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“It's time ...” - I thought, when under the influence of the nerves I started to play with my fingers.
I stood of front of Theater. Nothing exciting. And though I tried to think positively, I was afraid like hell. I should to sing today. I belong to Choir I performed in front of an audience a lot of times and I had a lot of practice, but it is normal that I'm nervous, I'm always like that. Even when I am aware that I am standing in the middle, so I do not play such an important role. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I had to sing a solo ...
I swallowed my saliva and opened the door to the hall where were my friends.
And some enemies... They did not pay attention to me because they were busy listening to the advice of our wise conductor. Probably we will have rehearsal before the performance. I noticed that several people glared at me with a smile. In this The Blonde Ada. As usual, with her not expressing emotions face.
I can clearly read the emotions from other people face. Everybody was excited.
Finally, I joined my friend. Or best friend? I do not know exactly what I should to name her

“You promised that this time You will not be late” - She said with a palpable sadness in her voice.

This girl with great Grey eyes always knows how to make me feel bad If I do not do something that I promised even when it is not so important ... Just a small detail, object or poorly spoken word and her mood immediately changes.
Sometimes She is worse than I during the menstruation...

“I've never promised that to you, and besides, you know very well that I do not do such things” - I whispered a little upset.

I looked down with a grimace on My face, in the meantime the attempt started ...

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