he saw me and opened my door letting me get settled into the backseat before he shut the door behind me. I waited looking through my phone as Steven turned to look at me.

"Where to sir?" He ask and I looked up from my phone to stare into his brown eyes.

"Home." I whispered and he gave me another soft smile before turning around in his seat and starting the car.


I was right, I'm not a fag, but a liar, a whore, a house wrecker . . . I was someone with no identity . . . I was just Robin.

The person living in the shadows of life.

Sighing I looked out the tinted window.

"Steven." I whispered quietly and his eyes flash to the rear view mirror to look at me.

"Sir." He responded turning his eyes back to the rode, but they continued to flick towards me as I contemplated my question.

"What do you see?" I asked and blushed as he smiled at me.

"Blue skies, green trees, terrible traffic, a lady getting mugged." He smiled at me and I looked away nibbling at my lip.

"What do you see when you look at me?" I asked and he quirked an eyebrow.

"I see a young man that said he wouldn't talk to me until I stopped acting like a robot." He chuckled and I smiled at the memory.

Good times . . . 6 months ago.

"I see a young man that was thrown into a situation he couldn't help but not once did I hear said young man complain." I rolled my eyes quickly turning my phone off.

"Yeah because it's in my head." I grumbled and I saw movement of his shoulders.

"It still counts." I crossed my arms and lend my head against the seat.

"I see a man that is willing to fight for what he believes in, even if that means to go against someone he loves." I heard Steven whisper.

"Many people do that Steven, you want to know what I see when I look in the mirror." I stated with heat in my words. Steven kept quiet and let out a animistic growl in the back of my throat.

"When I look in the mirror I see a used whore, I see someone broken. Shards of glass are everywhere and the further I walk the more cuts I get." I felt my eye sting. Blinking multiple times, I reverted my gaze from Steven to look out the window.

"Then I see a large pit and next to that pit is a shovel." I stated trying to swallow the cotton ball in my throat. The feel of it closing made me quickly loosen my tie.

"When I look into that pit I see nothing but blackness but do you know what I hear?" I was practically silent now. Acid burned in my stomach and I felt my hands sweat.

"I hear groans, yells, screams, and I hear slaves." I took a deep breath. I closed my eyes leaning my head against the window.

"But, past those slaves there are the sounds of clunks and you know what those clunks mean?" My voice was raw . . . empty.

"Those clunks are shovels digging up a deeper hole, where I will be a prisoner to my own self." I wiped the tears from my eyes and leaning my head into my open palms. Steven was quiet the rest of the car ride home for which I was grateful for.

We finally arrived at the gated home. I opened my own door and walked quickly towards the porch.

"Sir." Steven called out and I stopped in my tracks to whirl around and face him.

"What!" I snarled and his face was plastered with a smile.

"You know what happens when you dig to deep into sand or dirt, right?" He asked and I glared at him.

Trying to hold it together.

"No, what?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. Steven walked until he stood in front of me and he cradled my face in his hands.

"There's water, and with that water will be your cleansing." He whispered and kissed my forehead. I chocked on a sob and wrapped my arms around his waist as he held me back. Giving me the affection I needed. Giving me the strength in just one hug.

He given me better thoughts, in just one simple sentence. With just one simple word.


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01 |- Situations -|


"Never let the situation be more than the relationship."



I looked down at the changing color floor tiles then back up at the boys dancing to one of Rihanna's songs. The men and women in the large crowed at the club were whooping and and throwing money unto the stage where the boys seductively dropped low to grab the ones scattered around the poles. I jumped as a hand slap down on my butt covered in the small, and tight leather pants.

"Your almost up precious." Mike said excitedly but his smile was sad, almost.

"Mike, why won't you let someone else go up there?" I whined and he gave me a small chuckle wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulled me against his side.

"You're the golden boy meaning everyone's favorite." He gave me a kiss on the head and I glared at him.

"What!" He exclaimed and I growled shaking his arms off my shoulders.

"It's not always about the money, Mike." I drew out his name with a hiss.

