A Sprinkle of Love


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Home Bound

I'm stressed from work. My bosses are freaking me out. My co-workers are making the ambiance of the room more gloomy. And bidding that goodbye to them was forced. Seemed like I want that goodbye for forever. And what I really need now is to breathe some fresh air. And this busy city's air is far from being fresh. I must get back home.

Decided to go directly at the terminal, with these formal long sleeves and black pants. I don't worry with bringing nothing with me as long as my wallet's in my pant's right pocket and my mobile phone's in the left.

As I stepped out of the building, a taxi arrived. That was a perfect timing. Got inside and occupied the back seat. "To the terminal, Sir".

This ride's going to last for about 45 minutes, with this rush hour's traffic and most number of vehicles. A nap will do.

Then suddenly our taxi came to an abrupt stop. It almost made me jump to the front seat, with my face on the front seat's back support. Now I'm wide awake. But it was a perfect timing, I just arrived at the terminal. I handed my fare to the driver, said thanks for the awaking ride and stepped outside the taxi. And as I tapped the taxi's door, the driver took an exhaust of his engine and drove forward to look for new passengers.

I'm facing the terminal's entrance. It felt a different feeling. I felt a rush of cold wind on my back. Maybe I'm just hungry. I should head home now.

Took a ticket and got onboard in a bus. The vehicle's almost full, with only a seat unoccupied. i looked at the person who's going to be my seatmate. Her face towards the window, eyes blinking in a slow pace, and her stares are so deep. I bet she's thinking many thoughts. She's swimming in her mind's ocean. 

As I got closer to that last unoccupied seat, her face slowly moved towards me. And I'm expecting a greeting remarks from her. But then she turned away.

"May I occupy this seat?", I asked her for permission and it sounded like she owns the seat.

"Of course.", was all she ever replied.

Perfect timing because the bus started heating its engine as I made myself seated beside her.

The bus sounded its horn and then drove along the highway. I know it's going to be a long and boring ride because I left my earphones at the office. Great that the bus offers free music, but what's with the hard rock songs? The bus driver must have been a rocker. Or maybe just to keep him awake. Fine. That'd be fine with me.

As I laid my back on my seat, felt like my eyes needed a continuation of the nap I had earlier in the taxi. I didn't fail my eyes because I really need some rest. And the surrounding noise started to vanish slowly and then, silence was all I heard.


After an hour, I woke up. My mind woke up. My head's a bit bowed on the right side and I felt that a hard thing supported my right temple. I slowly opened my eyes, looking down at the black rubber floor of the bus, then saw her jeans. For a minute of thinking, I then realized. My head was resting on her left shoulder. Wait, I just slept with my head on her shoulder. For an hour. My face started to get red and felt embarrassed. Then I sat up straight and faced the front.

"I'm so sorry. I must have exhausted your left shoulder. Miss..."

To my surprise, she was sleeping too. I felt awkward but thought that it was so sweet of her. Then I looked at her face unconsciously. She looks pretty, I mean prettier. No, prettiest when she's asleep. And I just stared at her pretty face for about thirty minutes. 

Then the bus stopped at the roadside near a concrete shed. It's our community's shed, and that meant me to step out of the bus. As I stood up, I took the last chance to see her face for the last time. And as I was about to look at her, her eyes met mine. And then she smiled.

I felt a sprinkle of love in my heart at that moment. But all I ever did was to smile back at her. Then walked down the bus, paused for a moment and tried to find her face. And found that she was still there. With her pretty face, I know I'll never forget. Until we meet again. Until my next home bound.





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Daime Guiral

I love this one! Soo beautiful and sweet! <3

The Note

It's a great Saturday morning. And Mr. Sun just bursted a bit of its warmth. I had a great sleep last night and I'm definitely wide awake right now. Shall I say, I'm in a good mood today. *smiles

I got out of the bed and looked for my slippers. I took it off near the study desk but now, it's missing. Just as I turned my face towards the door, it's there. Placed near the coat stand. And I sighed, "Mom."

The floor's not cold but I want those warm slippers. Then I rushed towards the door and put on my slippers. "There you go."

I was about to get back to bed to fix it but then I noticed a note on my study desk. "It's from Mom."


My Love,

Can you please buy me a new water sprinkler? Mine got cracked near its mouth and I just skipped watering the garden for today.

Your Love,



I peeked at the clock and it's 5:36. The Flower Shop should be up at this moment. So I quickly fixed my bed and went directly at my closet. Picked up a coat and pants. Put them on and got down the stairs. I looked around to find Mom but no sign of her. 

