Spaces In Between


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This is a book of poetry and all the living that happens in the spaces in between.

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Puddle Jumping

Splish, Splash 
watch us dash.
Jump up come down
Goodbye frown
Freckled clothes of wet
No Sun don't come yet!
Rain, rain, come again
Refill my playground

The Journey

There once was a man
who collected rocks.
He was five-foot two
and his name was Brock.

One day out walking
while making his rounds
he noticed a rock
that weighed 60 lbs.

It was shaped like a fish
and quite a bit shiny
with one ruby eye
that wasn't so tiny.

He wanted it badly
so badly you see
he shouted quite loudly
and made this decree

“That rock is now mine
I'll carry it home
and place it just so
in my rocky biome.”

He was doing quite well
just after the start
but the longer he walked
put strain on his heart.

He needed to rest
so he sat for awhile
wondering if he'd
survive this strange trial.

He sat and he pondered
these fateful things
when suddenly he saw
something with wings

It circled above
releasing a scream
eyes honed on him
Oh! How they gleamed.

Before he could get up
the hawk swooped on by
and pecked poor Brock
right in the eye.

Brock dropped the rock
with a loud scream
then cursed the hawk 
and its dastardly scheme

The hawk took the rock
and flew away fast
He had to act now
or the moment would pass.

Brock sprang to action
began hunting it down
running all over
the streets in this town.

Holding his eye
clutching his heart 
he finally stopped
thinking the hawk was too smart

He was wrong
as he turned back around
and saw the rock
lying there on the ground

Brock ran over
to go pick it up
but at the last moment
It was crushed by a truck

He looked at the pieces
with a big frown
and three minutes later
he was also run down.


I had just settled in for a nice hot soak. 
I slid into the bubbles and opened my coke. 
when what to my wondering ears did I hear 
but a small playful voice drawing near.

When around the door I saw him appear 
I knew in a moment that it was my Dear. 
Quickly he approached me only to say 
The kids have poopies and need changed straight away.

He stood there smiling with his eyebrow raised 
I laughed and sat completely unfazed. 
The moments between us were quiet and tense 
I was waiting to see what was his defense

It felt like forever but only seconds had passed 
When I knew that I would have to get out of my bath 
Slowly I stood, shivering and cold 
Wanting to put him in a choke hold

I climbed the stairs, naked and wet 
Knowing this night, I will never forget. 
The morale of the story lies herein 
Check on the kids before I begin.












A tooth! my first! 
exclaimed the small boy
Eyes filled with tears
of pure simple joy

He ran to his mom
clutching it tight
and burst in the room
squealing with delight.

Many questions he asked
one after another
about the tooth fairy
perplexing his mother

She listened intently
with him on her knee
"write them all down
for the fairy to see"

The boy set to his task
with paper and pen
and slowly wondered
where to begin

"Where are you from?"
"What do you do with the tooth?"
"How do you fly?"
Please tell me the truth

With the letter all done
he placed it under his pillow
then slid into bed
just like a minnow

He fell fast asleep
dreaming his dreams
and awoke the next morning
with a jubilant scream

A reply he did find
under his head
He opened it fast
to see what it said

"A time long ago
there was a boy just like you
who saved us from tragedy
when humans were new"

"Great battles were fought
with creatures of all kind
and magic was something
quite easy to find"

"But humans grew old
and got very greedy
then corrupted themselves
into something quite needy"

"Power corrupts
unless you're quite wise
We could all see the signs
no more light in their eyes"

"They tricked us quite often
and hunted us down
stealing our magic
for their own crowns"

Centaurs and Fairies
Dragons and Elves
Among many others
started saving themselves"

"We learned how to hide
here in plain sight
by changing our vibration
so as not to fight"

"Then a spark in the dark
flashed bright and true
and we knew in that instance
just what to do"

"A child was born
innocent and pure
with him knowing
He was our savior"

"A secret he hid
within his own tooth
a secret of magic
the heart has in youth"

"Magic that courses
through children like you
who understand love
in all of it's hue's"

"The teeth we collect
and crush into powder
to Help us retain
our magical power"

"For magic is something
that comes from within
of pureness and love
but not evil or sin"

"A warning there is
and hear it you must
If you force a tooth out
it will turn to rust"

"Powder from teeth
forced out before ready
corrupt the pure magic
making it unsteady"

"This kind of magic
creates creatures not nice
Like goblins and trolls
so always think twice"


I'll blow a bubble around you
and you'll float away
then you'll be out of my hair
for the rest of the day

Don't try to stop me
I'm warning you
I have a new gun
called the zuber-de-lube

It may sputter and spink
it may weighh a ton
but who cares as long
as it gets the job done.