"I know it's not and you of all people know I'm not like that, you know why I don't want you on that stage." He whispered coming up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Do you know what the boys think when you hug and hang up on me?" I asked and he kissed my bare shoulder before moving his hands along my stomach.

"Yes, I know what they say." He mumbled against my ear and I pulled away from his body and wondering hands.

"Then why do you insist on doing it, I'm not going to sleep with you Mike." I rolled my eyes as he groaned behind me.

"We will continue this conversation later, but right now your on." He whisper giving me a shove unto the stage. I staggered but quickly gained my balance and discreetly sent a glare towards Mike as the men cheered at my arrival.

Smile. Pose. Dance.

Christina Aguilera - Your body, music drifted through my ears and I felt my hips moves unconsciously. The beat traveled through my body and I closed my eyes letting the words flow through me. I ran my hands up my hips, to my sides, then tangled them into my hair, before tipping my body low making sure my butt was faced towards the audience and gave a nice shake. Sticking my leg out to the die I rolled my hips slowly before dropping onto the floor with a hard slap.

The other dancers came up in front of me. I crawled backwards waiting for my cue. The boys in front of me got down into a crouch position slowly moving their hips up and down, we call is 'classic twerking in a very exercisable position'. I stood up walking over to them before squatting down in front of their bent knees as if sitting down in a chair. Slowly I opened my legs rubbing my hand between my thighs. I looked up underneath my leashes and licked my lips.

Tipping back over their legs. The lights shut off leaving the room in total darkness and me rushing off the stage.

Distantly I heard the crowed roar. But,I didn't pay it any mind as I pushed Mike away, running towards the backstage dressing room. I quickly stripped myself of my tight leathers and replaced them with blue skinny jeans. I then rushed to but on my blue cookie monster sweatshirt and my black converses. I placed the beanie on my dyed blond hair. Looking in the mirror I saw my flushed face and bright hazel eyes look back at me. I grasped my bag before rushing out of the room, coming face to face with Mike.

"Leaving so soon." He stated with a raised eyebrow. I shook my head before speed walking towards the exit.

"I do this every time I dance, remember." I huffed, then sighed in relief when I saw Frank. He was a big body builder type guy that kept the boys safe. He always were a scowl but if anyone ever took the time to get to know him they would realize he's just a big bear that was in need of some honey.

Literally, give him some honey and he will tell you his life story.

"Yes, but we still need to finish our conversation." I heard Mike mumble behind me as I stood next to Frank, giving him a big smile. His hard brown eyes softened as he looked at me and he ran a hand over his bald head trying to cover up his burning red ears.

"Hey, Frank!" I said cheerfully with a small wave and he gave me a small smile before dropping his head into his neck. I looked back at Mike to see him glaring at Frank and I rolled my eyes.

"Mike, I'll call you." I said softly and he snapped his glaring eyes from Frank to look at me. I could feel the relief radiating off of Frank at Mike's cold blue eyes stopped staring daggers into him.

"I'll call you if you stop being a bully to Frank." I compromised with a raised eyebrow and Mike scoffed. I slowly walked up to Mike and placed a soft kissed behind his ear.

"I don't want him." The simple four words seemed to put Mike at ease and I skipped to Frank holding out my bag for him. Without a word he took it and opened the exit door for me and waited for me to walk through. Looking over my shoulder I saw Mike's dazed face and I let out a small chuckle before turning around and walked out of the Fathom Club. Frank followed me out to my car and but the bags into the passenger seat as I hopped into the drivers side of the small car.

"Your not going to call him, are you?" Frank asked as he leaned against the my drivers door.

"Nope." I said popping the 'p'. He tried to ruffle my hair but the beanie stood in the way. I grumbled as my hair pushed into my eyes and the beanie leaned over my forehead. Fixing the beanie back into place on my head, I looked up softly at Frank.

"Will you be back?" Frank questioned hopefully and I looked up at him with a small smile.

"Yeah, Frank, yeah." I said softly and he smiled widely showing me his small gap in-between his front teeth.

It's so cute!