"Bye Mom!", I yelled. 

Then went ahead the gate and jogged myself to the third street near our house. This early is perfect to go outside and breathe some morning air since it's Saturday and the streets are not that busy to belch their gray smokes. And The Flower Shop is just a 10-minute jog away from home. At least it can turn out to be my only workout. *chuckle

On the far left, I can already see the board saying "Pretty Flower Shop". I turned left and slowed down in a walking pace. There is this boy who's on the front of the stall and it seemed like he's taking care of watering the shop's flowers. And as I was about to greet him, Miss Lucy showed up behind him. She must have been trimming the flowers that she is going to sell for this day. I didn't notice her for their stall displays 3 stairs of pots and pails filled with flowers on the front, covering her while she was trimming them.

"Hi Miss Lucy! Mom's looking for a new water sprinkler. Do you have something that'd be perfect for her?", I asked.

Miss Lucy greeted me a morning welcome and introduced me with her collection of water sprinklers.

"Feel free to pick which you'd like for your Mom!", Miss Lucy said.

I nodded and started looking for that pretty water sprinkler. There were ordinary ones, with common designs and plain colors. But still, they looked pretty. Simple ones are pretty though. On the next rack, there were printed with black prints of cats, birds, trees, and more. Wow, I wonder where did Miss Lucy bought these. They are absolutely pleasing to look at. Not a minute or two, my eyes turned to that single water sprinkler. Rushed to look at it deeply and then a smile was drawn on my face. And I whispered, "Mom."

Then Miss Lucy went back to entertain me and asked whether I have already chosen a water sprinkler. And I picked one up and showed it to her.

"How much would this cost Miss Lucy?", I asked.

"Oh, you picked the prettiest one. Actually I was planning to give that to your Mom last Christmas but both of you went on vacation so I missed the chance. Will you please accept it and give it to your Mom?", Miss Lucy said.

"Absolutely Miss Lucy. Thanks!", I responded.

I felt happy and excited at that moment. Excited to give the water sprinkler to Mom. And I was about to leave the shop, I glanced back to Miss Lucy and thanked her for the second time around. And the boy beside her smiled too. So I smiled back too. Then went home directly.




I arrived home with Mom waiting near the gate.

"Good morning my love. How was the shop? Found anything for me?", Mom said.

"Yes Mom. Actually, this came from Miss Lucy herself. She missed giving it to you last christmas so she asked me to give it to you."

I handed the water sprinkler to Mom and her smile was noticeable.

"You are definitely smiling Mom. It's pretty right?", I said.

"It's so pretty! I can't wait to use this. I'll get back to you my love. I'll just water the garden.", Mom said and winked.

"Ok Mom. I'll just get changed and prepare our breakfast."

So I went up the stairs and got inside my room. Got changed with a shirt and shorts. Then went down directly to the kitchen and started preparing our breakfast.

I was almost done preparing the food and was about to call Mom, I noticed a bunch of flowers placed in a vase on our dining table. It looked familiar. Thinking that I must have seen it before, or earlier this day. I found myself sitting in front of the displayed flowers and stared at it until Mom appeared.

"Do you like them my love?", Mom asked.

"Yes Mom. But it seemed familiar to me. I mean, I just can't stop thinking about it."

Then Mom handed me a note.

"Read it. By the way, the flowers came from Miss Lucy's flower shop.", Mom said.

And that explained my curiosity. I definitely saw the flowers in Miss Lucy's shop. *chuckled at the thought that I wasn't able to figure it out myself

But the note. Yes, the note. Who must have sent it?

"Mom, who sent the note?", I asked.

"Read it for yourself my love.", Mom said and winked.

I just made faces with Mom. She's being weird when I arrived hours ago. So I opened the note, saying.


Great that I won from racing with you, being the first one to arrive at your place. And that I was able to hand these flowers to your Mom before you arrived. Know that I planned in handing you the same kind of flowers last Christmas but both of you, with your mother, went on a vacation. And I don't want to miss the chance this time. Hope you liked the flowers. I might have creeped you out right when you were leaving the shop this morning. I just smiled because I can't help thinking about what your reactions would be after reading this note. I think you are smiling right now, am i right? ;)

Yours truly,



So his name was Sebastian. And I started to think about his smile. Looked at the flowers for the nth time and thought of him.

"He's a good boy Tracy, my love.", Mom teased.

And I just looked at Mom and smiled.


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