Age of Fire


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"Don't light that up Georges. Not yet til' I say..."

Dweezle's warning was too late. A massive noise banged the area reaching a one kilometer distance away from the source.

"No. This can't be happening!", Cera whispered, staring angrily at where the explosion came from. "Head back to the barracks. NOW!"

"Not our barracks.", Akira said.

And Cera, Akira, Glitch, Brittany and Trent went running towards the their barracks.

Brittany's catching her breath. "I know that we must hurry but wait for me guys!"

"No Brittany. We'll be leaving you behind if you can't manage yourself catching up with us.", Akira shouted.

"Keep on running Brittany. We're not running that fast, just enough for you to be able to run with us.", Trent encouraging Brittany.

"Ok. But...", brittany was brought to a stop.

Brittany, gasping for air, hands on the ground and kneeled down. "This heat's making my breathing hard.", Brittany uttered. And suddenly, her vision went out and her body slammed on the red ground.




Dweezle's both ears are hurting. His vision still blurry and he's a bit dizzy. His right arm wrapped around Georges' neck, dragging him away from the burning camps.

"Sorry Dwee, the heat lit that thing up. Everything in this place has become more volatile. And I think we're becoming one too, soon.", Georges apologized. "Can you hear me Dwee?"

Dweezle, just staring at Georges face dirtied with gray ash and black powder. And his consciousness went out again.

"We'll then be ok Dwee. We just have to get away from this place or else we'll get caught.", Georges murmured. "We just did the right thing. But please, don't get heavier than this."




Trent was looking for Brittany. "Guys, where is Brittany?"

"Don't worry Trent. She'll be with us minutes from now.", Akira said.

"But she's a girl Akira! I'm going back and I'm gonna look for her.", Trent replied.

And as Trent turned, he was surprised with Cera's stare.

"Trent. Don't.", Cera uttered in pauses.

"No Cera. I have to find Brittany.", Trent rallied.

"I said, NO!", Cera shouted.

Trent, terrified, went back facing to where their pack is headed to.

"Oh, man. Don't wanna see those scary stares of Cera with my own eyes.", Akira teased.

"I know they haven't gone far from our barracks yet. So hurry!", Cera commanded.

"I'm gonna win this race.", Akira said.

"You bet.", Glitch replied with confidence.







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