"Okay, bye!" He slowly moved away from my small Sonic and I shut the door, before putting the car in reverse and driving out of the club's parking lot.


"My, my my my, music hits me so hard, makes me say." I pointed the microphone at Sam as he sang

"Oh my Lord." He dramatically said before returning back to his new 'Call of Duty' game.

"Thank you for blessing me with a mind to rhyme, and two hype feet." I quickly said into the machine as the words played across the screen in front of me.

"It feels good, when you know you're down." I mumbled quickly now not really sure of the words.

"A super dope homeboy from the Oaktown." I grounded out as MC Hammer sped up.

"And I'm known as such." I fumbled missing a few words.

"And this is a beat, uh, you can't touch." I confidently said before dropping the mic and crossed my arms together in front of my chest.

"Word. . ." I mumbled and I finally realized Sam paused the game to watch me.  Amusement sparkled in his blue eyes. Before I could justify what had just took place he clutched his stomach and rolled off the couch and started laughing on the floor.

"Hardy har har." I rolled my eyes turning off the karaoke machine, I've been messing with for the last two hours. I walked over to the red velvet love seat and lazily plopped down. Making Sam grunt as he shifted, pushing the wrong button and cost his life against the 'x-box live' gamer playing 'Call Of Duty' against each other.

Slowly he took of his head set where you could loudly and might I add clearly hear the obnoxious player yelling out his victory gladly. Sam's icy blue glare seemed to freeze me from the inside out and I could practically hear 'Scorpio's voice' yelling, 'Get over here!'

I let out a loud gulp as Sam brought the head set mouth piece to his lips and growled out a few hushed words, shutting the person on the other end up real quick.

"Sorry!" I squeaked as Sam continued to stare at me while speaking hushed words to his 'competitor' he just lost to.

"Sam, before you do anything rash, let me explain." I quickly said moving back cautiously, like I was trying not to frighten an animal.

Which I was. I learned the hard way years back, not to mess with Sam and his game.

I made my way off of the couch with my hands held up in front of me defensively.

Yeah, like that is going to help you. Mr. Jiminy cricket said to me.

Sam followed me with a raised eyebrow his beach blond hair covered his eyes making me almost piss my pants. He reminded me of an anime character were they hid there eyes behind their hair but there are blue and red squiggly lines around the head and it's upper face is black.

Or, one of those scary anime with the red eyes and black smoke.

So, not cute.

So, freaking scary.

"I didn't realize it was that close of a game, it really wasn't my fault, you should have had better skills." I said but soon rethought my words as the blue lines seems to grow and so did his pace.

"Okay, wait that came out wrong, I didn't realize I was that fat, and could have jutted you so harshly."

Lowering yourself being always works when trying to make someone else happy right.

It better work today. My conscience commented as Sam cornered me against the pool table.

"Sam." I whispered closing my eyes and baring my neck.

This works in werewolf books!

Crap, okay, don't panic it might not be working. . . Okay yes panic.

Wait, wait. Let's do a simple apology.

"I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to." I whispered calmly as I felt his warm breath against my neck. I gulped as I felt myself hardening.

Oh shoot, may day may day, retreat retreat, penis shrivel up and die! I screamed in my head while my conscience used his hands to cover his crouch whispering

'go back in, go back in your invisible shell dang it!'

I breathed a sigh of relief as Sam moved away and I quickly and discreetly 'itched my balls'.

I looked up to see Sam's blue eyes watching me, seeming to see through me, almost. Feeling uncomfortable under such scrutiny I scratched my neck and gave a small cough.

"Could you teach me how to play?" I asked and Sam's smile broke across his face making my heart flutter.

"Yeah sure." Thanks God, he loves games.

We both wondered over to the red velvet love seat couch and 'popped a squat' as Sam would say when he was giving me a lecture. I couldn't help but focus on his side profile as he talked about how to use the controller and the mission of the game. I numbly sat there nodding my head at the right time and put on a small smile as he asked if I was ready.