There once was a boy named Sam.
Who fell deeply in love with Pam.
He bought her a rose,
She sniffed it with her nose
Then popped it in her mouth with her hand.

She chewed it up real nice.
her eyes rolled around like dice.
"I feel very blessed
But I must confess,
The white ones have more spice."

Zoom Zoom

If I haven't had my coffee
I can be more than a bit bossy
drinking while it's hot
straight from the coffee pot
black and plain please, not frothy

Chemical energy hits my brain
pumped directly through the veins
The day can now begin
settled in my skin
as long as the caffeine remains

Take it away and you shall see
A very different side of me
touch the pot and die
I dare you to try
You have until the number 3

The First

The day comes but once a year
for pranksters, jokers and the fools
to bring a twisted kind of cheer
by breaking all the rules

Doughnuts filled with mayo
is just one of many things
with googly-eyed potatoes
hiding in the wings

masquerading caramel onions
and toothpaste oreos
fun with food corruptions
are there for your dispose

mento ice-cube bombs for soda
clear nail polish painted soap
anecdotal numbered quotas
a high jinks kaleidoscope

Pranks and hoaxes they like to play
on unsuspecting fellows
deeming themselves as attache's
to the 'April Fools' bellows


There was a young lass named Thea
who loved onomatopoeia
sprinkle drip drizzle
bloop splash squirt sizzle
spewing forth like mouth diarrhea

11th Grade Biology

Quiet now, settle down
there is a test to take
I look around with a frown
from a tummy ache

I know I need to use the loo
so I politely raise my hand
I wonder if she'll construe
my need without command

Look up she does, but ignores
my look of desperation
Returning to her desk drawers
adding to my frustration

I stretch my arm as high as I can
and begin to wave and bounce
She lifts her head, another scan
and cares not one ounce

Screw this I think, I need to go
and that's just what I'll do
As I stand my bowels say WHOA!
and let loose right on cue

Leave I did, straight out the door
for now I must get clean
To the office I implored
to call mom for my hygiene

She arrived, straight away
with questions myriad
Once in the car she did survey
"You started your period!"

I hung my head, face all red
embarrassed through and through
I had to let her know instead
I shat my pantaloons

Take that!

A tree roach I did spy
It looked me right in the eye
I got my shoe in hand to try
but did not know they fly

I did not have a clue
of what next I should do
I climbed the couch for a view
and next I threw my shoe


I used to have 
an hourglass 
but the 
sands of 
time have shifted

Thea's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad van

Lincoln Town and Country
There are things I must tell bluntly
I hope you don't feel shame
for being pretty lame
and making me waste money

When I saw you in the lot
I was already quite distraught
because my precious prelude
had tires that were all screwed
something new needed bought

It seemed like quite the flip
To be able to take my trip
A three hour jaunt
seemed so nonchalant
until you started to slip

Your transmission seized up first
a hefty 4,000 dollar thirst
Only one month in
the worlds smallest violin
started to hint at your curse

Next came the back gate
hydraulic arm truncate
one more thing that's broken
making it impossible to stay open
why won't you cooperate?