I watched as my character put on his mask and prepared for battle. I couldn't help but wonder. What was he hiding behind the mask? Sure the man wasn't real, just a projection for our own entertainment and competition. But I still wondered. Was he scared under the mask? Was he nervous despite the strong stance he held the gun? Was he really prepared to die because a mistake his 'controller' made?

I watched as Sam's man moved across the grass on his forearms. I watched as his person set up his sniper and hit the opponents men giving Sam money and points for head shot.

"What would happen if I shot you in the back?" I asked as I slowly loaded my gun and aimed it at his body hidden in the leaves.

"Nothing, were on the same team." He mumbled getting move money from killing another player with a head shot.

"Would, you kill me if I wasn't on your team?" I ask quietly still holding the sniper to his back as he ran around the game, hiding inside a knocked over truck.

"Yes," he simply said and I felt my heart jolt for some reason.

"It's all about winning, Robin, you should have picked the winning side." He continued licking his lips and pushed multiple buttons killing four more people in a row.

I knew it was a game. I knew I shouldn't be thinking so 'rational' it's just a stupid game. But, people say life is a game, and what if I'm not on the winning team? I logged out turning the once split screen into the whole screen and Sam paused looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm going home." I said quietly and Sam looked at me briefly before turning back to the game. I got up from the couch and made my way to the steps letting me enter to the kitchen. I smiled and waved at Shana, Sam's mom, and she gave me a worried smile.

"Your getting ready to leave now? I thought we were going to do our routine?" She asked as she walked over and cradled my head into her soft hands.

"No, I don't feel well." I lied smoothly and she held my face tighter putting the back of her hand over my forehead.

"You don't feel warm sweetie, are you sure?" I nodded my head and she pulled me into a hug.

"The food is almost done, I could make you a plate to go." She whispered hopefully into my ear before letting go and holding me as arms length giving me a warm smile.

"No, mo---." I cut off my sentence quickly and turned my head away from Shana as she rubbed my arms. I clenched my eyes and broke away from her, before walking towards the front door.

"Maybe we can do our routine next week." I said quietly turning around to see her looking at me sadly. She gave me a small nod and I picked up my coat shrugging it onto my shoulders and opened the door. Before I closed it I heard Shana yell Sam's name harshly before adding a curse word into his full name. Chuckling I shut the door and made my way towards the car.

I shouldn't have been so sensitive, I shouldn't have took it to heart and acted so dramatic about the small situation.

A last, I couldn't get these thoughts out of my head because of this small situation.

Who will be on my team and who will be my opponents?

Who will win or loose?

Who will I win or loose to?

What side am I truly on?

Finally . . . who will be the one to shoot me in the back?


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02: |- Extraterrestrial -|


" Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of you life like most people can't."



I drank my black coffee slowly as I watched the people in my shop move around. I watched as they looked at something before putting it back . . . in the wrong place might I add.

This sounds a bit stalkish . . . me watching people.

But to make me feel better I'm just going to go with 'people watching' since the term

'I'm going to watch you walk around my store like a stalker' makes me feel, weird.

I groaned silently as lady placed a book she just picked up in the 'Romance' section set it back down in the 'Science Fiction'. Does she not know I stay and puts all the books in their rightful pace.

Why do I have employees, if they aren't even going to do their job. Oh, right. My employee is my nephew. Stupid family and business.

Don't mix business with pleasure. Pfft, don't mix family and business.

I sighed rubbed my tired eyes. Slowly I maneuvered out of my small desk space in the middle of my store. I sighed taking a look around before giving a small stretch hearing my back give a couple of cracks. I looked around the slightly large but homey store.

I let out a small yawn as I made my way into the 'Cafe' department of the store. It held coffees, milkshakes, pastries, and regular beverages. People call my coffee a 'copy', of 'Starbucks.' Well. . . some products are, but I put enough differences not to get sued.

The once bookstore my grandfather had owned was passed down to me. The once Jimmy's Bookstore is now Purpose. It was renovated from just a regular bookstore to a sort of social hang out. The cafe had the whole front side all window. Making it feel more open, also more light and less pay on the electricity bill.

There were a few tables and counters, a pale blue color with a white trim wood. It made you feel like you were in your grandmother house, with the home goods smell and the comfort of the simple wood brought a sense of home. Even to people who didn't have one.

I groaned as I smelled the different pastries. I looked through the glass window to see filled croissants.

The same croissants I made this morning. God, I want to eat the whole dozen!

I wondered away from the Cafe in fear of being fat and kicking everyone out to eat all of the goodies myself. I slowly rubbed my belly and licked my lips.

My precious. Jiminy said creepily in Gollum's voice. I really need to stop watching, 'Lord of the Rings' I basically know the whole movie by heart.

I shook my head and quickly walked away from the Cafe and made my way to the middle of the shop where the library is held.

Multiple rows and rows of bookcases hold both movies and book. Some rent and some able to the own at the purchase labeled. Tabs hung from the sealing sectioning off the areas of genre. There is also a small sitting area hiding between the bookcases. It holds two bean bags and a small square four chair table.

I made my way down the rows fixing movies and books as I go.

I gave a high squeak and jumped in the air as someone tapped my shoulder. I quickly turned around with a hand over my chest to see a smirking Sam casually looking at me with his hands shoved in his pockets.

"Squeaking is not very," he paused looking for the right word

"Manly." Sam finished easily. He raised a blond eyebrow, even through his face looked serious his blue eyes were bright with amusement.

"It also doesn't help you don't have the excuse of saying, 'I'm going through puberty.'" He continued. I could see a smile playing at his full pale pink lips. I crossed my arms and raised my chin. I opened my mouth about to say an awesome combat if I do say so myself but Sam decided my words weren't good enough to hear considering her kept talking.

Why do I like him again . . . Oh, yeah his six pack.

"Well, you might pass as going through puberty seeing that," He held up his hand bending his pointer finger out to represent 1

"No hair ever grows on you, well not since I known you which has been what 12 years."

It's been 13 but whatever.

I watched as he bent his middle finger back having a total of two fingers.

"Your like what, 5'4." He waved his two fingers in my face and quickly snatched them from my reach as my face leaned forward to bite them.

"First, for your information, I do grow hair, just in a place you will never see,"

I hope I'm lying. Please see, Please see. Oh, I'm such a slut.

"Second, height dose not determine the amount of," I bit my lip in thought and Sam waited patiently in front of me.

"Manliness you have." I finished snapping my fingers with a smile.

"There's tuns of short men that dominate in the world, look at Muggsy Bogues, he's shorter than me and made it into the MBA, he has total power."

Yeah, I have non. I so want to be dominated.

Sam smirked at me.

"Nah, I still don't see it." I groaned rolling my eyes. Come on I have work to do. Turning away from Sam I made my way down the aisle. I reached my desk and took a sip of my still hot black coffee. I smiled at a man as he walked towards me and then changed my attention to the papers on my desk. I still need to do my taxes.

Bitting my lips I re-read the numbers before looking up again with a crinkled forehead.

Wait. Shoot!

I watched as Mike walked towards me with a satisfied look resting in is bright brown eyes, and he had a warm smile on his face.


I turned back around to Sam and he watched me curiously quickly switching his gaze between me and Mike with a raised eyebrow.

"Hold my coffee, and could you tell that young gentleman, that's almost here, that. . ." I paused trying to quickly think of something to come up with to get me out of this situation.

"I'm on break. . ." I need something else, I looked over my shoulder and shoved the coffee in Sam's hand and dodged around his large frame. I made my way towards the front door and yelled over my shoulder,

"Won't be back till next year!" I pushed the double doors open and turned the corner, hiding behind my building. I took out my IPhone and with shaky hands pulled up the surveillance. I watched as Sam put a hand on Mike's shoulder giving him a hard look.

I should have asked that tech guy to add the voice sensor. Then again . . . I cringed as I thouhgt back to the money, nope made the right choice.

Mike shrugged off Sam's hand from his shoulder. Maybe, I should have asked another person that isn't so. . . aggressive, straightforward, a threat to Mike because of his good looks, the way his jaw is se-

Focus Robin! Focus!