The sliding door fell off next
your parts are all quite hexed
rocking on the ground
oh how you astound
my emotions which are vexed

Windows?! who needs these?
obviously not me
at least your air still works
I'll count it as a perk
Since I can't feel the breeze

Then it was slated
to keep us dehydrated
after your air went on the fritz
sparkling sweaty glitz
leaving us saturated

More problems you did score
making driving a big chore
pretty soon we were left
feeling strong bereft
with just one working door

I set to the task at hand 
and devised a simple plan
placing online ads
to other car comrades
and traded you for a conversion van


Three little bubbles
floating on the breeze
One went off in to the trees
One went high up in the sky
And the last one popped
Right in my eye

Pocket Equality

Don't sit there and laugh
I promise it's real 
I'm nowhere near daft
But I have an appeal

Women have united
We held a caucus
It has been decided
We want deeper pockets

Not stitches of yarn 
to create the illusion
Not fingertips only
whole hand exclusion
Not pockets so small
they cause a contusion
Not 1/4 of whole
causing wallet protrusion

I should not be coerced
to carry a purse
It's like we're accursed
pocket problems traverse

You get it right on dresses
but never on pants
I need to stress this
dress to pant transplant!

You do it for males
all big and cozy
Put some wind in your sails
This is no time to mosey

Pocket Equality for all!
Across every brand
Divided we fall
United we stand!
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Pain / Loss / Anger


All my sadness and my loss
Locked up in a little box

A locked up box inside my head
The key resides in my heart of red

My heart of red beats fierce and true
If only for the thought of you

The thought of you unlocks my tears
and a touch of quiet fear

Fear that you have gone for good
From the place where you last stood

You stood alone on that night
And took from all your precious life

Your precious life will no more be
but now you are truly free

Truly free from pains sway
but within my heart you'll always stay


I awake to a hand that's not mine. With each revolution my innocence buried deeper. My universe rips like a piece of paper until it's a storm of confetti secrets raining down on the grave of my hijacked childhood. Dug by the alcohol stained air whispering my name like a scratched record. I play dead.


The room 
Carpet smells of urine
Eyes close
Room goes black
Eyes open
Light is dimmer now
Curve of the shoulder
A question mark
Her body shuts down
Spit dribbles 
Eyes dry
Breath Crawls
like a turtle
Blood pools around her head
A halo of purity
Time has come


I have
my Tired
onto the
My bony back
into the 
it is also
I sit
awaiting the
arrival of
I grow



Keep your distance
leave me alone
I don't care for you anymore

Harsh words are useless
my feelings are already numb
my tears hit the floor

Can't you see I don't need you
don't want you, don't love you
your eyesight must be poor.

Im begging you go away,
move on, don't call me names
I've already showed you to the door.

Don't you see?....
It's useless


A sadness
the world crying 
through me
A conduit of tears 
a heart that understands
Prince Ruperts drop
They escape without breaking,
standing witness to the sadness
and filtering it with love


Stand Witness

Everyone's hurts matter
Everyone's life is 
Different and unique.
Pain and Anguish are not to be won
Like trophies.
We focus on what causes them
The actions that bring them out
But not the heart.
We fail to see a hurt person 
Hurting another person 
Out of their hurt they don't understand
We place blame
We say 
My hurt is worse
What we need is to be 
and stand witness to 
Generations of hurt 
On all sides 
And say 
I respect your hurt
We must put ourselves 
In different shoes 
And say
"If I had grown up in 
This place 
with those circumstances 
and those beliefs 
and that family
I may have done the same thing" 
It isn't about evil. 
It's about the hurt. 
It is not a competition.






A girl did often sit
bubbled in her wit
to keep her from his hands
and his darker plans
refusing to submit

Drunken nights he always tried
hunched over her bedside
she learned to just play dead
taking solace in her head
while her youth was crucified

In her bubble she did stay
never to go astray
too afraid to begin
awkward in her skin
no fresh air, just decay


[ Why oh why does an elephant cry? ]

Why oh why does an elephant cry?
Why oh why when I look in your eyes
I just see eyeballs?







Chain Gang

What's up with our government
telling us how time and money's spent.
I work longer than 9 to 5
just to try and stay alive
Slaving away with no perks
Killing myself with endless work
No funds for flash, no time to play.
Hittin' the bricks 12 hours a day.
It's hard not to feel this rage
with this out dated minimum wage.
How about you give a shit
How many need to throw a fit
Let's trade places for a bit
And you can take these freakin'' hits
1 trillion spent on the war on drugs
Only to find out you are the thugs.

To the top once percent
Laughing at our torment
You misrepresent, you reinvent 
It's a break of trust
with fraudulent intent
I feel your absence 
so profoundly;
it settles around me 
like early morning fog 
and obliterates 
everything else from view.