I turned my phone off and quickly walked around the building to the back door.

I took out my key car and gave it a quick swipe to the lock pad. Making the once red light, now green with a small beeping sound. I waited until the lock pad came out and I quickly pushed in the few numbers, allowing the door to open. I walked into the room and shut the door behind me. Blindly I ran my hand across the walls trying to find the light switch.

I slowly blinked my eyes as the bright lights blinded me.

Wow! I forgot how blindly this room got.

I blinked my eyes a couple of times trying to get rid of the bright colors behind my lids.

Wow, that was a pretty purple.

I looked around the control room. Where is he?

"Tommy!" I called out. I slowly inched my way around the cords carelessly thrown around the room.

"Hey, Tommy, where are you?" I jump and let out a very, un-manish yell as Tommy's red head poked out from under a table nearly squashing him.

"Tommy, are you okay?" I bent on my knees used my forearms to try and push the table from over him.

"Stop, wait, will you watch it!" I grunted and stopped pushing the table to look down at the freckled boy's face.

"Did I hurt you? Are you okay? Do I need to get you to the doctor?" Multiply questions fell out my mouth as I quickly try to examine the situation and try to handle it calmly and quickly.

Like a real grown up . . .

I'm going to kill this boy. Hopefully before my sister kills me.

Okay, Robin keep your cool face like you know how everything is going to work out.

I took a deep calming breath and opened my eyes but quickly shut them, not fully prepared for the situation at hand.

No, don't act like there is a train about to come your way and your tied down to the rail road tracks. It's cool, it's fine. You don't have to worry about a large desk hanging over you nephews diaphragm. His mother surely won't kill me for asking her to pay for any medical bills . . . relating towards her . . . child.

"Uncle Robin!" I blinked up at Tommy as he stood in front of me.

"Wait, what?" I looked down at the small space the desk left from the floor to the desk and back up at Tommy.

"I mean you were just there," I pointed towards the table, then pointed back at Tommy.

"Now your here, not squashed!" Tommy looked at me with worry.

"Are you sure your okay, Uncle Robin?"

"Okay, I'm more than okay, I'm terrific I no longer have to think about your mother killing me, bringing me back to life, just to kill me again!" I hoped up onto my feet and pouted slightly as the 16 year old boy stood over me.

"It's okay Unk, I know you can still kick my ass."

"You bet I will, but no cursing." I scowled before smiling.

"Why were you under the desk anyway?" I asked as he walked around the small room trying to clean it up a little from all the wires and metal scraps.

"I was trying out this new program, I made."

"On a desk . . ."


"I know this is your 'room' and all but you make people think I'm holding you hostage here with all that protection, you keep on the door." I jutted my thumb behind me and Tommy just shoot his shaggy red hair, making is cover his eyes.

"This is my control room, and surveillance so I need it some times."

"You know you live in the ghetto . . . right, Robin." I gasped.

"We do not stereotype!"

"I'm not sure how that applies to the situation but okayyy."

"Just let me be right." I grumbled walked over to the desk Tommy was just under and slowly jumped up to sit on the brown table.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Tommy called from over his shoulder and I could only let out a slight 'humm' before the desk broke and I harshly fell after it.

"Told you!" I groaned and look behind me to see wood sticking into a place it shouldn't.

Well, it should . . . if it's good wood, but this wood . . . no, not this wood.

"Tommy, I think we have a problem." I clenched my eyes shut and heard the foot falls of Tommy's feet.

When a table breaks you would think that it would break down and not up . . .

"Didn't know you liked it that hard and rough, Unk."

"Shut up you little rugrat! I think I have a splinter in my butt!"


"I don't think I can handle sex . . . " I trailed off as my head lopped to the side. Banging harshly on to the cars window.

"Robin, you okay?" I smiled slightly and tried to lift my head but it felt to heavy so it again slammed harshly against the window.

"You would think I would feel pain, but I just feel heavy and light at the same time." I mumbled looking down at my hands drawling shapes in the air.

"Well, the doctor did give you many laxatives, your probably just a little high, remind me to give you some food."

"High, food?" I really want some food right now. Oh, God. I'm high. I always wanted to be high. Now I can fly!

I believe, I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!


Is there like food restaurants, in the sky. I could fly a magic carpet up there like 'Aladdin' and my genie could be Sam!


"Sammy . . . can I tell you a secret?" I muttered acting like I didn't just hear him call my name.



Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too?

Robin, focus, slowly uses your slightly swollen tongue and speak.

"Every time I say Sammy, like that time," I chuckled turning my had and looking at Sam. Slowly I raised my arm but it felt to heavy and gravity took over making my outstretched hand slap against his head sideways as it came down.

"Shit, what the hell Robin!" I rolled my eyes and lifted my hand back up trying to pat his face.

"There, there." My pats came out a little bit harsher than intended and I started to slap his face.

"Would you stop that! I know your . . . funky and all but hell."

"What was I saying again?" I asked letting my head drop again before quickly raising it again making it slap underneath his chin. Jerking his head back and the car swerve.

"I feel like I'm on 'Supernatural', Sammy, I just thought you should know that, Sammy."

Sam mutter some choice words underneath his breathe.

"Your lucky your hands are soft." I frowned. Rude!

"You're such a meanie face!" I poked out my bottom lip and used my hand that was set against the arm rest beside me. Lifting it up I went to hit him and Sam quickly captured the attacking hand with his own. I watch is awe as he drove the car with his knees.

"Stop, just stop, is it food you want, huh?" I shook my head and snatched my hands away from him tucking them under my armpits.

"What kind of ship names do you think we will have?" I asked randomly looking out onto the night. My head was starting to hurt so I laid it against the cool window glass.

Maybe, talking will make it better?

I groaned as the pain increased.

I don't think I'm flying anymore.

"What are you talking about?"

"We could be the ultimate OPT, couple."


"We would be higher than 'Sterek' no, higher than . . . 'Stucky'."


"I mean do you know how high 'Stucky' is up there, we would surpass that like from 0 to 100."

"Robin, I am not gay, so there is no way in hell I am creating these . . . ship names with you." I gulped and felt my test tightening making me give it a slight itch.

"Even if I were gay, I wouldn't date you, I wouldn't even pay attention to you, but you don't have to worry about that . . . seeing that you already know how I hate queers. I got to the meeting every Saturday." I bit my lip and felt my knees start to bounce. I tapped my fingers against my jittering leg.

"You know you should come with me sometimes, we talk about how to get rid of the gay com-"

"Maybe, that's a little bit harsh." I said quietly and Sam paused. I shivered as I felt like a cold wind flew passed me.

"What do you mean, 'that's a bit harsh'?"

"I-I-I mean, you s-s-sound like your in a cult, trying to get ride of - -of people."

"Gay's aren't people." He growled and I felt my stomach tighten and I clenched my fist.

Yup, that high didn't last for long.

"Then, what are they huh - extraterrestrial."

"Yes, that is exactly what they are, and they don't belong here."

"How could you say that about - about people, it's not like they chose the way they were born."

"God made man and women, not man and man, not women and women."

"What are you know using the Bible, your not Christian, or Baptist, your not even Catholic."

"I don't have to religious to know the truth." I felt my blood burn and my eyes fill with angry tears.

"Then, who the fuck are you claiming what is truth, what is right and what is wrong! Your no better then us -" I paused and took a breath. I unclenched my fist and slowly lowered my back, back into the sit. I cleared my throat and lowered my voice.

"Then the extraterrestrial, your no better than the extraterrestrial." I closed my eyes and leaned down in the seat, curling up into a small ball.

Trying to hide from the world, the truth, from Sam.

Truth be told.

I was trying to hide from me.


I'm no better than either. I'm no better than that . . . cult, I'm no better than Sam, I'm no better than the people that have the same mindset as Sam.

I wasn't even bold enough to stand up for my sex. My own thoughts. My own being.

To scared to defend my own people.

As hypocritical as it sounds.

I couldn't even stand up for my own extraterrestrial.


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