I feel your absence
so profoundly;
it is ever present
like a pinched nerve
or a contusion
of memories

I feel your absence
so profoundly;
Like a closed circuit
that becomes open
no electrons flow

I feel your absence
so profoundly;
I'm losing you in pieces
Your smell dissipates,
and your essence fades
digested by time

I feel your presence in your absence









My ever present
searing me
arcing through
my insides
Every day
a new burn
skin graft patches
inch by inch
pulling me
into myself
Once again
sideways on the floor.
cauterize me


Come On Down!

You're the next contestant
of this game called body image
So tell us dear,
what's your personal scrimmage?

It all started with a noise
a not so silent rumble
always asked if I was hungry
in reply, I'd just grumble

I did not know at the age of 12
back in 7th grade
The rumble stopped all my growth
regardless of how I prayed

Added to the chorus
was the symphony of 'the runs'
which really just meant
I'd need the bathroom tons

The next 5 years of school
were often a bit tricky
But I finally made it through
moving rather briskly

I worked happily for two years
without much complaint
until I dropped to my knees
from a pain that made me faint

Or at least I wish it had.
Crumpled on the floor
during a high end dinner
I knew i'd need a doctor

Poked and prodded
a litany of tests
Crohn's disease 
is what he did suggest

The next 9 years were hell
side effects from 19 pills a day
did nothing but make it worse
so I told my doc I won't play

I could not keep food down
I lost all of my teeth
malabsorption for the win
what else lies beneath?

For years this went on
no matter time of day
always making others comment
on how much I must weigh

Daintily touching my wrist
with looks of sympathetic envy
"I'd kill to be that skinny!"
always sent me to a frenzy

Yes, yes, lucky me
I have an incurable disease
that makes me look as though
I was starved by the nazis

I say all this
not to make you sad
It's just a story of how
pain became my comrade

I am determined to a fault
It kept messing with my head
so I changed my perspective
and choose happiness instead

For as much pain I've suffered
there is also lots of growth
Patience, love, and compassion
Are now my solemn oath 

My form may betray me
but it no longer has a hold
Once I learned to embraced it
My beauty did unfold

It's not about what's out
but rather what's inside
and once you realize this
You will find your stride



vein terrain
screech disdain
remain sustained
butane pain 
eminent domain

Pacify me

I am...

I am the bleeding lungs of a scream sustained
for far too long
I am the white knuckles of inconsiderate rage
gripping to strong
I am the splitting ripple echo of a migraine 
too big to contain
I am the pummeling assault of spewed words
seething disdain
I am the clenching compressing tension of teeth
ground to dust
I am the derailed rabid raging lunatic
about to combust
I am the catastrophe of inferred innuendos
nothing to lose
I am oppression's obsession convulsing chartreuse
color of lifes bruise
I am the cantankerous susurration
of your sneering disgust
I am the brazen defiance of inferiority
influence unjust
I am the uprising insurgence of misery
you crudely bestow
I am the phantasm succubus of your abyss
I will overthrow

I am
more than my gender
more than my station

I am
here to render 
your future frustration








What you stand 
witness to 
in others 
is strengthened
in them 
by the power 
of your observation







It's not easy, It's simple

Your currency, should currently
be known for it's barbarity
Your hostility, and severity
will flip minority to majority
The reality and authority
that we want to see desperately
Is a community that concurrently
finds solidarity and integrity
in the simplicity of sincerity
Because, you know what?
It's not easy, it's simple





Rarely do I ever get a moment to myself
Everything that I plan sits dusty on the shelf
Staring at me silently each and every day
Poignantly reminding me how much I need to play
One day maybe up ahead in a year or two
Nothing will take precedence over what I'd like to do
So instead I fill my time wearing different masks
Intently doing all the things that the family asks
Bodyguard, Janitor, Chef, Taxi, and Teacher
Indeed are just a very few of my lovely features
Leisure however seems to always elude me
Inconsequential to how ardently I plea
Tomorrow is a whole new day to try it all again
Yearning for those moments I can find my zen
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Love / Enlightenment

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